Little Witch Academia: Detarame Majo to Yousei no Kuni Chapter 1

Little Witch Academia: Detarame Majo to Yousei no Kuni Chapter 1

Hello there. This is the beginning of Cavendish Club’s first light novel project:
Little Witch Academia: The Nonsensical Witch and the Land of Fairies
Written by Tachibana Momo and illustrated by Uekura Eku.

Little Witch Academia: The Nonsensical Witch and the Land of Fairies

Here’s a synopsis from the back cover:

It’s me, Kagari Atsuko! For my dream of becoming a witch, I’ve come all the way from Japan to this prestigious magic academy. …However, doing nothing but boring studies is tedious every day… One such day, I took a trip to a place where fairies are said to gather, a hill full of magical power! Here, I met with this hill’s guardian, Seafla. Eh? The dog and cat she lives with have run away? All right, Lotte, Sucy and I, the three of us, go look for them! The popular TV anime’s original novel!!

It’s me, Kagari Atsuko! For my dream of becoming a witch, I’ve come all the way from Japan to this prestigious magic academy. …However, doing nothing but boring studies is tedious every day… One such day, I took a trip to a place where fairies are said to gather, a hill full of magical power! Here, I met with this hill’s guardian, Seafla. Eh? The dog and cat she lives with have run away? All right, Lotte, Sucy and I, the three of us, go look for them! The popular TV anime’s original novel!!

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Chapter 1 – The Dunce Witch Who Can’t Ride a Broom

Chapter 1 – The Dunce Witch Who Can’t Ride a Broom

When I was six, my, Kagari Atsuko’s, fate was decided.

With a skyful of stars glittering above an open-air stage, for the first time in my life, I watched a magic show.

A bird of light came flying out of the Big Dipper.

Amongst the brilliance, a red-haired witch appeared.

That’s Shiny Chariot. My, person of fate.

Like a downpouring shower of shooting stars, fairies appeared from the depths of our hearts.

As we tried to catch them, the fairies slipped through our hands and jovially soared away.

Chariot rode her broom across that night sky, with a centaur at her side.

Even now, I clearly and distinctly remember every moment of it.

Chariot shared with me, a previously unknown, entirely new world.

Magic certainly exists in this world.

It makes everyone happy because it’s extraordinarily fun stuff!

“A believing heart is your magic!”

That's what Chariot said.

The magic staff, Shiny Rod, waved in the night sky and she continued,

“Reach out, and it will begin. Your story!”

I decided then. I would become a witch too.

Someday, with my own hands, I'll make the dream that Chariot, the world's greatest witch, showed me come true.

My tale, my very own story begins!

…And yet.

"No moooore, I don’t want to do this anymore!"

No moooore, I don’t want to do this anymore!

I propped my face up on my desk.

"I’m so tired of this. I didn’t come to Luna Nova to do this kind of stuff!"

It’s been 10 years since that night I decided to become a witch.

At 16 years old, I came all the way from Japan to Luna Nova to fulfill my dearest wish.

Luna Nova.

That’s the prestigious magic academy of dreams, where Shiny Chariot attended!

Since I got accepted, I couldn’t help but anticipate the dawn of this day in excitement.

If I master some difficult magic, as talented as I am, the teachers should say something like:

"Miss Kagari, you’re indeed Shiny Chariot’s successor!"


Reality is different.

In magic numerology, magic pharmaceutics, magic astronomy…

Piled up before me, are nothing but textbooks lined with complicated theories.

That’s it.

Magic is magic. The studies and lessons we’ve learned up to now at school are totally not.

I first came to know stuff like how to find goblins and how to prepare magical medicine after coming to Luna Nova.

But wait!

What I did before was, how do I put it, Kazoom! Kapow! with a magnificent wand flourish, that sort of magic.

Kazoom! Kapow!

Like in Chariot’s show, heart pounding and exciting, fantastic things bursting off.

Not this kind, full of memorization, and stuck at a desk studying!

"Haaah. What in the world am I memorizing stuff like magical world history for?"

I have open Magic History—the History of Witches, a textbook I’m learning from.

