Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 66

Super Soldier King Chapter 66

Li Hao stared at him blankly said, “Erge, can you tell me if you really did break out of prison last night?” In reality, Li Hao already had his doubts in the precinct. Yang Wei and Sun Ji Sheng had no reason to lie. What good did it do them to say that Ye Qian escaped when he didn’t? The only explanation was that Ye Qian really did leave, but now he wish to knew why he came back.

Ye Qian laughed and said, “If I didn’t leave, how could I find out who was framing me? How else would I be able to strike back?”

“You know who it is?” Li Hao asked with a hint of admiration.

“Yup!” Ye Qian nodded. “It’s Deputy Secretary Ouyang Cheng. But his good days are numbered anyway.”

“So it’s him.” Li Hao said. “Erge, can you tell me why Ouyang Cheng wanted to get rid of you? Is there anything between you…” What Li Hao wanted to ask was if they had any sort of business deals, but he swallowed his words before they left his lips. Even though Ye Qian had stabbed that gang boss for him back then, he couldn’t believe that Ye Qian would do anything illegal, he couldn’t imagine Ye Qian colluding with Ouyang Cheng.

“Were you going to ask if I and Ouyang Cheng had any secret dealings that people couldn’t find out?” Ye Qian laughed. “I just got back and have only been around for a few days, how could I have any sort of relationship withOuyang Cheng. He’s framing me all for his son, Ouyang Tian Ming.”

“Ouyang Tian Ming? You two have some sort of a dispute?” Li Hao asked.

Ye Qian nodded and told him of the events that happened in the Bewitched Bar, then told him what Xu Ya Ying told him. Li Hao became elated after hearing everything and said excitedly, “Erge, if everything you said is true, then not only will Ouyang Cheng be subjected to shuanggui, he’ll also be put on the bench. I’m going to send people to bring Xu Ya Ying to the precinct, with her as a witness, you’ll be able to come out safe and sound.”

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said, “I didn’t say this during the interrogation in the sub-bureau, but I do actually have a witness already. I was with somebody on the night of the murder, and he proves that I wasn’t the murderer.”

“Who is it?” Li Hao asked.

“Well I don’t know who he is exactly. I only know that his name is Zhao Tian Hao.” Ye Qian replied.

“Zhao Tian Hao?” Li Hao said in amazement. “Are you talking about the chairman of the board of Tian Ya Conglomerate, THE Zhao Tian Hao?”

“What? He’s the chairman of the board of Tian Ya Conglomerate?” Ye Qianhad a vacant look on his face. He didn’t expect that he would be his own boss, he suprisingly really had no clue.

“You just got here so you can’t possibly know. In Shanghai, Zhao Tian Hao’s Tian Ya Conglomerate is ranked among the top three. In Shanghai, his very word can call the wind and summon rain. Even the municipal committee secretary has to be respectful to him.” Li Hao replied.

Ye Qian’s lips twitched, he was so awesome, but he was almost killed anyway. However, Ye Qian knew that what Li Hao was saying wasn’t false. If one walked the night for a long time one would eventually encounter ghosts. Such an awesome person would most likely have fearsome enemies right?

“Erge, why didn’t you say so earlier? You made me so worried. With Zhao Tian Hao as witness, Ouyang Cheng wouldn’t be able to touch you.” Li Hao said excitedly.

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and replied, “If I didn’t do this how could I have gotten Ouyang Cheng’s handle? Was Deputy Secretary Wang pleased with my gift?”

Li Hao stared at him blankly then said with great astonishment, “Erge, those files with proof against Ouyang Cheng’s crimes was left by you?”

Even though he didn’t deliver it personally it was more or less the same. Ye Qian nodded and said, “Sandi, since you’re close with Deputy Secretary Wang, can you arrange a meeting for us?”

“No problem, even if you didn’t ask, I’m sure Deputy Secretary Wang wants to talk to you.” Li Hao replied. After a short pause, Li Hao couldn’t help asking, “Erge, I’m finding that I am understanding you less and less. Where were you these past eight years?”

Ye Qian smiled and replied, “As long as you remember that I am your big bro and that I’ll never harm you, then that’s enough.”

Li Hao nodded and didn’t ask any more. He pledged inwardly that he would never ask again. They were brothers in this life, very important attention must be paid to the word “trust”. No matter what Ye Qian did in those eight years, Li Hao believed that Ye Qian was his brother forever, and would never ever harm him.

When they arrived at Li Hao’s public security office, it was as if Ye Qianarrived in his own home. He wasn’t interrogated nor was he detained in any prison cell. If people didn’t know him they would think that he was a police officer just dressed in casual clothes. With Li Hao around nobody gave Ye Qian a hard time. The other police officers even chatted with him jovially. Nobody treated him like a criminal.

Ye Qian had a date tonight with Qin Yue at Wei Cheng Long’s ball and he didn’t want to miss it. He quickly made a phone call to Zhao Tian Hao who only replied with a quick, “I’ll make a call!” and then hung up. Ye Qianunderstood that he was using his network to get Ye Qian out of his predicament.

With Zhao Tian Hao’s testimony and connections, add to that Xu Ya Ying’s confession, it was a very simple matter for Ye Qian to leave the police station. Ye Qian wasn’t stupid. That night that they questioned Xu Ya Ying, he had made recording so that in case Xu Ya Ying became uncooperative he could threaten to hand the tape over to Ouyang Tian Ming as well as use it as proof of his own innocence. Xu Ya Ying understood very well what type of person Ouyang Tian Ming was. If Ye Qian really did hand the tape over to him then she wouldn't’ live another day. So when Li Hao sent people over to her place she went back to the police station with him without hesitation.

Wang Ping did not slack off either. After Li Hao had left he had made a few calls to large newspapers about about Ouyang Cheng’s corruption, making public his embezzlement of public funds. At the same time, his comrade in the discipline commision was bringing Ouyang Cheng over to the discipline committee for tea.

Wang Ping always kept a low profile these past few years but it didn’t mean that he didn’t do anything. He was only concealing his strength and biding his time. Now he could finally unleash the connections he had made through the years.