By Kube Kenji

Famima! Volume 1 Prologue

Famima! Volume 1 Prologue

"Hey, where do babies come from?" 

Kazuki Ootaki, who was in his second year of primary school, asked his parents while they were on their way back from the sports festival. 

“Oh? What’s this Kazuki, you want a younger sibling?”

“Yep, I want a younger sibling.”

“Well, would you prefer a little brother or a little sister?”

“A little sister of course! When I get a little sister, wouldn’t she call me her Onii-chan?”

“That’s true. If she really likes Kazuki, she might call you that.”

“When I get a sister, I’ll be sure to dote on her. I’ll make sure that she calls me her Onii-chan! But, where do little sisters come from?”

Kazuki didn’t know where babies came from. In fact, he didn’t know how babies were made yet because it was too soon for him. When parents are normally asked this question, they usually reply, “babies are delivered by storks” or “they are a proof of daddy and mommy’s love for each other.” They would normally tell them something that would nurture the child’s imagination.

However, his parents were different. 

“Babies are sent by god; through the post, in a paper box.”

They threw a curve ball at him. 

Kazuki squinted, his eyes becoming small dots.

“Eh!? T-then, I was delivered as well!?”

“Of course~, when you arrived, you were delivered frozen by the Kuroneko Ya●to~.”

His mother hit the ball back. 

“Ehh!? I was frozen!?”

With his eyes glistening on the verge of tears, Kazuki looked at his parents. After seeing his face, the two of them began laughing like there was no tomorrow. 

This may have been the first time ever Kazuki was fooled by his parents.

But for Kazuki, it was a valuable memory.

He never would’ve imagined that his parents’ words would come true one day in the future.