Some hundred years ago, someone I don’t know did something for some reason, that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and isn’t even interesting.


"You’re hopeless, dozing off in class is bad, Akko."

My roommate Sucy, unconcerned and cold-heartedly says.

Raising my face, I glare at her with all I’ve got.

"Speaking of which, isn’t this your fault!? Because you keep making me drink sleeping potions and stuff!"

"It’s because your mouth is always wide open from yawning. Being off guard is bad, Akko."

"What's that!?"

At that shout, I was startled and hurriedly covered my mouth with both hands.

Sucy gave a sneering grin.

I hadn’t failed to notice her hand gripping a pipette.

Dangerous, dangerous. She almost got me again.

Given the chance, Sucy, who reeks of poisons she's gathered, would try to experiment on me. That's why today was another struggle!

Because I was, you know, just a teensy bit bored, I let out a yawn. The strict teacher couldn't see it because the shape of my mouth was covered by my hand.

Even so, as for Sucy, she shot a squirt of her homemade sleeping potion from beside me into my mouth using a pipette.

It only took a drop to instantly put me fast asleep.

Finnelan, the magic history professor, was really fuming because I wouldn't rouse even a little.

Even when I was shaken and twisted. I wouldn't even budge.

Sucy, you brat! What a powerful drug you gave me!


And so, I alone was ordered to do a homework assignment.

From the beginning to the end of the first chapter of the textbook—I have to copy 40 pages worth by tomorrow all into notes. What an extraordinarily boring punishment.

In other words, everything is Sucy's fault!

In spite of that, Sucy doesn't even act like she's going to help. She's hard at work, diligently adjusting her collection of poisonous plants.

Seriously. Is staring at dangerous stuff like that, day after day, somehow enjoyable?


After I'd sighed so many times, Lotte gave me a bitter smile.

"Your homework may be quite difficult, but it's a good thing too."

Lotte, another one of my roommates, leisurely admonishes me. Since we entered school, the three of us have shared the same room.

"What do you mean by a good thing?"

"Akko, you weren't born in a magic household. Since the time we were little, we naturally came to learn stuff. But you hardly know anything about history, right? This is a chance to properly learn it, and that'll certainly prove to be a good reason."

"But you know, why do I need to memorize history? It would be fine if I only opened the book each time there was something I wanted to know."

"Hmm. Even if it isn't now, surely, I think there will come a time when it will be useful. Study up, even if for only that reason."

"Fine Lotte, I'm starting."

I pursed my lips, and put my pencil atop of them

Even though I haven't even finished half of my homework, I don't feel motivated at all.

Lotte sure says some soothing stuff to me.

"But, Akko. If you don't finish your homework, you certainly won't be able to go on the trip with us."


My eyes went aflutter.

What, is that? I don't remember.

Sucy looks at me as if she's amazed.

"You don't listen to anything, huh Akko. Today, didn't our teacher tell us?"


"In the middle of magic history."

"Like I said! It's your fault, that was!"

"Ah, is that so? Were you asleep?"

"Why do you keep acting like you aren't involved!?"

"Well, who cares."

I can't pounce on Sucy; Lotte has quietly come between us.

"Well you see, tomorrow night, everyone will be going to the Hill of Dolas."

"The Hill of Dolas?"

"It is said that fairies have gathered there since ancient times, a special place overflowing with magical power."

"Fairies? Special!?"

I love the sound of both those words.

Now that I'm all into it, Lotte gives me a smile.

"Although it was long ago, you see, I went there once with my grandma, and it was a very beautiful place. When the light of the full moon covers the hilltop, it is said that you'll receive a blessing."

"I see. Then we'll go at night."

"Yup. I guess you have to pray for something like 'I want to become a splendid witch.' I'm pretty sure it's an annual event that Luna Nova's new students always go on. Departure will be ten o'clock at night."

"Ten o'clock! Isn't that usually the time we turn out the lights!?"

"The light of the moon has the best magical power from 12 midnight until 2 o'clock. Just leaving at such a time is enough to get you excited, don't you think?"

"Woooow. It's gonna be fun!"

