Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 15

Super Soldier King Chapter 15

After hearing Lin Hao mention that Ye Qian was his second brother, Zeng Fa Du became immensely scared. He understood the full purpose of Lin Hao’s coming here - politely asking him to revoke the lawsuit. Lin Hao bluntly pointed out his request was in itself a warning. A strong dragon cannot repress a snake. If he were to proceed this way and tangle himself with this person, ultimately he wouldn’t have much luck with the outcome.

TL: The snake is referring to a tyrant or mafia boss, so what they mean by a dragon not being able to repress a snake. It means a gangster that is above the law.

At a first glance of Zeng Da Fu, Lin Hao felt quite indignant. After all, this man wounded his father, but in order to release Ye Qian he had no choice but to force himself to restrain his anger.

Zeng Dang Fu relied on his current predicament and counted himself lucky. So after Lin Hao said these words, he replied without hesitation.

Receiving Zeng Da Fu’s reply, Lin Hao gently laughed then gave a smile and said a few polite words after the spectacle. Soon afterwards he left the hospital, quickly driving straight to the sub bureau where Ye Qian was locked up.

First thing in the morning, Wang Yu went over to the police station. As she was entering the door, she asked: “ Where is the bastard?”. Yesterday, Ye Qian made her furious by taking advantage of her. Failing to live up to her expectations she unexpectedly burst into tears. After returning home she felt more and more bitter, so the next day she rushed to come over to avenge two-folds the suffering she received yesterday from Ye Qian.

“Inside the detention center.” The police officer on duty saw Wang Yu early in the morning filled with rage and aggression. He was extremely nervous and careful not to invite disaster for himself. Somewhere, someone had dared to provoke her outrage.

While the offer was speaking, Yan Wei came in and saw Wang Yu. Immediately he put up a proud look, and took the chance to come over. He said: “Xiao Yu, are you okay? I already helped you teach that rogue a lesson. Yesterday, he was shut in the jail cell where notorious criminals are kept at. Rejoice because today he will not come out entirely intact.”

“Who wants your help? I will resolve my own matter, I don’t need you to interfere. “ Wang Yu said while glaring at him, then coldly snorted at him while walking towards the prison cells.

His good intentions were considered as donkey sh*t, Yang Wei was scolded amidst the cloud and the heavens. Staring blankly for half a day, he then returned back to his senses. Seeing the back of Wang Yu, Yang Wei furiously said: “Chou **, why are you so proud? If it weren't for the fact that your father was the deputy secretary of the municipal committee, I wouldn’t have bothered talking to you.“ After speaking, he followed Wang Yu who walked towards to the prison cells.

TL: Chou - literally “stinky”, used here like an insult to call him repulsive.

Arriving at the jail cell, Yang Wei could not help but be alarmed. He all along believed that Ye QIan would certainly be badly battered all over his body by today. This clearly was not the result, Ye Qian unexpectedly was leisurely lying down his bed. Those ordinarily fierce prisoners were replaced with obedient kids massaging him at the side. The prison incredulously somehow started to resemble a place where one came to enjoy.

Ye Qian slightly smiled, he said: “Beautiful girl, did you miss me so much that you came early to see me? Weren’t you last night thinking of me so you had insomnia?”

“Insomnia my ass, I came to see if you haven’t died yet.” Wang Yu cursed.

“Oh dear, women’s heart are poisonous, in any case we are considered to have at least an intimate physical relationship, how can you treat me this way.” Ye Qian exclaimed appearing to be in pain.

Hearing Ye Qian speak, Yang Wei and those prisoners were for a moment stunned, their gazes couldn’t help but look towards Wang Yu. Yang Wei in his heart secretly thought, 
this chou ** pretends to be virtuous in front of laozi, but turns out to be a loose woman after all. Actually hooked up with rogue and got called “woman.”

TL: ‘Woman’ meaning she lost her “purity”
TL: Laozi - used to refer self when speaking in an arrogant way. Example: I, your father.

“What are you looking at, I will dig out your eyes.” Wang Yu shouted in a stern to the prisoners. The prisoner’s eyes casted to the site their lips curling, turning their heads back to continue to massage Ye Qian.”Ye Qian, if you’re a man, come out and duel with me!” Wang Yu said loudly.

“A duel?” Ye Qian involuntarily laughed then said, “Beautiful girl, have you lost your mind? Do you think now is the medieval ages of europe. Besides why would I want to fight you?”

“What? Are you afraid? How can you call yourself a man?” Wang Yu cursed at him.

“Whether or not I am a man, unless you and I test we cannot know. You are a family girl, for others it doesn’t matter to come to blow, but that sort of thing often doesn’t look good. You had better return home learn to paint or play piano, otherwise later on it will be hard for you to get married.” Ye Qian said with a roguish smile. Oddly, seeing Wang Yu cry and run out of the interrogation room yesterday made Ye Qian’s heart feel completely ashamed; however, seeing this girl again today, he cannot help but to quarrel with her all over again.

“Whether I marry or not is none of your concern! Anyway, I wouldn’t be marrying you!” Wang Yu said.

“Hey, if you want to get married then I’ll also want to get married, but you’re so violent we would be be fighting everyday! It would be a difficult marriage!” Ye Qian said.

At the side as Yang Wei heard their conversation he was flabbergasted. How was this a conversation between police officer and prisoner? It was clearly sweethearts flirting with one another.

“Rogue, scoundrel, you are not a man!” Wang Yu furiously scolded.

Ye Qian appeared to be undaunted, he said: “I am precisely a rogue, and I am just like a scoundrel, what’s wrong with that? Bite me!”

Wang Yu was flying into rage, towards to the side Yang Wei shouted: “I will not stay any longer, I am leaving!”

Yang Wei complexion was gloomy and cold, glaring at Wang Yu with both eyes. Then his eyes were mercilessly staring towards Ye Qian, leaving the door open as he left. In his view, the reason why Wang Yu was treating him this way was entirely owing to her relationship with Ye Qian. In his heart he felt resentment rising up against Ye Qian. At the same time, his heart he secretly cursed at Wang Yu, sooner or later she would be pressed under his body then he would ferociously ravage her.

As the door of prison opened, Wang Yu rushed to get in. Her eyes sweeping through the prisoners, Wang Yu yelled at them: “Get out!”

Ye Qian looked at Wang Yu, pretending to appear nervous, he said: “You…… What do you want from me? Don’t mess around with me, I can call out for indecent assault.” Ye Qian said while covering his chest and body, as if Wang Yu wanted to eagerly become a “Woman”.

TL: The “Woman” they are referring to here in Chinese is the one meaning a woman that has climbed the steps of adulthood. Basically one that has lost her purity.

Wang Yu snorted, then bent down and grabbed the arm of Ye Qian, firmly biting him. ”Ahh…..” Ye Qian cried out in pain, then cursed: “F*ck, are you related to dogs, you really bit me.”

Wang Yu in a proud manner said: “How was it? I bit you.”

“Forget about it, a real man doesn’t fight with women.” Ye Qian turning his head, then ignored her.

Who would have thought that Wang Yu would not give up, once again grabbing Ye Qian’s arm. ”Coming back for more? Ye Qian said, “Do this again and I might want to retaliate. “

“Come, this girl is afraid that you are unable to.” Wang Yu proudly said then tightly held the arm of Ye Qian and did not let go.

“It seems that I can’t get away without teaching you a lesson.” After Ye Qian said this, with great strength in his arms he casually pulled Wang Yu over and placed her flat on the bed.