Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 26

Super Soldier King Chapter 26

“Er ge, you’re back, that’s all that matters. These brothers will be your new followers. With one word from Er ge, we will follow you even to hell.” Wang Hu sincerely said. After he said this, he swept his eyes over the little brothers behind him, and roared: “What are you staring at? Why are you still not greeting erge.”

“Er ge!” The little brothers called out in unison.

Ye Qian lightly nodded his head and replied, “Huzi, now that I’m back I only wish to find a job and live a peaceful life. I don’t want Laodie to worry.”

Ye Qian had not finished speaking, when Wang Hu anxiously said: “Er ge…”

His words had just escaped his mouth when Ye Qian waved his hand to stop him. Ye Qian replied: “There’s nothing you can say. I’ve already decided this for myself. Besides, us brothers should be not act so unfamiliar with each other. Whether or not I come out bearing my banners it’s still the same, if you encounter any trouble of course I will come to help you.”

Wang Hu saw that Ye Qian had already decided in his heart, and no longer forced the issue. He knew that what Ye Qian said wasn’t fake, if he really did encounter trouble Ye Qian would certainly come to help. He would do the same. If Ye Qian encountered any inconvenience, he would absolutely not even wrinkle his brows but instead come out to help. “Er ge, us brothers haven’t seen each other in eight years. We must drink tonight and there should be no going home till we’re all drunk.”

Ye Qian smiled slightly and said, “No going home till we’re all drunk.”

Ye Qian left with Lin Rou Rou at midnight. Indeed, Wang Hu had drank too much. He had already passed out on the table snoring earlier on. Ye Qian also drank a lot, but he did not get drunk. This Lin Rou Rou also drank a lot, as Ye Qian was taking her home, she continued to talk nonsense.

After he dropped Lin Rou Rou off, Ye Qian started the car and left. Li Dong that night had planned to give Ye Qian the money. But Wang Hu and Ye Qian had chatted so happily, he didn’t want to disturb them. He was just a bully after all, he wasn’t a criminal of the underworld. At most he was just barely in the gray area of right and wrong. In this area, Wang Hu’s influence wasn’t great, but he could still not compare to him. Li Dong also couldn’t help but secretly think over how to get on Ye Qian’s good side, allowing himself to next time follow Wang Hu. But would Ye Qian actually help him with this?

Lin Rou Rou’s house was an apartment she shared with a pair of sisters. It had two rooms and one living room. After Ye Qian had dropped her off and left, her housemates smiled dubiously and gathered around her and said; “Rou Rou, is that your boyfriend? So handsome.”

Lin Rou Rou had too much to drink, she spaced out and couldn’t reply. She only looked at Ye Qian’s retreating back getting into the car. A pleased smile spread across her face.

Ye Qian was not pretending to be noble or virtuous. He did not wish to mix with the criminal world. He understood clearly that, in China, the criminal world was much harder compared to other countries. Let alone, he had just returned to his country, he did not understand well the current situation in Shanghai. It could be said that it was all unfamiliar to him. So he did not want to hastily do anything.

Just before leaving the bar, Wang Hu had taken Ye Qian aside and told him that he should be very careful of Ouyang Tian Ming. This person’s influence was very big. His future actions must be done cautiously. Concerning this was a son of an official, Ye Qian did not attach any importance to him. If he decided to deal with him himself, it would be a simple thing. Regardless of whether he had to pass through the high society of China, or through diplomatic ways or use the Wolf Fang mercenaries\' years of established information and business connections to exert pressure in China, or directly deal with him, these were all trivial things to do. But Ye Qian didn’t want the high society of China to know that he had returned. He also didn’t want those violent members of Wolf Fang to know, otherwise they would all come to China like a swarm of bees and give him a headache.

Ye Qian got out of bed a little of 6AM the next morning. After he jogged and returned it was already 7AM. This was his habit for many years now. As the leader of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, not only was he the core and foundation of the group, he was also its soul. His physical condition had to be unparalleled. In this way we would be able to face the challenge of any environment.

For breakfast he had a simple meal of buns. Ye Qian then took the bus to the Tian Ya Conglomerate . Today was his first day of work, Ye Qian could not be late. Of course he couldn’t take a car because other people might call him out for acting like a tough guy - driving a car why should he be a fucking security guard ah.

Tian Ya Conglomerate’s security work was not burdensome. Everyday besides patrolling the company’s building in a designated area, there was nothing else to do. In addition, Tian Ya Conglomerate is a big corporation in Shang Hai there was nobody who dared to cause trouble here. So on the whole, this security guard job was very lax.

Tian Ya Conglomerate security guard work was not much, but the benefits that came with it was not bad. It covered the Five Insurances and Three Funds and two meals a day. If he did well he could become a manager, then that would be great. All things considered, this job did have future prospects and a career path.

In total there were about ten people in the security department but some of them were only on night duty so Ye Qian had never seen them. After Captain Zheng Xin, the man who had interviewed Ye Qian, had finished taking him into the department to officially register, he lead him to get a security guard uniform and matching weapons - Standard 511 special force uniform. Once he had them on he didn’t look half bad. As he wore that uniform, Ye Qian had a momentary illusion, it was as though he were still in Africa leading his Wolf Fang mercenaries.

After Ye Qian was introduced to a colleague, Zheng Xin simply told him his duties and responsibilities as a security guard, instructed him that if there was something he didn’t understand he could ask him or his other colleagues. Then he left in a high and mighty manner. Ye Qian did not have any particular reaction to Zhen Xin’s attitude. At the most, if he did not like him then he would just have less dealings with him.

When he saw that Zheng Xin had left, a security guard angrily said: “What? You pretend to be all superior when all you know how to do is butter up to people.”

Ye Qian smiled lightly, when they were just introduced Ye Qian already knew that this Mo Chun Hua, a short guy who looked like a young Ma Jing Tao. “It seems that you really hate Captain Zhen Xin.” Ye Qian said.

“You ask so casually, which security guard here doesn’t hate him. He’s always so tyrannical, brown-noses the leader, if there’s any danger he goes to hide at the back, if there’s something to profit from he would squeeze his head to the front. If it weren’t so hard to find a job, I would really want to beat that guy up.” Mo Chun replied angrily. The other security guards expressed their agreement, except for one young guy about 27-28 years of age who quietly sat without saying a word.