Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 13

Super Soldier King Chapter 13

Yang Wei originally thought that the reason Ye Qian was so arrogant was because he had a powerful background, as a result he researched first about Ye Qian. Although the information wasn’t complete, but it was written down that Ye Qian was an orphan, who was taken in and cared for by an old garbage man. This kind of person, Yang Wei really did not believe that he had any type of background, he couldn’t help but sneer at the thought of Ye Qian. Thinking to himself, this crazy bastard, laozi will play with you. Wait and see what laozi will do to put you in order. 

Coming out of the internet place, Yang Wei called for a thin police officer to come over, he then said a few words to him. Seeing the police officer leave, Yang Wei couldn’t help but have a proud look on his face.

The thin police officer walked inside the interrogation room, bringing Ye Qian to the prison cell. “Go in!” the thin police officer shouted when they were at the doorway of the prison cell. 

Ye Qian glared at him with one eye, the police officer couldn’t help but feel intimidated and shivered, Ye Qian then entered inside. The thin police officer firmly closed the door of the cell, then towards to the other prisoners inside, he said: “ A new one, take care of him!” feeling satisfied he then walked away. 

Heavy offenders were locked up within this prison cell, for the time being they haven’t been delivered to a court for a hearing. Yang Wei naturally desired for the convicts to properly teach Ye Qian a lesson, in any case fighting between prisoners was a regular occurrence.  As long as it wasn’t a major problem, it wouldn’t even be taken care of. 

Ye Qian’s eye swept across the several fiends inside, immediately understood that someone wanted to exploit these prisoners to take revenge on him. Inside the police station, there were only two possibly guilty people for this, one is Wang Yu, the other is Yang Wei. Wang Yu’s is the type of pure fool who could not do something like this, so it could only be Yang Wei. Ye Qian grinned, secretly thought that he would remember this, Yang Wei. 

“Come here!” said one of the prisoners that appeared to be the leader of the group while glaring at Ye Qian.

Ye Qian pretending to appear afraid, flatteringly said: “ Da…. Da Ge, what is your command?”

The head of the prisoners couldn’t help but stare blankly, he originally thought that Ye Qian was a man who had an unyielding character, but didn’t expect that he was such a coward, immediately losing the mood to teach Ye Qian a lesson. However, since the police instructed them, he was somewhat selling his honor, but if he didn’t then his days would be difficult.”Kneel down!” The leader shouted. 

A man getting on his knees is golden, kneeling before the heavens kneeling before one’s parents, how can Ye Qian go down on his knee for them. Sneering at them, his foot ferociously kicked at them, immediately the leader of the prisoners was trampled upon, the food he ate at evening almost being vomited out. This happening all so suddenly, the prisoners inside the jail were all shocked, staring blankly and not even responding to the situation.

Who would have guessed that after trampling over the head of the prisoner, he would turn around then run over to the prison cell door, shaking the door rapidly, in a loud voice saying: “Save me!, Save me!, I am getting beaten up, I am getting beaten up.”

Outside the the police officer was already taken care of by Yang Wei that today no matter what happened inside the the prison cell, there was no need to take care of it. Hearing the cries for help from Ye Qian, the police officer outside acted as if he heard nothing. Continuing to read his newspaper, turning a deaf ear. Ye Qian, after he finished calling for help, turned around flashed a demonic smile. 

The prisoners inside the jail cell all now understood, it turned out this youngster was actually not chicken, rather he deliberately acted this way. Although inside the jail cell there was no lack of criminals that were murderers, underworld hired thugs, but in front of the man who was giving headaches to the upper echelons of every country. Ye Qian the head of the Wolf Fang group of mercenaries, where could there exist a power to retaliate against him, Ye Qian completely beat them up and treated them like punching bags. In a matter of moments, all these notorious criminals were lying down on the ground. These prisoners in their hearts couldn’t help but send a greeting to the ancestors of Yang Wei of 18 generations, Damn it, this difficult person unexpectedly put them in order, these people did not understand why they find someone so tyrannical.

Ye Qian walked to the bedside, trampling over the the leader of the prisoners, he said: “Do you have a cigarette?”

“I have, I have!” the leader of the prisoners enduring the pain struggled to stand up, fishing out a cigarette then respectfully handing it over, then respectfully lit Ye Qian’s cigarette.”Boss, do you have any more commands?” The head of the prisoners flatteringly asked.

 Ye Qian little by little inhaled the cigarette inside his hand, he then said: “No, it was a tiring day I want to rest. Damn, I haven’t fought for some time, a little bit of exercise already my body is sore.”

All the prisoners blushed with shame, this girl was still pretending? However there was nothing that can be done, who told him to be so strong.” Boss wants to rest, still the bed isn’t set up properly!” The leader of the prisoners shouted at the other prisoners, then flatteringly telling Ye Qia: “ Boss, you sleep here, away from the toilet where the air is better.”

TL: For the people who are wondering about the girl, the literal meaning of that line was like this girl was crazy or out of the normal logic. It’s cause it was written 13 in the text, this referring to a metaphor using a clock, in how there is only 1 to 12 dings, and 13 dings being only when it’s broken. I just said pretending, because it seem easier to explain then this girl was broken.

Seeing the prisoners bustling around, Ye Qian couldn’t but sigh, it seems no matter where it was, in this world the weak are prey to the strong, force being the easiest way to settle disputes. 

The World exposition was approaching at XX city, city hall was unusually placing importance to this event. City public security was giving orders to each district office that they must properly do their in safeguarding this event, to guarantee the world expo will smoothly be executed.  Li Hao was acting as the public security bureau chief for the Pudong new district area, at the moment he received the order,  he promptly started out on the task to arrange the task in hand. 

Whether this meeting is for the city or even Chinese nevertheless is a significant meeting, absolutely cannot even the tiniest bit carelessly make a mistake, apart from taking strong measures against pornography, drugs, and gambling, the three great evils, still must properly work as public security. Lin Hao to climb up to where he is today was not easy, recently hearing the city organization department has new operations, he hopefully can transfer to a city office to work, now he cannot even make the slightest slip-up.

For days, he did not return home, it was because to deploy each mission commanded by the leader. Today as usual it was already ten o'clock at night, inside the police station it was still bustling. At this moment, his phone suddenly rang. He originally didn’t want to answer, but he felt bothered by the incessant noise, it fundamentally making him incapable of focusing on his work.

Taking out his phone he glance at it, there was an unfamiliar number that called, Lin Hao then put it though then spoke in a poor tone: “ Hello, who is it?”

  “Great bureau chief Li, You are truly a person of high rank always busy with matters, the entire afternoon cannot even answer your phone.” directly from the sounds of the phone can be heard the tone of contempt of Lao Die. 

Hearing this voice, Lin Hao’s heart thumped then spanked, in a great rush answered: “Lao Die, it’s you. What you said, you did not deserve to be treated this way by me, I had a meeting from the afternoon, I left my phone at the office, so I couldn’t see your phone calls. I’m sorry, Lao Die, what happened for you to call me this evening?” 

“ Xiao Er was arrested by the police station, you must hurriedly think of a way.” Lao Die naturally knows Lin Hao was not this type of person who’d ignored him, a moment ago he was just furious due to Ye Qian’s arrest. Since afternoon Ye Qian was taken away to the police station, afterwards he immediately called Lin Hao on his phone, but no one answered the phone, in his heart he was extremely worried.

“What?” Li Hao shouted in astonishment.