"But Akko, will you be going?"

I hear Sucy scratch her cheek.

"The trip is tomorrow night, right? Will you make it?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. If that's the case, this homework will be a cinch. Because I'll finish this all super quick, you see."

"No, not that."

Sucy's eyes turn to the corner of the room where a broom is leaning.

Lotte let out an "ah" as if she had just realized it too.

"We'll be going to the hill by ley line."


"In other words, riding brooms. Akko, can't ride."


"Even I think it might very well be impossible for you to become able to ride by tomorrow."



In spite of myself, I stood up, and the chair behind me made a huge sound as it fell over.

That's impossible! I didn't hear that!

"All right, everyone. Are you ready?"

Professor Ursula smiled gently and mounted her broom. I listened to everyone give a spirited "Yeah!" from behind her back.

My idol, Chariot would stand on top of her thin broom, riding it like a snowboard, while she flew up in the night sky. With everyone's energy, she'd perform turn after turn in the air.

That's why I thought that to be called a witch, naturally, I'd have to be able to ride a broom.

Since I entered Luna Nova, I figured I'd become able to ride without any problems.

On the contrary.

I can't ride. It doesn't matter how many times I jump and hop. Even if I put in fighting spirit, and recite the magic words.

My broom doesn't respond at all.

Even so, it isn't usually a problem—No, it's not that it isn't, but rather because walking is fine when I only go to town and move around school grounds.

But ley lines are different.

As long as we are above a ley line filled with magical power, we can use magic anywhere. It's how riding around on brooms is done too.

Since the way from here to the Hill of Dolas is also above a ley line, we will ride the flow of magical power however many tens of kilometers to the remote hill in one flight! …That's probably what we're doing. If I'm right.

Since I can't ride on a broom, I have no choice but to ride behind Professor Ursula.

To be honest, it's not cool.

"Miss Kagari, are you okay? Hold on tight so you don't get shaken off, all right?"


I awkwardly reply.

Professor Ursula, who goes out of her way to teach a dunce like me, is always smiling and really kind. Even though she's too kind to be reliable at times, compared to the rest of the teachers who always get angry, she's much better.


On the other hand, that's exactly why I can't get out of my current lame situation!

Sure enough, I can hear chuckling and malicious laughter coming from somewhere.

"A witch who can't ride her own broom; my, what a disgrace to the distinguished Luna Nova."

"A commoner joining the ranks of witches; my, what an impertinent manner of thinking!"

…That's it, whoever just said that better show themselves.

Grind, grind, you brats better not make a game of this!

Grind, grind,

As I raised my right fist, I held it back with my left hand.

I finished that homework in a painstaking all-nighter because if I had gotten in trouble, that would mean I wouldn't be allowed to go out, right?

Endure, endure. I'll grit my teeth so much they could break!

At that moment.

"If one has contemptuous words in their mouth, that will inevitably reflect upon oneself."

A dignified voice echoed around, and the atmosphere fell silent all at once.

…It's Diana.

"There are no things without weak points. To criticize another while shelving away one's own shortcomings, the likes of such unwelcome conduct is a disgrace upon Luna Nova."

Diana Cavendish.

She's been said to be an honor student ever since she began at Luna Nova, my buoyantly permed classmate.

With beautiful looks, good parentage, bright intelligence and the ability to completely manipulate advanced magic in ease, she's the perfect girl.

Not only at Luna Nova, but across the magic world there exist an unbelievable number of fan clubs for Diana.

Hmph. Even back in my hometown when I left… ugh, this isn't the time for that sort of talk.

"As expected Diana!"

"What splendid words of prudence!"

Clinging at Diana's sides, as always, Hannah and Barbara applauded her.

Once again, they're saying nice things in sync. Just a second ago, they were chanting pretenses at great length, and then their eyes met with cold Diana. Without thinking, I turned to look the other way.

That is, for giving me her protection I'm grateful.

But, I wasn't happy about it at all. Rather, it only frustrates me.

Diana, paying no mind to my disregard, appears aloofly unconcerned as always.

I'm the only immature one, and that too kind of irritates me a bit.

