Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 31

Super Soldier King Chapter 31

Super Soldier King Chapter 31: Also Wolf Fang

Zhao Tie Zhu laughed as he replied: “In our village, everybody practices martial arts. This Kung Fu has been passed down in my family for generations now. When my pop was a young man he was the Wushu squadron’s captain in our province. However, he received some injury and retired early. My pop started teaching me martial arts when I was small, so I know some tricks.”

“Tie Zhu? Are you fooling me? You’re calling your Kung Fu mere tricks? It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care, if you have time, you must teach me.” Wan Chun Hua replied.

“My pop said not to teach Kung Fu to outsiders haha. If you really want to learn something, then as Fu da ge or Ye da ge. Their Kung Fu is heaps better.” Zhao Tie Zhu replied while chuckling.

Wan Chun Hua gaze went towards Fu Jun Sheng and Ye Qian in surprise. He didn’t expect them to be secret martial arts experts as well. “Hehe, Fuda ge, Ye da ge, please think about it. While I’m not gifted at martial arts, I guarantee that I will promote and carry your Kung Fu forward.” Wan Chun Hua looked at Ye Qian and Fu Jun Sheng with a face full of expectation.

“My kung fu won’t suit you!” Ye Qian smiled slightly. Indeed, Ye Qian’s kung fu was a deadly kung fu, fast, accurate, and fierce. While his technique would come up from time to time in sparring sessions with the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, most of the time he used it against enemies in battles to the death.

“You’re already quite strong, you have not much more to learn.” Fu Jun Sheng replied. “But if you really want to, I guess I can teach you. But you must promise me that that you won’t use the kung fu I teach you to bully others.”

When Wan Chun Hua heard that Ye Qian would not teach him his face had fallen in disappointment. But when Fu Jun Sheng agreed to help him he suddenly lit up and said repeatedly: “I won’t! I won’t! Do I look like that type of person to you? I promise, as long as people don’t provoke me, I won’t bully and abuse them.”

Fu Jun Sheng nodded and spoke no further. He had been working withWan Chun Hua for quite some time now. Even though they didn’t hang out very often, he still understood his character pretty well. Wan Chun Huawas wild and impulsive, he had the loyalty of a son of Jianghu ( . Towards his brothers and friends he was very reliable.

Wan Chun Hua laughed in a carefree manner: “Fu Jun Sheng da ge is still the best! Tonight will be my treat! Everybody just eat more! Don’t worry about it! You have a gangster’s yiqi, to friends and brothers - you can’t say anything wrong.”

“Really?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked in a shocked and pleased manner.

“Of course, when did I ever go back on my word,” Wan Chun Hua replied.


“Hehe, boss! Twenty goat bones, ten chicken drumsticks, forty chives, and also some squid and oysters!” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed mischievously as he ordered.

“Kao! Tie Zhu, why are you ripping me off?” Whan Chun Hua was shocked, “Can you really eat that much?”

“Us too right? Boss, also bring some tofu and eggplant” Ye Qian laughed as he ordered. “You don’t treat so often, so we should all eat up!”

Wan Chun Hua smiled helplessly, said: “Fine, fine, whatever. Curse you all.”

The four people only finished eating past 10PM. When the time came to pay the bill, it was still Ye Qian that paid. It wasn’t because Wan Chun Huawas unwilling, but it was because Ye Qian felt that he was the one who said he would pay for it at the beginning so he couldn’t go back on his word. Moreover, looking at Wan Chun Hua’s appearance, his circumstances must not be very good. Even though this barbecue meal was not expensive and did not exceed 200 dollars, it was already sufficient for half a month of expenses in Wan Chun Hua’s village.

To Ye Qian’s surprise, his house was only one street away from Fu Jun Sheng’s, and when they went home it was just on the way. Ye Qian had planned on getting a taxi home, but then in the end he decided to walk home so he could chat up with Fu Jun Sheng along the way. Ye Qian felt that Fu Jun Sheng must have been a formidable person in the army. One only needed to look at his face that was ruthless like a wolf or a tiger’s and with a sharp murderous aura. Even though he had been beaten back by the throes of life into his current sorry state, he still bore that fierce look within him.

“Brother, what army division were you in?” On their way home, Ye Qianasked.

Fu Jung Sheng’s expression changed slightly, and he said a little sadly; “Those things are of the past. Best not to talk about it.”

Ye Qian smiled slightly, he was not surprised at this type of reply. One could tell from Fu Jun Sheng’s expression that something unpleasant must have happened while he was in the army. “There are some things you want to forget but can’t forget, so you bury it deep in your memory. I happened to see the tattoo on your arm. If I guessed correctly, you were part of China’s Wolf Fang Special Forces, right?” Ye Qian said.

Ye Qian knew about China’s Special Wolf Fang Brigade. This was because the Wolf Fang Mercenaries were founded by China’s Special Wolf Fang Brigade’s veteran. It was because the veteran carried sentimental feelings for the Wolf Fang Special Forces that he named the mercenary group Wolf Fang. So whenever China had some particular difficult mission that needed doing, the Wolf Fang Mercenaries took it upon themselves as their duty to help. All of those who were in the mercenary group never actually had any activity in China. China’s Wolf Fang Special Forces was shrouded in mystery to the outside world and even to the other divisions of the army. Even when soldiers from other divisions of the army retired, they would not divulge any information on it. Even the founder of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries abided by this secrecy. But when he saw Ye Qian’s special talents he took him aside and told him of his own origins. He told Ye Qianthat he must never let his country down, never forget his country, that even though they were in a foreign land they must have a clear conscience.

Fu Jun Sheng stared at him blankly, clearly extremely surprised that Ye Qian knew. He cast his eyes far away and had a gloomy look on his face, as though he were recalling something. In the end he did not speak, but it was the same thing as confirming Ye Qian’s question.

“Why were you discharged?” Ye Qian asked. Even though Ye Qian knew this might be the memory Fu Jun Sheng did not wish to remember, if some things were kept inside the heart forever, the pressure would be unbearable. The Wolf Fang Special Forces rarely discharged their members, so Fu Jun Sheng’s discharge must have a remarkable story. Perhaps this story weighed heavily in Fu Jun Sheng’s mind and Ye Qianwanted to help him get rid of this anxiety. Even though he might be unsuccessful, Ye Qian wanted to try.

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