Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 1

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 1

I, Umeki Satako (28) is currently in the center of a badly decorated room, and the female high school student with a makeup of an apparition is together with me. Calling apparition to this woman who was laughing when I was kicked is still kind of me.
Before us is a platform about the size of half of the stage in a gymnasium, and right in the center, a huge, gaudily decorated chair. A seemingly important-looking man was sitting on top of the chair with a shiny cloth.
And, in the space on my left and right, are men dressed in old-fashioned justacorps, gilet, and culotte. Embroidery made of gold and silver threads. It’s so grotesque I can only say that they have a bad taste.

After coming to this room, I was finally able to understand my present situation.
No, well, what should I say. Fantasy novels are not imagination only, huh.
To think I would get summoned to a different world――moreover, I probably just got dragged in by mistake.

This country――rather, this world is a world where monsters and magic and things like that are normal.
It seems that there is a law which stops the growth when your power reaches the full potential, generally at around thirty to forty years of age.
What’s with that, is what I thought, but the man in front of me――apparently a king――is fifty years old, but he appears to be in his twenties. His son――that bad taste prince――is twenty-five years old――As I thought, he’s in no position to call me『Old Hag』. Aren’t we of the same generation! ――and, his growth apparently stopped at twenty-three.
The man on my left and right are apparently in their fifties and sixties, but all of them look like they are in their twenties. After being shown something like that, I have no choice but to believe in this strange law.

And this country,『Guzena』is being rebuild after being devastated by monsters, and in order to purify the pollution caused by the monsters, led by the Crown Prince――that guy with bad taste――speaking about standards, they summoned a standard Holy Woman.
Furthermore, a summoning spell『Appearances of a full potentional』has been inserted in the summoning circle.
The hell? Then, why? Why is that apparition of a woman in her golden age and I in the golden age of grannies?
Almost everyone stops aging at a young age, but why am I the only one over sixty? That’s impossible, right!
So, I thought.
These fellows, in a not nice way of putting it, told me that because I have not reached my golden age yet, I’ve aged in one go?

A r e    y o u    k i d d i n g    m e?

There was a high probability of my appearances getting rejuvenated under the effect of this『Spell』. Well, if my golden age was far younger.
But, since I have instantly aged to this degree means that my golden age is in this outward appearance, or perhaps…… you have failed somewhere, didn’t you?
Despite all that, why are you speaking as if all of this was my fault?

It appears that the bad taste prince also aged because of me. They say I have cast a curse on him.

As if! I don’t even know how to use magic!!

And yet.
These fellows selfishly summoned me and didn’t even try to apologize.
It’s my fault, it’s because of me, I’m being incessantly attacked from three sides, they are ordering me to return the prince back to normal.
If I don’t listen, I will be locked up in prison?

…… No really, you guys are seriously pissing me off, you know?

Who do they think they are? They might be royalty and nobles of this country but? It’s irrelevant to a person from a different world like me though?
Without showing the tiniest bit of manners, they keep spitting out selfish demands.
You are seriously annoying.
Seriously irritating.

Snap. Something snapped within me again.
And then――



I heard screams from all over the place, the until a short while ago young people aged all at once, and powerlessly crumbled on the floor.
The hell is this? Perhaps…… did I do this……?

How to say this……

Isn’t this too conveniently unreasonable?