Literary Superstar

By 卖萌无敌小小宝

Literary Superstar Chapter 2 part2

Literary Superstar Chapter 2 part2

Anyway, there was an electric rice cooker in the kitchen and the gas stove are ready to use as well. His own cooking skills was not bad, he could make do for now and re- consider his situation once he start earning money.

Just a single trip to the supermarket has costed over two hundred. While, Lin Han was deeply reflecting his extravagant expense, his head was clamped by the slow closing door at the elevator.

The rice was washed and cooked; vegetables prepared and meats cut. Simple dishes like Kung Pao diced chicken and fried egg with tomatoes appeared on the dining table. Lin Han who was now starving picked up the chopsticks and began eating, but was ultimately interrupted by the rapid banging sounds on the door.

“Who is it?” He walked sloppily towards the entrance of the door wearing his slippers, and opened the door with a bad mood. He wanted to see who the person was that had no manners as to interrupt a person’s meal.

Once the door was opened, a tall woman wearing a windbreaker squeezed inside the house as though she owned the place. She took a look at the surrounding rooms, and turned her eyes towards Lin Han and said with surprised: “Not bad, I came here to collect the corpse as I assumed you had died in the house since you refused to accept my calls. Didn’t expect you to actually change your character now.”

Lin Han looked at the peach-liked woman before his eyes. A flavor belonging that to a mature woman was overflowing from all over her body. Removing the windbreaker, Chen Jia Xuan’s figure was shown without any reservation, her plump breasts were pitting themselves against earth’s gravity; a pair of slender long legs were covered by black stockings; a seductive face and a pair of single eyelid eyes , they were attracting Lin Han’s attention.

As the renown “killer bee” in the show-biz, Chen Jia Xuan’s appearance does not lose to the artists that she managed. There were times when she would encounter some people that have ulterior motive for her, however, every time Chen Jia Xuan who had a profound background would not give any face to these people, she would continue as she pleases in the entertainment industry. Naturally, it was not too difficult a task to make a star with huge amount of resources at her disposal.

“What’s wrong? You are not saying anything, did you become a mute today?” Chen Jia Xuan sat on the sofa carelessly. Suddenly, she started staring at the two dishes on the dining table with a look similar of meeting with extraterrestrial beings.

“Have you eaten sister Xuan? If you don’t mind, you can try the dishes.” Lin Han invited. He had absolutely no idea on how to deal with this person. Dealing with interpersonal relationships are much complicated than cleaning the house.