Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 69

Super Soldier King Chapter 69

This large shopping mall had more than twenty floors, it could be considered the most flourishing and top tier shopping mall in Shanghai. Each floor sold a variety of goods, bringing together stores of various imported brands. It could be said that, here, as long as you had money, you would be able to find anything you wanted. But of course the goods here were extremely expensive, a lot of people could only gaze at the ocean and lament, so these ordinary white-collar workers, in their search for the so-called quality of life, would spend months of savings in this place, and would still only be able to buy one thing.

Expensive consumption must come with the best quality of service. The salespeople in this place were selected from among those who had undergone very meticulous training and were of the most excellent ability.

There were also places like this abroad, but for Ye Qian who did not pay attention to such lifestyle, there was nothing very attractive about this place. For Ye Qian, clothes only had to be comfortable, it didn’t matter if they were from a well-known brand or were bought in the streets.

But since this was Qin Yue’s request, he couldn’t refuse. Just because he didn’t care didn’t mean that Qin Yue did not care. After all tonight he was going to present himself as Qin Yue’s boyfriend and take her to the ball, even though Ye Qian did not believe that putting on a suit and tie would make him part of upper class society, but Ye Qian did not wish for Qin Yueto lose face in front of those so-called upper-society people.

Qin Yue looked Ye Qian up and down then led him to a Gianfranco Ferre store. Ye Qian didn’t understand fashion very well. Under the influence of Li Wei who was a modern type of guy, Ye Qian was still familiar with some foreign brand names. Take Gianfranco Ferre for instance, the style of this clothing brand got the lines and structure just right; elaborate craftsmanship with designers being able to fully use geometry in their unfit tailoring, this was the unique thing in Ferre male fashion. On the whole, Ferre’s mens’ suits were very stylish. Suit, shirt, tie and other parts, traditional old-style fashion, the color was also rather subdued and plain, in particular, black, blue. Now, everyone was using modern and new designs because it looked more manly, and it helped exude a unique male aura.

“Welcome, sir, ma’am, how may I serve you today?” The smiling salesperson person asked modestly. But when her eyes turned to Ye Qian, she couldn’t help showing a bit of astonishment. She had seen rich ladies bring their gigolos before, but she had never seen a gigolo as unkempt as Ye Qian. Even though he wasn’t ugly, he didn’t exude charm and elegance.

“It’s fine, we’ll look around ourselves.” Qin Yue said lightly.

Saying this, Qin Yue waked over to the clothes racks, occasionally pulling out some clothes to look over. However, each time she only knitted her brows and returned them to the rack. Ye Qian followed behind her with a sour expression on his face. He really couldn’t understand. They were all just clothes after all, what was the big deal with being so picky. As long as it fit. it would be fine. Besides, all these clothes looked quite good anyway.

After about more than an hour, Qin Yue finally picked out a suit and tie. She didn’t even ask Ye Qian for his opinion, only handed it over to the saleslady and said, “Wrap this up for me.”

“Thank you!” The salesperson courteously received the items with two hands them carefully packed them up, then asked, “Miss, will you be using a credit card or cash?”

“Card!” Qin Yue replied as she pulled out a credit card from her bag and handed it over.

“Thank you, please come again.” The salesperson replied after handing the bagged clothes over. Ye Qian naturally took the bag, since Qin Yue was already paying for it, he couldn’t let her carry the bag too. It appeared that he could only do the grunt work.

It seemed as if Qin Yue had still not recovered from the awkward incident, she still wasn’t speaking to him. After they left the Gianfranco Ferre store they went into a Hugo Boss store. This was a famous clothing brand from Germany. The design and structure of the clothes here were very masculine and could magnify a person’s manliness.

As if benefitting from the experience of the previous store, Qin Yue only took half an hour to complete Ye Qian’s look. She even picked out a pair of leather shoes and a watch. The whole time Ye Qian was following her from behind with a vacant expression, at times he really had a vague feeling that he really was Qin Yue’s gigolo.

With an abashed smile on his face, Ye Qian walked over close to Qin Yue’s side and said with jolting buttocks (idiom: eagerly, smugly, with compliance), “You bought me so many expensive clothes, I’m not sure if my wages will really cover it. I wonder if you intend to keep me working for you for the rest of my life?”  

“Of course not. However you do have to sign a long-term slave contract.” Qin Yue replied.

“Huh? Could it be that you really do intend to keep me as a gigolo? But, if I really can’t pay back this debt, then I don’t mind paying with my body. Ay, so be it, when we get to the hotel you can do anything you want to me. I’m throwing caution to the wind.” Ye Qian replied with an expression as if he was being wronged, as if Qin Yue had done underhanded things to bully him. If strangers saw Ye Qian’s appearance they would think that Qin Yuewas the type of aunty that waved around a lollipop to trick little children.

Qin Yue glared at him and said, “Your clothes are all settled, but I still don’t have a dress for tonight’s ball. Now walk!”

After saying this, Qin Yue unhesitatingly walked into a Dior store. Ye Qiancould only follow along, carrying large bags and small bags. This store was very considerate to men, when you entered the store there was lounge with a sofa. Ye Qian naturally went over there without hesitation and sat down. Ye Qian did not know anything about women’s clothes and could not give any opinion, so he just let Qin Yue go around trying things on.

The minutes passed by, but Qin Yue still couldn’t find an evening gown she was happy with. However Ye Qian was having a feast for the eyes. The style of Dior clothes emphasised the curves of the female body rather than on the colors. With the design of the Dior clothes a woman’s distinct charms would vividly incarnate. Each time Qin Yue tried on a dress left Ye Qian stunned. Frankly speaking, amongst all of the women Ye Qian knew, Qin Yue exuded the most womanly charms.

Finally, Qin Yue stepped out of the fitting room wearing a black evening gown. Ye Qian was stunned into opening his mouth wide, unable to speak a word. He couldn’t think of any words to describe Qin Yue’s current stunning appearance, if he really had to say something, he could only say that it was a beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city.

At this moment, from the corner of his eyes, Ye Qian unexpectedly saw a familiar figure.