Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 4

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 4

Because the screen looks like a tablet, I try tapping it to see if it’s the touching type.

『Gift of the Space-time God』obtained!

Un! As I thought, the map is playing around!?
Why does a map have a will!?
Oy, at the same time I obtained it, it turned into a compact size rucksack and stuck on my back! Don’t put it on my selfishly!

『Map』merged with『Help』and evolved!

What is Help? Eh? The explanation indicator from a little while ago? What’s up with the evolution. Un? Optional simultaneous display?

…… Huh?
Hey! The evolution method explanation is postponed!? That’s weird, isn’t it!? Moreover, it’s selfishly displaying whatever it wants, what’s optional about that!!
While panicking, the rucksack turns into a shoulder type and slants on my back.『Gift of the Space-time God』has a will too!?

No good. My tsukkomis can’t catch up!?
At this rate, I will be confined in this country by the map and help――it’s troublesome, so I will call it Mapple――!?

Un, that I wouldn’t like. Please spare me from just that.
First of all, let’s leave the tsukommis for later and let’s prepare what’s necessary.
Mapple! Next necessary item, come on!

That being the case. I cram necessary things into the『Gif of the Space-time God』.
First of all, a barrel that was casually left open. The contents were emergency rations. The taste is so-so. According to Mapple’s instructions, I should keep three barrels. When I approach and think about taking them, the『Gift of the Space-time God』――as I thought, that’s trouble some too so I will call it『Toki』――opened on its own and swallowed the barrels on its own…… scary…… it casually stored those huge barrels.
In addition, the bottles at the bottom seem to be recovery items. So there are even such things…… because this is something I should carry, I entrust several bottles to Toki.
…… Who’s going to use that much……

Next is equipment. But, sword and shield and things like that, I can’t use them? Armor is not possible too.
What Mapple chose for me, is a thick brown-hooded cloak, and a deep-blue angle-length long sleeve…… dress? Once-piece? The arm part is showing skin under a transparent lace, it looks a bit elegant…… enough to make me think why the old-fashioned men have such bad tastes.
After that, a shorts type petticoat that doesn’t use a waist rubber but a thin string――I wonder who is wearing those――the material is unknown, and light brown half boots…… and several sets of different colors. Furthermore, all of them are outrageous things with temperature adjustment, shape remembrance, automatic cleaning, and size adjustment functions. Why is something like that in a place like this…… no, it’s fine since this is a treasury?
Just in case, I have quickly changed my clothes. The clothes from my previous world would be standing out too much…… I hope theh clothes of those fellows with bad taste isn’t a norm in this world though. My clothes are inside Toki.

After that, really? Why is something like that here? There were many things that made me think like that. Towel and soap? That and a shampoo & conditioner? Cosmetics? Brush…… a tent is still okay, but a cookware and bedding sets…… I don’t know what to say anymore……
I could live for a while in this room, couldn’t I……

Now then! Let’s pull myself together.
I said that I would take consolation money, or rather the nuisance fee, so it’s fine to take the money in here, right!
Crime? No, no, no. Those guys are criminals! They are kidnappers! They are those who tried to kidnap, confine, and coerce me by force! I better put a stop to their future crimes!
So, what do you say, Mapple. How much should I take?

…… Un, it was my bad……

All the gold coins are blinking!? Several cursors are out and insisting!?

No, I know, but? Thinking about those fellows, I do think it’s fine to take it all?
But you know. As a person who was dealing with taxes in my previous world, I expect that this country to have heavy taxes.
I wouldn’t mind causing troubles for them, but more or less, I would like to avoid causing a loss for unrelated people. Because those fellows are like that, I’m sure they would shift all the blame onto me. I would like to avoid that. Causing needless enmity would be troublesome, so I’m going to pass!

…… N? But, if I do that…… won’t be taking gold coins an out?
Is there something I could do…… ah, that’s right.
The money would flow to me when they try to use the money for themselves and would be otherwise only usable when used for the country, or its citizens. After that, imploring unreasonable tax increase would be impossible――can’t be something like that done……
Eh? It’s impossible for Mapple? I see…… What, eh? I can do it? If I desire so?

――Is something like that alright!?

Ah, it’s alright. Then, let’s do that.

That being the case, I take only the amount of gold coins that wouldn’t make troubles for the citizens and at last, the books.
When I hold up books on top of the tablet which according to Mapple only I am able to see――

Wow~…… the books get sucked up one by one by the tablet…… so surreal……

This will apparently convert into Mapple’s knowledge.
Because Mapple has currently only the basic knowledge, it apparently had not enough knowledge for traveling and living.
Thus, it will increase its knowledge by absorbing books and become my strength.

Un, I’m already fine. I leave it to you……