Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 5

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 5

Right now, I’m climbing a steep mountain path with crowded trees.

After leaving the treasury, I thought it would be fine to just leave from the front, but I had a feeling that it might become troublesome, so I’m using a hidden pathway recommended to me by Mapple――in fact, it’s the same thing I used to arrive at the treasury――and I arrived at a mountain path which leads to the neighboring country.
On the way, there was a hidden room for some reason. I was startled when I entered it. There were quite old books and furniture inside. It was right next door. Amazing, isn’t it?
Because Mapple was persisting on taking everything in that room, I stored it in Toki. In the midst of it, I found a simple staff of about my height, and because it felt strangely familiar in my hand, I have been holding onto it all this time. I’m currently using it as a substitute for a hiking pole, but it appears that it’s original use is as a tool for magic.

『Gift of the Magic God』Type: Magic Staf
A magic staff gifted to a human who developed magic with great effort by the Magic God who rules over the knowledge of magic. Because Magic God bestowed his blessing on it, magic will become easier to use. Decreases magical power consumption. Assists in creating new magic. Changes size according to the user for easier use.
Something is built inside.

Somehow, I understood the general concept of『Gods』because of Toki, but these Gods really like gifts, don’t they?
But I think it was gifted to befitting person in the past. Because, you know…… it wasn’t in the treasury, but rather left rotting in a hidden room near it.
Besides, I understood that the top of this country doesn’t understand the value of things. I mean, wouldn’t they normally hold on things that were blessed by the gods?
As Mapple advised, it would be better for me to hold onto it. Un.

I decided to call this staff『Machi』. I advance while cutting the grass with an edged tool.
Un. It was indicating that something is inserted inside, but it was an ordinary sword. Well, I didn’t know how to use it, so I was troubled at what to do at first. But you see, when I brandished the blade, the grass and branches could be easily cut down, and it doesn’t feel heavy.
Moreover, whether because of the Magic God’s blessing, the user――basically me――can decide whether the flow of magical power will cut or won’t. If I choose to cut, it asks me how far I want to cut, isn’t that amazing? It was the moment I realized that gods are too overprotective in various ways.

Well, the reason why I’m climbing the mountain with such convenient staff is simply because it’s the shortest way to a different country.
Other ways have troublesome things like official border check, but it doesn’t exist in a mountain road like this…… that’s what Mapple told me. Well, this path is normally inaccessible, so it would be apparently difficult to cross the mountain.
Actually, I’m currently about halfway up, but before I came here, a cliff would suddenly appear, river blocking the road, waterfalls that didn’t seem to end, what kind of terrain is this!? I encountered such unreasonable situations several times.
According to Mapple, a mountain means『Magical Power Gathering Spot』so the naturally floating magical power gathers, increases the density, and as a result, changes the topography.
Un, really, magical power that will stop the aging when full and things like that, the laws of this world are too mysterious.

When talking about mysteries, it’s my body.
Even though I look like 60 years old granny, my body functions better than in my golden age――student days――I’m agiler and have more stamina. It’s too strange to be climbing this mountain path in this body so smoothly.
This is embarrassing. Some time ago, I lightly jumped as a joke, jumped 2-3 meters high and hit my head against a branch…… this is exceeding the limit of a man, isn’t it……
My eyesight is also better…… rather, it became strange as I can see far ahead through obstacles…… why did it suddenly became clairvoyance-like vision?
My hearing also increased, my smelling is also quite sensitive. Mapple taught me many things about what’s harmless and what harmful……

Huh? Perhaps…… conversely to my granny looks, is my different world life perhaps on the easy mode?