Golden Time


Golden Time Volume 4 Epilogue

Golden Time Volume 4 Epilogue


By the time you receive this book into your hands, I will have turned 34 years old. Born on the 24th day of February, a Pisces with blood type O, Takemiya at your service. Oh no, oh no, half my thirties are gone... nooo, what am I going to do? Since my debut I've come to owe so much to my managers, days of "We've sure gotten incredibly old, haven't you noticed?..." "Haven't you noticed?...", bickering roughly with serious faces. But it cannot be recovered, the first half of our thirties. If I'd been a little less prepared, then, ah, ah, ...what the!? I just can't pronounce that word! Ah, aro, aroun...

Around forty.


Of, the world. ...It's sc sc sc scary, isn't it? Don't sh sh sh shiver! ...Don't...!

...If I were to notice this and that, I am 34, and "Golden Time" is already up to four volumes. You have stuck with me up to now, and this time too you've received it in your hands, I truly thank you very much. Have you been enjoying yourselves in receiving it? Already, rea.....lly! My...gosh! I would think that real college students reading this book would be astonished at college students who go out without hardly studying. Please, I would be happy if you would forgive me grinning and saying, here and there, "Being 34 is stupid!"

Well, recently, simply because I didn't want to face my approaching forty years of age, I have been falling for the temptations in front of me. I may even be becoming a shopaholic. What am I buying? Latex. From my love of latex, I am buying as if I were crazy about nothing but latex.

As it is, a woman past her prime, for the most part, after washing her face will apply face lotion, then beauty cream, then latex, and if she's still worried about dryness, she'll apply cream again, as if stepping through her "face procedure". As for myself, I really don't care about face creams and beauty lotions, but since I realize I cannot do without putting something on, I splash on what I think I have to. But.


I really love the stuff. The reason is simple: it feels good when I apply it to my face. Nowadays every brand, the slippery expensive stuff, the stuff that refreshes you, the good smelling stuff, the smelly stuff (no good, that), the stuff that helps your skin, the stuff that irritates your skin (no good either), there really are so many kinds out there, that against my better judgment I've gotten to where I try them here, there, one after another. Moreover, satisfied with only trying it on my face, I had unthinkingly gone and applied it to my body. After I'd done such a thing, having put on so much... I cannot, instinctively I thought, WHAT A WASTE!

That's it in a nutshell. Take for example a hot day in mid-summer. Sweating profusely as I enter a coffee shop, a cool face towel is presented to me. I wipe my hands with it. Phew, I take a breather. ...You ask, can it be stopped at that? Can it not be stopped? Wouldn't you unintentionally do your face too? It's that feeling. Saying to yourself, "Enough already, I can reach all of me~..." "Ah~... yummy~..." Latex has corrupted my entire body.

Though of course there are bodily uses for latex, so to speak, in this world and theoretically, if you were to apply it to yourself, you should see good results, but of course that is something a little different. For, forbidden! Feelings like that are unworthy. Aah! That's for my face, brother! My feet! My ankles! All over! ...that kind of feeling, I want to have fun with latex. Is it the feeling of "That person was saying what?" It's OK. Despite people giving me faces like that, I'm getting used to it, really.

Though I like it anywhere on my body, my supply is steadily diminishing. Worried that it might disappear, I've been buying up latex like crazy, a festival that for now, I cannot see the end of. When I go to department and drug stores, unconsciously my eyes have been searching for latex. Anywhere with latex would be good! All you latex-crazed people in the nation, if you have recommendations for latex, by all means let me know, please. Though we have latex here, is there not anywhere else?

And so. Once more, you've stuck with me to the end of this postscript. Truly, I thank you very much! Even more, I humbly thank you that you have received this book into your hands. The next volume, by all means, please be nice to it! Master Komatsu Eeji, and our manager Yuasa-sama, are also indebted to you. Please wait for me as I walk towards the world of my forties.


Takemiya Yuyuko