Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 38

Super Soldier King Chapter 38

Zhao Tian Hao had many connections. Even though he had no shares in the XX foreign languages institute, one word from him, and it was immediately possible to let a new student enroll. The headmaster could not refuse to give him face. So while they were still on their way to the institute, Hu Ge only had to speak a few words to get the headmaster to agree immediately.

After Ye Qian asked for the location of the dean’s office, he immediately went towards it. Even before he reaching the door, Ye Qian could heard distant heng heng ha ha sounds. Even though Ye Qian didn’t frequent brothels, he wasn’t a newbie, so he could easily guess what was happening. A school was a sacred place, why were these dirty things happening here. Ye Qian was a little shocked.

Ye Qian paused then knocked at the door.

In reply, he heard the rustling sounds of clothes being put back on. Then the voice of a man with an impatient tone said, “Enter!”. An unpleasant thought occurred to Ye Qian. Could it be that when he knocked on the door it scared him into wilting? If from now on, he wouldn’t be able to get it up, then Ye Qian would really feel like he was in the wrong.

After he pushed the door open and entered, he saw a man around 50 years old sitting behind a desk. He looked at Ye Qian with a little anger, clearly blaming him for the interruption. Beside him stood a young girl, around 30 years old. When she saw Ye Qian enter, she was not the least bit shy, on the contrary a foxy smile was on her face. Ye Qian couldn’t help but shudder. This woman wasn’t particularly pretty, but those sly eyes were very seductive. Looking at her appearance, afraid that the body would already be used up*.

TL: This was ** in the raw so we just guessed “used up”

What kind of person was Ye Qian? His skin was thicker than the walls of Shanxi. He wasn’t afraid of the woman’s seduction. Grinning mischievously, Ye Qian turned to the dean who strongly resembled a toad, and said, “You are the dean, correct? I’m the new transferee, my name isYe Qian. I hope I didn’t disturb you.”

Ye Qian’s words were polite, but the toad could hear, this xiaozi’s tone was mildly reproachful, as though he were mocking and rebuking him. Although his reputation in the school was not particularly good, he still had to maintain the dignity of an educator. After he heard Ye Qian’s words, the toad said, “Student Ye, don’t misunderstand, just now I and Teacher Pan were discussing some things.”

“Understood, understood! I didn’t hear anything!” Ye Qian replied with a smile.


The toad nodded slightly. He was thinking that this xiaozi was quite the bully, but right now the xiaozi had information that could be used against him. The words that came out of his mouth had to be good or else thisxiaozi might retaliate. Not only would his own position be in jeopardy, if even Pan Lian’s husband ever found out, his life might also be in jeopardy. “The headmaster already explained everything to me. Go to room number 3 of the French class. Later I will give the teacher in charge a call to bring you in. If you have anything you need help with later on, don’t hesitate to come see me. Teachers must help students.” The toad said pompously.

Ye Qian knew that this old xiaozi was bribing him but he didn’t plan on exposing him anyway. After all, he had to try to mingle in the school for now. Having the dean’s support was a good thing. “Thank you. Dean is a model example of an educator. Us students can rest easy in your hands; it’s an honor.” Ye Qian smiled mischievously as he spoke ingratiatingly.

The toad seemed to enjoy Ye Qian’s flattery, but he still replied in his pompous manner, “As long as you study well, rendering service to the motherland, you won’t be turning back on the labors of the educators.”

“Quite so, quite so. I will really follow your example and study well.” Ye Qian replied but inside he was thinking: how could you meddle with the school’s teachers and students.

The toad nodded, not wanting to continue the exchange with Ye Qian. When he had been scared by Ye Qian earlier, he was scared into softness and quietness. But now he saw that Ye Qian was being tactful so his urges were returning. He couldn’t wait for Ye Qian to leave so he could continue launch his own gun, mounting Pan Lian. He took the phone and spoke a few words to Ye Qian’s teacher. Not long after, a knock could be heard from the door.

When Ye Qian saw the person that entered, he was surprised. He really felt that this Foreign Languages Institute certainly did not skimp, unexpectedly handing him over to such a stunningly beautiful woman. This woman was not that old - couldn’t be older than 30. She wore a professional suit, and her hair was neatly tied up behind her head. She wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and had a very lady-like aroma covering her. When he saw that this was going to be his teacher, he thought that didn’t it mean he would have more dealings with her in the future? This was a good thing. His future classes might not be so boring as he thought after all. With this in mind, the corners of Ye Qian’s lips curled into a small smile.

“Director Huang!” The girl politely greeted the toad.

The toad nodded and said, “This student is a new transferee. He’ll be enrolling in Teacher Qin Yue’s class. Do you have any questions?”

When she heard the toad’s words, Qin Yue’s eyes couldn’t help but turn towards Ye Qian. She only saw the latter staring at her with a foolishly vacant expression on his face. Even worse, saliva seemed to be dripping from the corner of his mouth. Qin Wei knitted her brows, a feeling of disgust towards Ye Qian welling up inside her. She wanted to refuse the toad, Huang Se Lang, and his arrangement. However, he was the dean, and she could not refuse. After glaring at Ye Qian, Qin Yue said coldly, “Class is about to begin. Follow me!”

“Director, I will take my leave. Please proceed.” Ye Qian smiled at the toad Huang Se Lang, his meaning very apparent.

How could the toad Huang Se Lang not know the meaning behind Ye Qian’s smile. He nodded and said, “If you have any problems in the future just come see me.”

Seeing that Ye Qian and the toad Huang Se Lang were getting along so well, Ye Qian’s butt-kissing words made Qin Yue very uncomfortable. Who didn’t know the type of person the toad Huan Se Lang really was. Who knew how many female students and teachers had been ruined by him - and Ye Qian seemed to be sucking up to him! Qin Yue immediately classified him as one of Huang Se Lang’s kind.

After leaving the dean’s office, Ye Qian followed Qin Yue from behind. He watched her swaying buttocks as she walked, and couldn’t help but click his tongue in appreciation, muttering to himself, “Round and perky, the best of the best quality!”