Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 74

Super Soldier King Chapter 74

Hu Ke didn't seem to consider Ye Qian's rudeness to be as big a deal as Zhao Ya did, apparently she doesn't take it seriously. She slightly smile while watching Ye Qian and Zhao Ya argue with each other.

“Alright, the auction is about to start, we must go inside.” Qin Yue said to stop Ye Qian and Zhao Ya.

Most of the seats in the lobby were already mostly taken. It seemed that Qin Yue was on the same wavelength as Ye Qian was. She deliberately picked seats in a corner of the room. The place she picked was very sensible and made it easier for Ye Qian to protect all of them.

Ye Qian look at Qin Yue and praised her, but the latter obviously did not mind Ye Qian's praise and acted indifferently, without looking at Ye Qian. Ye Qian felt deflated, and he was forced to be obedient and silent.

They occupied four chairs in a row, Zhao Ya took up the innermost spot, followed by Hu Ke, Qin Yue and lastly Ye Qian.

“Husband, I like those chain bracelets, can you buy it for me?” in front of them, a young woman with a heavy make up flirtatiously touched the arm of an old man, around 50 years of age, and said.

“Well, as long as you like the jewelry, I will certainly buy it.” the old man enjoyed the young woman's way of caressing his chest. His eyes flashed with a lascivious look. However, he maintained a smiling and calm face. Undignified, that was the best word to describe him at the moment.

“Husband, you are really great. “ the young woman excitedly gave the old man a kiss.

It was quite apparent that the two didn't have a husband and wife relationship. The woman was just a mistress of this old man. Ye Qianrefused to believe that this relationship could be real given the huge age gap. A twenty year old woman to marry this seventy year old man, to say that it was for love was somewhat really hard to believe.

Qin Yue's expression still didn't change. As if not hearing their conversation, Hu Ke slightly smiled but she kept quiet. Nevertheless Zhao Ya showed a disgusted expression, she slightly snorted and said: “Cheating couples.”

Zhao Ya didn't even bother to lower down her voice, the man and woman in front clearly heard her. The old man slowly turned towards her direction, originally to scold Zhao Ya, but managed to see three distinctly beautiful lady. He got dumbstruck, then a lewd expression crept into his face. The man couldn't help but to sigh when he compared them to his mistress, the latter seemed ugly. If he could just keep any of the two, even if he would have to lose 10 years of his life he would still be willing. But one look at their clothing and he was forced to give up on his ideas. The way these people were dressed, they did not look like people who had to sell sex for money. However, this old man still considered himself to be very charming, so he extended his hand cautiously for a handshake and said: "I am Zheng, may I ask your name young lady?” the young woman was surprised. How could this old man dare fool around with other woman. She angrily grunted and turned her head.

Qin Yue's expression still remained the same, she also did not spare the old man a glance. Hu Ke remained the same,having that slight smile. Zhao Ya actually despise this old man and glared at him.

Ye Qian unenthusiastically glance at the the old fellow, slightly lifting the corner of his mouth to form an ark, showing an evil smile. “Boss Zheng, hey! Long time no see. I never thought that we will meet here, this is destiny indeed.” Ye Qian chuckled, holding the old man's hand and excitedly shakes his head.

Qin Yue and Zhao Yan can't help but be astonished; they obviously did not expect that Ye Qian actually know the old man in front, moreover they looked like they were quite familiar with each other. Zhao Ya's expression turned into a despicable one. She clearly believed that Ye Qian and this old man were the same, an old and a young pervert.

The old man was flabbergasted, he blankly looked at Ye Qian and said: “I'm sorry, we don't seem to have met before?”

“Boss Zheng you indeed have a short memory.” Ye Qian said, “You forgot, last year we were at Kyoto, Japan, Vice-Chairman Cen's birthday banquet?”

The old man stared blankly, then pretends to realize and said: “ I... remember, right I remember it. There was that time. Hey! See I remember it.” he said even more to look as if he remembered it, though in fact he still didn't remember Ye Qian, and he also did not participate in Vice-Chairperson Cen's birthday banquet. With Ye Qian, it was naturally favorable to climb up and be able to join the Vice-Chairperson's birthday banquet, and it typically brought a good reputation along with it. However, he still didn't recognize Ye Qian. In any case, this experience would clearly increase his social status. Perhaps even if the beautiful ladies he were seated with were not attracted to him, the raise in social status that Ye Qian claimed on his behalf might change their mind.

The young woman beside that old man couldn't help but get distracted, she was astonished and said: “Husband,  you know vice-chairman Cen? How come I'm not aware.”

The old man stared at the young woman, inwardly berating her for not catching on and playing allong. He replied indifferently: “There are still many things you do not know. Do you think I have so much free time that I'd spend so much time telling you which bigshots I'm friends with.”

“We haven't seen each other in such a long time, Boss Zheng you still look dashing.” Ye Qian said.

“You're flattering me.” the old man “modestly” said.

“Hehe, Boss Zheng you don't need to be modest right away. I even remember that evening after vice-chairman Cen's banquet, you left with a woman; who was she by the way?” Ye Qian asked.

The old man was slightly distracted and said: “You are possibly mistaken, that evening I drank too much, and I returned to the hotel at once to go to bed.”

Ye Qian mischievously laugh, he pats the old man's shoulder, with an expression “I understand” then he continued: “Now Boss Zheng, why are you being insincere? There is this beautiful woman, and you aren't introducing me. How can you be keeping this from me?. Could it be you are afraid that sister-in-law will get angry?”

The old man secretly wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead. He faced his mistress, but she was very angry and the others saw her as very childish and she clearly couldn't stand this. Who could allow them to offend her like this. Women were jealous in nature: this is what Ye Qian will say if the mistress misunderstands, he supposed she would leave at once. Looking at the mistress' expression, it clearly changed, the old man panicked and said: “Brother you are clearly mistaken, that night I am certain that I drank too much.”  

“How can I remember wrong? I think that night in your hotel room you were discovered by the police, it was all over the papers the next day” Ye Qiansaid, “Don't you remember? The next day we were still together and we went to the hospital to check up on you, and at that time you also discovered that you have AIDS. Boss Zheng, I won't blame you, we are men. We go out and have fun. It doesn't matter, however you must always use protection”