Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 57

Super Soldier King Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Kidnapping


Ye Qian swept his eyes over Yang Wei and the officer on duty who were lying on the ground, then smiled. The prisoners in the cell looked at Ye Qian in astonishment, each one of them couldn't help holding up their thumbs in approval, blurting, “Grandpa, you’re really awesome. Even the police can’t match you.”

Ye Qian shrugged indifferently and said, “Do you guys want to leave or not? I’m leaving either way.”

Those prisoners were silent for a moment, then one of them said, “Grandpa, you go. Our crimes aren’t that heavy, if we stay for a few years we’ll be let out eventually. If we escape from prison we could be worse off.”

Ye Qian smiled indifferently. He understood the feelings of these big shots from Jianghu quite well.  They used to be living the life but now they were in the detention facility, just waiting for their hearings in court. They would almostly certainly end up behind bars after their trials. They were no longer newly minted hooligans. They now understood well that the younger generation will replace the older generation, unlike those small hooligans, they no longer thought that coming out of prison would make you a gang boss. The younger generation did not have a sense of gratitude and honour to the older generation. They were no longer masters of their own world. If they were to leave the prison there wouldn’t be many people outside who would help them willingly. Their former subordinates would be the very people who would want them dead. So it would be best to wait for their trial, serve their sentence and await release, then quietly live out the remainder of their lives.

After leaving the prison, Ye Qian made a phone call to Li Wei. This fellow was currently taking a nap behind a tree outside Zhao Ya’s villa. Once he received the call from Ye Qian, he instantly sobered up. Being a bodyguard was not for everybody. Li We would much rather set up an ambush in the jungle to deal with the enemy, he did not like holing himself up here to wait for the opponent to appear.

“You’ve been following me for so long, you must know the girl Xu Ya Ying right? I want to see her!” Ye Qian said.

Lei Wei’s interest was immediately piqued. He laughed mischievously and said, “No problem. Wait for my call.” As long as he could leave that place, even if he were asked to go into the National Security Bureau to kill the NSB chairman, he would do so without hesitation.

A few moments after Ye Qian left, Yang Wei and the officer on duty woke up. They saw that Ye Qian was gone, as expected, and couldn’t help but smile. Yang Wei turned to the remaining prisoners and said fiercely, “It’s best if you pretend you didn’t see anything tonight. Don’t speak of it. When your sentencing comes, this will be taken into account to lighten it, but if you don’t heed my words… you know what the consequences will be.”

These people used to be at the top of the world, they’ve never been spoken to this way. If a tiger descended into the plains it could also be bullied by the dog. Now they were lodged under somebody else’s roof, and had to give them face. Even if there was indignation in their hearts they could only swallow it down.

After locking the cell door, Yang Wei and the officer on duty left the detention center. “Everything is going according to plan. Murder suspect and now escapee. Even if he were originally innocent it would be hard for him to wash all this away,” The officer on duty said complacently.

Yang Wei smiled disdainfully and said, “The boss doesn’t want him to get a sentence, he wants his life. Tomorrow morning, all the police officers in the city will search for him, and once he’s found they will shoot him on the spot. Hmph, even if he had wings he’d have trouble escaping.”

After leaving the detention center, Yang Wei made a phone call and relayed the events that just happened in detail. What he didn’t know was that Ye Qian had not yet left the police station, but was hiding in a corner, listening in on the phone call. After hearing all of their plans, Ye Qian’s lips curved into a toothy grin. Ye Qian wasn’t the type of person who’d let himself get trampled on. Right now he was very interested in finding out how the current situation would develop.

Ye Qian stealthily left the police station and gave Li Wei a call. After clearly describing his position he hung up the phone.

Ye Qian was very confident in Li Wei’s abilities. Still, he was quite surprised that Li Wei had found Xu Ya Ying’s whereabouts so fast. Ye Qian ran to the address that Li Wei gave him. It was now the middle of the night, nobody was in the streets and the cars were very few. The entire world was shrouded in darkness. It was the moment before dawn when the night was the darkest. After this moment passed, the sun would break through and illuminate the earth.

Ye Qian arrived at an old abandoned factory on the outskirts of the Pudong district. The government’s city renovation plans had not yet started so this place was still deserted. He stepped into the second floor of the abandoned factory and found Xu Ya Ying in the corner with her hands bound. Li Wei was sitting on the floor, nibbling at a piece of watermelon, there were even empty watermelon rinds beside him.

Li Wei welcomed Ye Qian with a smile when he saw him enter, saying, “I did not expect China to be this hot, boss. Would you like a piece?” Li Wei was a Chinese immigrant in M Country and grew up there. He did not know much about China.

Ye Qian looked at him helplessly and accepted the watermelon, promptly gnawing at it. He did not even look at Xu Ya Ying, it was as if she wasn’t there. Xu Ya Ying looked at the both of them nervously as she thought of ways to escape. She had been taking a bath in her house when Li Wei charged at her. Her struggles and screams were futile, she was knocked out and the next thing she knew she found herself already tied up at this place. Originally, she had no idea why Li Wei would kidnap her, but after seeing Ye Qian, everything became clear. Fear rose up in her heart but Ye Qian, since he had entered this place, had yet to acknowledge her.  He unexpectedly joined the kidnapper in eating watermelons with no manners.

Ye Qian shot Xu Ya Ying a glance and saw that her body was wrapped in a towel. Because she was crouching on the floor, that mysterious region was faintly discernible. “You xiaozi, did you dare do something immoral?” he asked.

Li Wei looked Xu Ya Ying over and turned back to him, chuckling mischievously, “When I got there she was in the middle of taking a bath. This little lady is quite bold, so I had no choice but to knock her out to bring her over.”

“And you didn’t take the opportunity to eat tofu?” Ye Qian asked.

[Note: “eat tofu” is colloq for touching the boobs, maybe other parts too]

“No way, what kind of person do you think I am? This little lady has no chest, no ass and no face. What would I eat her tofu for?” Li Wei looked as if he was saying something very reasonable, but Ye Qian understood his character well and did not believe him. If Li Wei did not take a little advantage of a naked girl in front of him then that would be strange. Ye Qian could clearly remember Li Wei’s old words, “As long as it is a woman, even if she is a precious animal from Jurassic Park, there is still a place for a man to take advantage of.”