Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 3

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 3

Mmm…… I’ve made a blunder……
I walked in a slightly dark, narrow corridor according to the map. The path I should be taking is shining, just how convenient this map is? I have not encountered anyone, isn’t it too omnipotent?
But, it’s not like there are no problems.
The walls and pillars in the corridor are somewhat illuminated, but because the windows are too small and only near the ceiling, it’s really dark even though it’s daytime. At a glance, they are only two maybe three bricks large, are they perhaps not for illumination, but for the passage of air?
The stones under my feet seem to be made by hand and properly flat, but the noises my heels are making are really annoying. It’s because I was going home from work…… if I had a day off, I would be wearing sneakers or some kind of sports shoes. If it were like that, this noisiness wouldn’t be a problem…… it’s a bit regrettable.

Well, leaving that aside.
Un, really, I think I really made a blunder.
The words I’ve thrown at them「You will die if you chase after me, so. Best regards~」. I feel like I should have used「You will die if you chase after me, so (❤). Best regards (❤)」or something like that instead.
If I did that, wouldn’t the threat simultaneously increase the ridicule? Yeah, I’ve made a blunder.
Alright. Let’s use this mistake to reflect! Rather, I don’t want to meet them again, so not leaving them alive might have been better.

While thinking such, I’ve arrived at my destination.
What to say…… it feels like an entrance to a treasury? The double door is most likely two meters tall. Although the decoration is simple, the design is elaborate. However, is the reason why the door is not wide so only one person can pass when invaded? It’s no wider than house door.
Are the doors made out of metal? It looks like iron, but this color is steel? But, the feeling of touch――I’m assuming its safety from the map――is a bit warm. Is this material peculiar to the different world?
According to the information obtained from the map, there’s no lock and even no traps…… is their safety control all right?

Well, let’s not mind and open it. Right, I’m going to open it.
Even if that old men group is in trouble, it’s unrelated to me.
Ah, it’s the pull to open type of door. After fully opening, it really is only the size of the house door.
So, I peek inside…… w, wow…… so messy! The things are not kept in order, they are just casually piled on top of each other!!
The golden round objects before my eyes are probably gold coins, right? It’s currency, isn’t it!? It’s money, isn’t it!? Why is there a pile of money in a room with no lock!?
Further inside, there’s armor, helmets, swords, shields, spears. They are leaning against the wall, but they were just casually put there, right!?
To my right, there are worn out books, books…… on the floor, in plain sight. Say…… don’t you have bookshelves? I’m afraid they will cause an avalanche if an earthquake happens?
On my left…… what is that? Some kind of items? They have various shapes and colors and are crammed in a barrel. On top of that, another mound of cloth-like things…… this is…… do they even know what’s where?
…… As a country, is that fine? Is that all right!?

Hahaha…… aren’t those just needless worries!!

First of all, let’s calm down.
Now then, what should I take…… while thinking such, the map has completely changed. The whole room is displayed, and everything’s position is written down in detail.
…… Un. It’s really too convenient for me. What is this map? Special privilege for being summoned to a different world? Well, it’s convenient so let’s not think about it too much.

That map first guides me to my left. The arrow is furiously pointing at a cloth item further in the back. What? That will be useful to me?
…… The map has evolved!?
As if to answer my doubts, the map displayed the item’s details.

『Gift of the Space-time God』Type: Item Bag
An Item Bag made by the Space-time God who rules over the space and time for a human he recognized as a friend. Because it has Space-time God’s blessing, it has infinite storage. No passage of time. Has item arrangement function (optional). Living beings can’t be stored, but anything can enter if its activities got suspended for some reason.
Rucksack & shoulder bag 2WAY type.

Ooooo! Cheat item arrived! This is convenient! Accepted! I will take this!!

Loot『Gift of the Space-time God』?

Just like the map is floating in my mind, a tablet-like display appears in front of my eyes.
The hell is this? A game??

…… Hey, map. Stop play around.