Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 10

Super Soldier King Chapter 10

Originally Li Dong was prepared to extort Ye Qin, but he didn’t expect that it would be the other way around and that he would even lose his car to this guy. Li Dong couldn’t help but feel wronged. Seeing Ye Qian leave with his car, Li Dong felt like gouging his own eyes out. This was his turf - it wasn’t the greatest place, but it wasn’t so bad either. The thieves here who took money and pickpocketed items were under his command, and he would get an income of about thirty to forty thousand per day.  In this turf, an average person seeing him would somewhat give him face, now a not well known youngster completely overthrew him, and even ripped him off, in his heart naturally it was a feeling hard to swallow. Although the car wasn’t worth much money, just a damaged Honda, but he was now a difficult road, paying attention to his face, if he did not retrieve it, later on he would not want mix himself with this turf anymore. Not to mention his eldest brother, the hooligans would afterwards look down on him.

Ye Qian returned to the hospital to see that Lin Rou Rou wasn’t there anymore, Han Xue just at the time was taking care of Lao Die. Seeing Ye Qian enter, Han Xue in a sweet voice called “Second brother”. Ye Qian slightly nodding his head, walking towards to the side of Lao Die, asked: “Lao Die, have you eaten yet?”

“En, just a moment ago at the hospital Xiao Xue bought me lunch. Xiao Er, I saw the impression of the nurse of you wasn’t bad, you should grasp this opportunity. You aren’t so young anymore, you should find a girlfriend.” Lao Die said. 

Ye Qian involuntarily laughing said: “ Lao Die, my feelings on this matter is that you must rely on fate and chance, taking your time and taking it easy.”

“Your big already, I won’t say anymore. That’s right, Xiao Er, it’s time to look for a job after coming back, if you cannot, I will call your elder and third brother, they will help you think of a way for you. 

“No need, Lao Die, I will find a job slowly, you don’t need to worry.” Ye Qian said. 

“Xiao Er, let me handle the procedure to leave the hospital, the expenses are expensive to be hospitalized in this hospital, one day for two hundred, this is simply extortion. Besides, I also cannot do anything here, always at the hospital isn’t the right way, always smell of medicine.” Lao Die said. 

Ye Qian naturally knows that Lao die is worried about the matter of money, his family has no savings, and Xiao Xue was close to taking her test, the tuition fee for a senior in high school was astronomical in cost. “Lao Die, you don’t need to worry, ease your mind to cultivate a healthy body, this matter of money you need not worry about, I have a way.” Ye Qian said.

Lao Die knowing Ye Qian’s character, so he didn’t say anything, but in his heart he was inwardly he was thinking of staying then wait until Ye Qian left, then he would go and manage the procedure to get discharge. Ye Qian glancing at Han Xue, asked: “ Xiao Xue, how is your revisions? Are you confident in passing the university exams?”

“Lao Die, Second brother, I don’t want to study anymore.” Han Xue said, silent for a moment.

“Why?” Ye Qian nervously asked

“I want to go out to work, even without reading there is a way out, didn’t you say that every path can lead to success. “Thinking of the expenses of her tuition fee, Han Xue associated this was Lao Die facing dangers and the scene of him picking up trash outside. Lao Die is already sixty years old, half of his body has already been buried by the earth, how can Han Xue have the heart for him to be this worn out. 

“Nonsense!” Ye Qian in a stern voice shouted.” You are young, what can you do without studying? Second brother now regrets deeply that he could not properly study, you now have the opportunity, you absolutely cannot give it up.”

“ But…..” Han Xue still wanted to say something, but choked on what she wanted to say in her mind. 

“Xiao Xue, Lao Die knows what are you thinking, but without studying what can do you? Don’t worry, I am willing to sacrifice everything to provide for you to attend school.” Lao Die said. 

“Listen to what father is saying, the most important task you have now is to do good in your studies, so this matter by no means can you let down Lao Die, understand?”Ye Qian said at the side.

Han Xue eyes become red, the corner of her eye brimming with crystal like teardrops, but her strength suppressed this tears from dropping, nodding her head without speaking.

Just at this moment, two police officers came inside, among them was the police women from last night, Wang Yu. The other one was a young policeman. Entering the hospital room, the young policeman’s eyes sweeped in all directions, then asked:” Who is called Ye Qian here?”

Lao Die and Han Xue blankly stared at the police officers, Lao Die face filled with worry, thinking that Ye Qian may have violated something, promptly asking: “Police officers, what has happened?”

Hearing the question of Lao Die, the police officer looked at the direction of Ye Qian, then said: “ A man told us that you deliberately caused injuries on his body, can you please come with us to the police station.”

Ye Qian was silent for a moment, he knew it was certainly Zeng Da Fu who alerted them, Lin Dong was considered as a gangster, definitely wouldn’t have gone so far to alert the police, they also would not gain any benefit from this. Turning his head to glance at Lao Die, Ye Qian said: “ Lao Die, it’s nothing, don’t you worry about it. “ Turning forward, he said: “ Let’s go, I will return with you to the police.”

The policeman began to take the handcuffs from his waist then put it on Ye Qian, Ye Qian complexion was then cold, firmly staring at the policeman’s eye, Ye Qian’s eyes being as sharp as swords, intimidating him. The policeman couldn’t help but tremble, the handcuffs that he took out was then returned to his waist.” Let’s go!” The policeman said. 

Ye Qian turned back assuring his father through his eyes, proudly walking out. Seeing Ye Qian being carried away by the police officers, Lao Die helpless sighed, hurriedly said to Han Xue:” Xiao Xue, quickly support me to walk.”

“Lao Die, where do you want to go.” Han Xue asked.

“I want to make a phone call, Xiao Er was born under an ill star, he cannot again meet mishap.” Lao Die said. 

Exiting the hospital, Ye Qian was pushed into the police car, Wang Yu and the policeman was sitting opposite to him. Ye Qian with a pondering smile, seeing Wang Yu said: “ Police Officer, we meet again.”

“Humph!, I said to you that better not violate anything in my hands, otherwise I will not let you off. Wait and see when we are inside the police station, see how I will handle you.” Wang Yu fiercely saying then glaring at Ye Qian with one eye.Recalling last night,  this rogue playing tricks on her, she was angry but did not punish him. 

Ye Qian indifferently shrugging his shoulders, not saying anything, his eyes evilly slipping  towards the chest area of Wang Yu, sweeping over them then occasionally producing a sound of “Tsk Tsk” by clicking his tongue.

Feeling Ye Qian’s meaningful glance, Wang Yu look towards him, fiercely staring at his eye, then said: “ What are you looking at? Be careful or I will dig out your eyeballs.

Ye Qian smiled, then said: “Police officer, your uniform is too small, you should change to a bigger size, look your clothes are about to explode.”

“You…..Do you have the guts to say that again!” Wang Yu angrily roared, her large eyes glaring, appearing like she wanted to grab Ye Qian then kill him. 

Ye Qian is like a damned swine that doesn’t fear being burned by boiling water, disdainfully said: “You haven’t slept with me, how do you know what I don’t have?”

TL: The joke is that guts is similar to seed in Chinese, the seed referring to Ye Qian’s semen. 

“Ye Qian, I will kill you!” Wang Yu hysterically shrieked.