Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 41

Super Soldier King Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Lika a married couple

It was lucky for Ye Qian that back when he was in the toad Director Huang’s room, he had seen the student records and Zhao Ya’s was at the topmost. He already knew from the start that this yatou was Zhao Ya, butYe Qian felt that Zhao Ya had caused him a lot of grief earlier so he had better tease her a bit to make it fair. Who told her to make him think that she was a dinosaur when she was in fact very pretty anyway.

“What?” When Zhao Ya cried in alarm when she heard Ye Qian’s words. She once more looked Ye Qian from top to bottom as though looking at a fearsome celestial being. Were her father’s eyes really so bad? Every year the young, talented and rich young men would go to their house, there would be just too many to count, and Zhao Tian Hao would reject all of them. And now he engaged her to this country bumpkin, it was very unusual of him to do so. Zhao Ya felt that she must quickly go home to her father and get a clear explanation from him. It must be a joke, he wouldn’t let his own daughter be engaged to this type of person. She looked at Ye Qian, he couldn’t be taken to the kitchen and couldn’t be taken into the dining hall. How could she take him to meet with other people. If her friends found out then wouldn’t they make fun of her?

TL: Couldn’t be take to kitchen and dining is usually used at women that husbands can’t be proud of, but this is flipped in this scenario - possibly to stress the dominant mindset of Zhao Ya

In that moment Zhao Ya couldn’t restrain herself and exclaimed loudly, making the whole class turn their eyes back towards them. Zhao Ya was the school’s top beauty queen, and there were many boys who constantly paid attention to her, so the reaction upon hearing her voice was huge. Several looks of hostility shot towards Ye Qian, they were thinking that this brute must have done something immoral to cause her to exclaim. Really, it was true the saying that growing old does not make one mature. This old cow was trying to eat young grass (older man starting a relationship with a younger woman), the male students immediately got up with the intention of giving Ye Qian a beating.

Qin Yue was also getting increasingly furious. Her first impression of Ye Qian was already bad, but now he was even causing trouble on his first day of class. First he was had yelled without reason, now it was Zhao Yathat was yelling without reason. Wasn’t this a blatant disrespect of her authority? She glared at Ye Qian hatefully and roared at him, “Ye Qian, please maintain order in the classroom! If you wish to continue to not pay attention to the lesson and keep on doing your bad habits, then please leave the room.” Qin Yue hadn’t been a teacher for very long. She began teaching right after finishing her graduate studies, but in her two years here, she had never encountered a student like Ye Qian before. She was ordinarily very gentle with her students. Sometimes some male student would do something unpleasant, but she still would not get angry. She didn’t know why today she had such a huge reaction. Qin Yue couldn’t understand it herself, and the only explanation was that Ye Qian was such a big bastard.

Ye Qian looked at Qin Yue innocently, then smiled and said, “But it wasn’t me. I’m wrongly accused. This is a great injustice! What does her big yell have anything to do with me?”

“If not you then who? Are you saying she is insane and she yelled for no reason?” Qin Yue angrily spat, completely forgetting to maintain her dignity as a teacher.

Ye Qian stared at Qin Yue with a foolish expression, he replied through gritted teeth, “Alright, it was my fault. I’m a brute, I’m worst than a brute, is that what you want to hear?”


Qin Yue did not expect Ye Qian to dare talk back, and talk back in such an aggressive manner too. To be talked back to with the dirty mouth of a gangster made her whole body shudder in anger. Then she remembered that she was currently holding a class, and she could not stoop below her status as a teacher and argue with this gangster. Qin Yue replied through gritted teeth, “Ye Qian, go to my office after class. I wish to talk things over with you.”

Ye Qian stared vacantly and then laughed, “Sure, sure, I’ll go. I always really wished to talk things over with you.” Ye Qian had emphasised “talk things over”, adding an air of mystery to those words.

Qin Yue glared fiercely at Ye Qian, she did not wish to be tangled up with this gangster. She turned her head away and continued the lecture.

As Qin Yue was turning away, Zhao Ya turned towards Ye Qian to glare at him and asked in low volume, “Ye Qian, tell me the truth, just what are you really up to?”

Ye Qian put on a fake look of surprise and asked back, “I really can’t understand you. What was the point of getting all riled up. Right now don’t we believe in a person’s freedom to love and freedom to choose whom to marry. Even though Zhao Ya’s father betrothed his daughter to me, I want us to have a fair competition to win her over. Don’t worry, I won’t put her father’s command over your head. Besides, I still don’t know what your girl looks like. If she really is a breed out of the Jurassic variety, then I’ll just leave her to you.”

“You’re the breed of the Jurassic variety! What do you think I am? You think you can get me just because you say you can? Do you take me for some sort of object?” Zhao Ya angrily said.

Ye Qian pretended to look at a loss, “I didn’t say you, I was talking aboutZhao Ya.”

“I’m Zhao Ya.” Zhao Ya was confused herself. She clearly hated this scoundrel, but when she heard him say that he would willingly hand her over to some other person, it felt very unpleasant.

“Eh? You’re Zhao Ya?” Ye Qian faked a look of surprise and gaped at her, “You’re kidding. You’re so pretty, how can you be Zhao Ya? Stop joking.”

“Who’s kidding. I really am Zhao Ya. If you don’t believe me then you can just call my father!” Zhao Ya replied.

Ye Qian grinned mischievously, his eyes narrowing as he studied the yatoucarefully. Zhao Ya felt extremely uneasy at his lecherous gaze and suddenly felt a fear rising up, and she asked, “What… what are you doing? I’m telling you, don’t mess with me. I’m a sixth dan Taekwondo practitioner.”

Ye Qian clucked his tongue and smacked his lips and replied, “I didn’t expect you to be this pretty. Your body is big where it’s supposed to be big and small where it’s supposed to be small. If I had known earlier, I would have already discussed with your father about marrying you immediately and taking you home.”

When she hear Ye Qian say she was beautiful she felt a little pleased with herself. What woman didn’t like to hear herself being called pretty? EvenZhao Ya who was really such a pretty girl was not an exception. Then Zhao Ya remembered that this brute in front of her was the fiancee her father had decided for her and she suddenly felt uneasy. She glared at Ye Qianhatefully and said, “Don’t think that I’m going to let myself marry you! Go out and look for somebody else who will!”

Ye Qian smiled mischievously, “Ya’er, look carefully. Don’t you feel like we’re already talking like a married couple?” Ye Qian replied as his face took on an extremely earnest expression.

Translated by: korezmi
Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons