Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 25

Super Soldier King Chapter 25

Seeing Wang Hu finally remembering him, Ye Qian slightly smiled, then said: “Hey, just call me er ge like always.”

At the time of their childhood, Wang Hu and Ye Qian lived in the same shanty town, they were both similar, from a young age they both dropped out of school. He followed a gang boss, but it wasn’t a fortunate association. Not only did that boss frequently abuse him, if he encountered trouble that boss didn’t lift a finger to help him. One time, because he was unsuccessful in stealing money, he had his whipped till he was bloody. When Ye Qian saw this he had ruthlessly berated him: “I already told you not to follow that guy, and you didn’t believe me! Now look at you! This won’t do. I’m definitely going to help you get revenge.”

At the time Wang Hu wasn’t this fierce. When he was young, he was very weak and cowardly. When he heard Ye Qian’s words he had immediately said: “Er ge, don’t. He has so many people under him. We aren’t a match for him.”

Ye Qian had smiled disdainfully and replied: “Does have his brothers with him 24/7? Don’t worry. What he owes you I will get back with interest.” What Ye Qian said, he did. After that day, Ye Qian followed Wang Hu’s boss for 24 hours, looking for an opportunity to exact revenge.

One night, Wang Hu’s boss came out of a bar after a drinking session, Ye Qian immediately charged forward and stabbed him eight times with a knife. In the end that boss survived, but from that day on he lived as a handicapped person. Besides Wang Hu, nobody else knew who had done it. After that incident, Wang Hu followed Ye Qian until Ye Qian was forced to flee as a fugitive.

“Er ge!” Wang Hu shouted, embracing Ye Qian in his arms. His entirely becoming somewhat hoarse, can’t help but for tears to come out.

Ye Qian slightly smiling, patting his shoulder then said: “You are now a Da ge, you are still crying, aren’t you afraid other people will laugh at you?”

If they want to laugh let them laugh, I do not care.” Wang Hu tightly embraced Ye Qian, you don’t need to say anything, we understand.

To the side, Ouyang Tianming couldn’t help staring blankly, he obviously did not think that Ye Qian be familiar with Wang Hu; moreover, based on their manners their feelings for each other were quite good. Ouyang Tian Ming originally wanted to use Wang Hu to settle the matter with Ye Qian, now things turned out contrary to what he wished for, and it was inevitable that in his heart he would feel discontent. However in his heart he was secretly thinking, relationships with a big brother from the underworld, and in addition his skills were this good, could it be that only being a security guard wasn’t so simple after all? It seems that he had no choice or option but to once more test Ye Qian.

Lin Rou Rou seeing Wang Hu unexpectedly this excited, couldn’t help but feel slightly envious. In this world of individual well being, to be able to have this kind of brotherly camaraderie was truly hard to come by.

“Er ge, when did you come back? Why didn’t you come find me?” Wang Hu asked as he released Ye Qian.

“I just came back a few days ago that’s all, I did not have enough time.” Ye Qian said.

“It doesn’t matter, you must stay here, you cannot leave. I will treat you. We brothers will not go home until we are drunk. “ Wang Hu said.

Ye Qian turning his head to glance at Lin Rou Rou, preparing to refuse, at this moment Lin Rou Rou opening her mouth said: “Good, may he or may he not bring someone along?”

Wang Hu stared blankly, immediately following a gentle smile then said: “Of course you can, without a doubt you can, since Ersao wants to come nothing could be better. Or else when Er ge goes home drunk he could be punished by kneeling.

Lin Rou Rou said: “How can I be that tyrannical?” across her face was a look of happiness. Ouyang Tian Ming on the side looked extremely angry.

Wang Hu turned his head to look at Ouyang Tian Ming and said: “Young Master Ouyang, I don’t care who was right or wrong in today’s matter, Ye Qian is my Er Ge, his problems are my problems. I will shoulder the medical expenses of these guys. If next time Young Master Ouyang doesn’t feel at ease, just come see me, and I will resolve the matter.”

Ouyang Tian Ming coldy snorted and said: “Wang Hu, do you think you yourself can resist?”

Wang Hu resolutely replied: “Young Master Ouyang, don’t take things too far, you are making a dog want to jump over a wall, if you really intend to escalate this situation then know that I am not afraid of you. If you walk in the night for a long time it’s always possible to meet a ghost.” Wang Hu replied in an ordinary manner, but this tone apparently carried an admonishing meaning. He was clearly saying, if Ouyang Tian Ming wanted to cause trouble, he should be careful next time, or else next time he stepped out at night he might get beaten up.

TL: Dog want to jump over a wall - you are making someone do something he wouldn’t ordinarily do without being under pressure.

“Alright, then we’re leaving to go see a doctor.” Ouyang Tian Ming snorted coldly as he stood up. From the beginning to the end he hadn’t lifted a hand; he wasn’t that type of impulsive person, instead he was among those treacherous characters. For him this incident made him lose a lot of face. I cannot get back my face, how could Ouyang Tian Ming still mingle in Shanghai. How can he maintain his position as one of Shanghai’s Four Young Masters.

He took a few steps toward Ye Qian, Ouyang Tian Ming’s expression slightly changed, he leaned into Ye Qian’s ear and said in a soft voice: “No woman I’ve liked has ever escaped from me, I’m going to make you beg me to take your girlfriend. Mark my words.”

Ye Qian smiled slightly and replied: “You should greet your mother first when you get home. Or else when the times comes for you to beg me to take her and she isn’t prepared and is like a dead fish, that won’t be very interesting.”

Ouyang Tian Ming’s face turned ashen with fear, as if a dark storm cloud had appeared on it. “Heng!” He coldly snorted, then Ouyang Tian Ming left the bar. The henchmen struggled up and followed after him.

When Ouyang Tian Ming and the others had left, Wang Hu affectionately pulled Ye Qian down to a seat and said: “Er ge, where did you run off to all these years? You don’t know how much I’ve missed you. Don’t you remember how we were when were kids? Whenever you peaked on Widow Wang taking a bath I kept watch for you. In those days I thought us brothers would be together forever and it would be great. Now that you’re back, us brothers can fight side by side again.”

This Wang Hu spoke very bluntly, he didn’t even consider the situation, making Ye Qian feel awkward. He forced a laugh and looked at Lin Rou Rou and explained: “I was a mischievous kid, was just curious!”

Lin Rou Rou glared at him ruthlessly and replied: “Oh, I wouldn’t have guessed.” She wasn’t angry, what boy wasn’t a mischievous in their youth and wasn’t curious about the opposite sex. Anyway, those things had happened in the past.

When he heard this exchange, Wang Hu realized that he had said the wrong thing and forced a laugh and said: “Hero among women, so broad minded and does not mind the small things, don’t mind this, er ge should relax.”

Hero among women, Lin Rou Rou dared not accept this flattery. But this brown-nose Wang Hu had made her feel at ease, especially calling her “er sao”, it was very sweet to hear.