Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 1

Super Soldier King Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hijacking

A mature and resolute youth sat staring out the window. His appearance was like that of a hero; a handsome face accented by a shallow scar and full of spirit. It had been eight years since Ye Qian had left China at the age of 17, he had transformed from the naive teenager he once was. But Ye Qian was still restless, the closer he got to his homeland the more nervous he became.

“Sir, would you like a drink?” A beautiful flight attendant walked around Ye Qian before she arrived beside a middle-aged man in a suit next to his seat.

The first class cabin was filled with successful figures of the so-called ‘high society’. A middle-aged man in a suit sneered at Ye Qian’s cloddish appearance. Indeed, Ye Qian was dressed very simply, only wearing a bleached short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of ambiguously colored trousers which were tucked into his dusty boots.

The middle aged man glanced at Ye Qian with a look full of contempt before pompously saying, “No, thanks!” at the flight attendant. He indifferently glanced at Ye Qian again as he said, “How did a beggar get in the first-class cabin?”

Ye Qian naturally turned a deaf ear to the middle-aged man’s insult. He had seen many people like the middle aged man in this world; those who enjoyed looking down on and oppressing others. However many of these people had met their end at his hands.
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The beautiful female attendant politely smiled at the middle aged-man and asked Ye Qian the same question. After all, the customer is God. Even if Ye Qian was a beggar, as long as he had payed for his seat, she would treat him as politely as anyone else in the cabin. Besides Ye Qian was extremely handsome and graceful, in the flight attendant’s eyes he looked like a cute local ruffian

“Bang.” Suddenly, sounds of gunfire could be heard from the engine room. Four middle-aged men came out, carrying AK47’s which they pointed at the passengers. Confronted with the fully armed gangsters, the dumfounded passengers began to panic.

“Don’t move!” one of the gangsters shouted. “We don’t wish to kill you, we only need you to hand over your valuables and follow our instructions.”

Ye Qian slowly glanced at the gangster before looking back at his seat. The middle-aged man was already trembling in fear.

The gangster who just spoke gestured at the shorter gangster, pointing at the cabin of the airplane. The short-skinny gangster nodded slightly. Clearly, this gangster was the leader of the group. And he wasn’t a fool, he knew that he needed to take control of the plane. If it landed at a Chinese airport, this group of gangsters could only wait for their demise. In China, hijacking a plane is considered to be a terrorist activity. Their actions could warrant death sentences.

After the short-skinny gangster had turned and headed towards the cabin, the leader ordered the other two, “Go get the money.”

The current situation made these so-called successful public figures feel sorry for themselves. In turn, they helplessly gave up all their valuables as the gangsters put the tip of their guns on each person’s forehead. One of the gangsters stopped at Ye Qian’s side and said, “Quick, take out your money!”

Ye Qian turned his head, and pleaded, “Big brother, look at my appearance, do I look like a rich man? If you want money, ask him, he has all the name-brand accessories, he is definitely rich.” Ye Qian sneered as he gestured at the middle-aged man. Ye Qian wasn’t a gentleman who would wait ten years to take his revenge. He would take advantage of whatever opportunity came his way.

The middle-aged man fiercely glared at Ye Qian, but facing the gangster, he didn’t dare show any displeasure. He hurriedly pulled out all of his money, took off his famous hand watch and also unclasped the necklace from his neck and handed them over.

“Big brother look, his mouth also has several gold teeth.” Ye Qian said while pointing at the middle-aged men.

The gangster’s gaze fell upon the middle aged man, the man’s face was immediately drained of color. He cursed Ye Qian and mentally vowed that he would teach Ye Qian a good lesson should he see him in the future.

“Take it out! faster! your father here has a gun!” The gangster fiercely said while putting the AK47 on top of the middle-aged man’s head.

“How can I take them out?” the middle-aged man innocently replied.

“If you can’t, I’ll help you!” The gangster suddenly hit the corners of middle-aged man’s mouth with the stock of the gun. Which resulted in the gold teeth falling down together with a mouthful of blood. The middle-aged man cried and howled miserably.

“Motherf****, shut up with that filthy mouth of yours, or you will taste a bullet!” The gangster shouted wickedly. His grin was just evil, the middle-aged man immediately went silent, closing his mouth tightly while enduring the pain.

“You, hurry up!” The gangster had aimed his gun at Ye Qian.

The middle-aged man was secretly cursing Ye Qian, if only the gangster could get rid of him. However, Ye Qian naturally didn’t know the thoughts going on inside of the middle aged man’s head, and he innocently replied,” Big brother, I really have no money.”

“Brat, who do you wish to deceive? You are sitting in the first-class cabin! How can you not have any money? Hurry up and hand it over, or don’t blame me if you die.” The gangster menacingly took a step towards Ye Qian while shouting.

“If you do not believe me, search me.” Ye Qian helplessly shrugged while spreading his arms out wide.

The gangster was momentarily stunned by this action, “You better not try anything funny, your father’s gun here does not have any eyes.” He muttered before starting to search Ye Qian’s body.

Ye Qian secretly examined his surroundings, the short gangster had not yet come back. While the leader was still guarding the entrance vigilantly, staring at the passengers in the engine room. The last gangster was collecting the money at another location.

“What is this?” All of a sudden, the gangster traced something inside Ye Qian’s boots.

“You can’t take this!”Ye Qian said.

“Faster! Take it out!” The gangster loudly exclaimed while holding his gun at Ye Qian’s chest.

Ye Qian slightly wrinkled his brows, and gently touched his boots. Suddenly, a red light flashed and before the gangster had a chance to react, he collapsed to the floor, his face drained of color. The red light was actually Ye Qian’s personal dagger, which instantly killed the man. The dagger was named Xuelang, it was entirely red just like the colour of blood.

Since Ye Qian had already exposed himself, he no longer hesitated. Like an arrow, the dagger in his hand shot horizontally across the room, gorging itself deeply into the leader’s heart. Shockingly, the dagger was completely submerged within his chest, and only the hilt could be seen from the outside. This showed how powerfully Ye Qian had thrown his dagger.