Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 2

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 2

I ignore the outfielders who are in a panic because of the sudden aging and sink into my sea of thoughts.

Hmm…… if I was the one who caused this aging process, what do I classify it as? Magic?
If it’s magic, how did I do it? Unconsciously? Is magic something that can be done unconsciously?
Besides, this, did this made them simply old?
No but, for that…… they look like their physical strength is also missing, right? In other words, I have snatched their golden age power…… would that be more precise?
Then, what happened to that snatched power? Did it perhaps become mine?
Eh? As I thought, wouldn’t that be too convenient?

When I surface from the sea of consciousness again, while panicking the outfielders were making a fuss that it’s all because of me.
My fault? No, you are getting what you deserve, right?
You are the ones did the summoning. You are the one’s making rude remarks without apologizing. Even though I should be the one displeased, you guys were mad at me. See, you are reaping what you sow. All I did was felt『Anger』and found it『Unpleasant』. I didn’t even touch the other subjects. I have no idea about the cause of the aging.
But, such reasoning can’t get through these fellows.
Suddenly, an incomprehensible impact ran past me.

「I, impossible! Magic is not effective against someone with no comprehension!?」

From the words of the important-like man sitting on the chair, I realize that the thing that ran past me was magic.
Uwa~…… seriously this fellow, totally worthless. To fire magic at someone who has no means of defending themselves.

This, he definitely tried to kill me just now, didn’t he?

He’s thoroughly looking down at me, isn’t he? Does he think I have no worth because I’m a person from a different world?
So the top of this country was someone like that. There’s a high possibility that the country is also just like that, isn’t there?
Huh? Did they decide to despise me?
No, no, no. That’s no joke!


This country,

――I don’t want to be here.

That being the case, I decided. I will leave this country.
Because I was told that there’s「No」way to return to my world during the explanation at the beginning, I won’t be able to return even if I stay here. Then, there’s no problem to leave, right?
Let’s look for a method to return to my original appearances or find a way to return to my world in somewhere else.

However, the problem is…… that I’m a person from a different world, so I don’t know a thing about this world.
I’d rather not ask these people.
I don’t want to talk with them, nor I want to have anything to do with them any longer.
Then, what should I do……

For some reason, a map? of this castle? is displaying in my head.
And, an arrow indication is blinking at the basement area. Should I go there?
Somehow, it looks shady as it’s too convenient, but my guts tell me that there won’t be a problem even if I go there.
Hmm…… basement, huh. Thinking about basements, would it be a treasury or something valuable?
Selfishly summoning, saying selfish things, trampling on people’s dignity…… they are guilty, aren’t they? Therefore, it’s fine to claim the consolation money, right? It’s fine to take a nuisance fee, isn’t it?

Let’s assume it’s fine!

That being the case, I decided to leave this room at once.
Ah, let’s make the panicking group a little bit more flustered.

「I don’t want to be in this country anymore, so I’m leaving. So, I will be taking a nuisance fee for ruining my life by selfishly summoning me」

Oh? I thought that my voice has also aged, but it’s the same as my original voice?


I stopped.
I turn back and smile at the solidified makeup apparition.

「You will die if you chase after me, so. Best regards~」

Indeed, a true pandemonium. The Gyaaaaa noise from behind is unrelated.
I step out from this room and using the map, walk towards the room with the cursor on the shortest route.


Ah, of course. Telling her that she will die if she chases after me was just an empty threat.
I don’t know how to cast curses like that, after all.