Obaachan (28) is Free

By Nanase Mio

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 6

Obaachan (28) is Free Chapter 6

Because I was making light of the easy mode a huge animal――probably a dog or something――appeared on the steep mountain trail.
Since he’s growling at me, I clearly understand that this fellow is a dangerous one.
Now then, what should I do?

『Wild Wolf』has appeared. What will you do?
→Attack with the sword staff
→Attack with magic
→Set up defenses with the sword staff
→Cover yourself in the robe and crouch down
→Escape while running
→Escape with magic




…… Mapple is doing a good job as always…… oy, stop shitting me!!
In the first place, wolves are mostly wild, aren’t they! Was there any need to indicate that it’s『Wild』!!
And, what’s with that totally RPG display! Is this world some kind of a game world!?

…… My tsukkomi about the game world has been swiftly denied.
It just simply seems to be like this, so I can easily understand. But, why a game……

First of all, let’s talk about『Guard』. I won’t solve anything by doing nothing.
By the way, about the one-piece, robes, and boots which I’m currently wearing, but when I was registered as the equipment owner――there was such function――automatic attack negation, magic negation, abnormal status negation effects were added…… the equipment is a cheat……
Therefore, when I chose guard, I won’t get a single bruise. But, just guarding myself has no meaning, does it……

Then, to fight or to escape…… according to Mapple, the neighboring country is behind that wolf. I will deviate from the route if I escape, won’t I? That sounds troublesome.
If I choose to escape with magic…… it seems that my body will grow stronger and my running ability will increase. However, I don’t know how fast that wolf is――I already decided to think in game terms――and because I don’t know the speed of my own legs, I don’t know whether I could escape even if I increase my running speed. This is also a gamble, isn’t it?

Well, only fighting is remaining though…… can a woman who came from a modern, peaceful world fight with a wolf? You are asking me something absurd.
What is remaining is magic, however…… I wouldn’t like a splatter…… other animals coming because of the scent of blood is the standard, right? Then, what should I do?

…… Mapple is indicating the offensive magic on the tablet. Burn it in an instant, blow it away with the wind, bury it in a pitfall…… why are there so many choices……

Oh well.
Let’s bury it for now. Burying alive is cruel, but I heard that the smell when burning fur and raw flesh is intense and it could return after I blow it away with the wind. Whatever I do――ah, that’s right Mapple. Let’s blow away it with the wind. To the place where the waterfalls are. If it’s there, it could fall into the waterfall lake and it won’t chase after me even if it luckily survives, right?
Ah, my plan was okayed. Then, what do I do?
Eh? Just like the time I poured magical power into the staff, envelop the magical power with the wind? I don’t understand.
Well, let’s give it a try~!

Eh, I did it!? I did it so simply!? Is this fine with you, Magic!!?

I see the wolf off flying through the way I came from and let out a silent sigh.
Un. I shouldn’t take the easy mode lightly. I don’t know what will appear next. Let’s promptly move.

When I pull myself together, I learn the body reinforcement method from Mapple, envelop my entire body with magical power because just legs would be too scary and start running.

――Fast! Scary!

The landscape flows behind me in a blur.
I might have been able to escape from the fight with this speed, but it’s already too late. That wolf must be in the middle of drowning in the waterfall lake. Amen.
Even if obstacles appear in my direction of travel――a tree or an animal――my legs don’t stop. Because I have applied the wind magic from earlier and made a triangular windscreen, it hits the obstacles, cuts trees, sends them flying…… I hear strange noises like Dokan and Bokan from behind, but…… this is an accident. It’s an accident.


Un, my condolences……

While thinking such, I went downhill before I noticed.
The mountain’s peak seems to be the national border, so I must have crossed it. I finally left that country behind.
Thinking that it should be already fine, I weaken the magic’s power little by little――I can do it with my mind, and it feels strange――and drop my running speed. There’s still a way to go, but I think that I will soon arrive.



Erm…… unthinkable changes happen to mountains which are『Magical Power Reservoir』because of the influence of the concentration of magical power. I know the topography is different from its appearances.
Well, the opposite side is the same『Mountain』, so it’s only natural it would be influenced by the Magical Power Reservoir.

But you know……

Right now, I’m flying through the sky. Un. I don’t understand.
Just like when I was climbing up, the ground continued and I was just thinking what kind of unknown obstacle will suddenly appear in front of me now.

And yet!

After going down the hill a little bit. There was nothing.
Right. When I look back, there’s a thing in the shape of a mountain. It’s there, but…… a cliff!? Eh, a precipice shaped like a mountain!? Is rock-climbing indispensable to climb this mountain!?
Is this for real!?

…… Mapple cooly indicated『It’s real』on the tablet.

It’s real, huh…… oy!
Crap! I have to quickly do something, I’m in a pinch, you know!! What do I do!!?