"Come along now, if we're careless, the night will dawn over. Let's begin our departure."

As she looked over the students that had finally become quiet, Professor Ursula raised her wand over her head.

"Fly, my broom. Tia Freyre!"

Tia Freyre!

No sooner than she had said that, the broom I'm riding on lightly floated into the air.

The professor and I, both of us riding together somehow doesn't seem to be easy.

Following the professor, starting with Diana, all the other students one-by-one recite the spell and begin to float too.

"Head to the ley line, one at a time, please. Follow Professor Finnelan!"

I was looking up silently as a student, along with another, flew into the ley line's entrance according to Professor Ursula's directions.

"Hey, Professor. When do you think I'll be able to fly?"

With everyone except Lotte and Sucy gone, I, finally alone, muttered.

Only once, have I properly flown.

However, that was thanks to the special power held by the legendary broom, Shooting Star, that I borrowed.

The Shooting Star broom itself is inhabited by a consciousness; even without a witch it willfully flies about and is an accident-prone troublemaker. With such a broom, just by clinging I was able to fly in the sky (because of the exceedingly extreme speed, just clinging on was dreadful).

Although it'd be great if I could ride on Shooting Star again, that's not possible. Because it does nothing but act wildly, sadly you can't ride it and somehow expect to get where you want.

That's why I secretly plead to Professor Ursula. "Only for but today, please put magic on my broom," I asked.

"That's no good," I was told in the end though. Tsk.

"There's a pace for everyone. There are both things that come easily and things you struggle in, it's natural. Miss Kagari, you're still just starting to learn magic. For a person to take their time, that's also natural!"


"Miss Kagari, you're acting unusual, you know. What happened to your usual catchphrase?"


"'A believing heart is my magic!' you say, that's it! Because you believe, you're carrying that Shiny Rod, aren't you?"


With a nod, I softly touched the Shiny Rod worn at my waist.

This is, the magical staff that Chariot used.

How, did I come to possess that sort of thing?

It was an unexpected find. On the day of the school entrance ceremony, I got lost with Lotte and Sucy in the Arcturus Forest.

Then I, shot magic using this staff.

Well, it was only one time, I won't bother telling you what happened afterward.

That's because everyone, asks "Isn't it a fake?" although, I believe it's the real thing.

This Shiny Rod is a treasure above all others. It is a charm, that gives me courage.

"Miss Kagari, whatever mistakes you may make, you can't lose heart over them because that'll only make it much worse. Doing that, you'll feel even more depressed. To me, you simply cannot do that."

To me

"That is, I am more brash than usual?"

"Eh, oh my? Did you hear it that way? I didn't mean it like that, uh…"

I sprouted a pout.

The slender-spectacled teacher, at a glance, is smartly appearing but, fumbling over nothing, she's kind of goofily absentminded.

Watching the teacher get flustered, it made my getting depressed seem silly.

Moreover, while I was touching the Shiny Rod, somehow my energy seems to have returned.

"That's right! Even if the things I can't do make me feel hesitant, there's nothing I can do about them!"

"Yep. That's it. That's the spirit."

"I'll become the second Chariot, soon enough, because it's like destiny. Rather than suffer through hardship, my future will shine brighter and brighter!"


"Eh, yeah. That's… right?"

"For that reason too, tonight I'll have to bathe in plenty of light from the full moon. If I soak in double the light of everyone, then the effect should be doubled!"

"Ugh… It's good that you're feeling better…"

At the professor's overwhelmed look, I gave her a squeezing hug from behind.

"Hurry up, Professor! Let's leave quickly too!"

"…Akko, in just a moment; you better have committed to memory those things about feeling down, all right."

I heard Sucy murmuring whispers, but I couldn't care less!

The hill of fairies. The light of the full moon.

Just from the thought of it, I get excited, and can't help but soften my face.

"Come on Professor, quickly! Quickly!"

With Diana's prim expression, everyone's unpleasant laughter, and everything else blown away, my heart swelled with hopes at the hill.

I'll bask in ample light of the full moon, and I'll be one more step closer to Chariot because of it!