Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 79

Super Soldier King Chapter 79

Chapter 79: The Ball (4)


“Zhi...” An ear-piercing sound came out of the piano the moment Wei Cheng Long's fingers pressed down on the keys. Wei Cheng Long couldn't help but become startled, and he quickly stopped. After a moment of hesitation, he pressed on the keys again, but just the same, the ear-piercing sounds came out.

The ball attendees knitted their brows, their faces looked as though in pain. They've heard lots of piano pieces before but never something as ear-piercing as Wei Cheng Long's. They couldn't understand why Wei Cheng Long would dare to perform when he had such poor skill, wasn't he afraid of losing face? Wasn't his skin too thick?

Qin Yue, Zhao Ya and Hu Ke also couldn't help being shocked, this was clearly not the level of Wei Cheng Long's real skill, otherwise how could he have dared to challenge Ye Qian? Then the only explanation was that the piano was broken, but clearly when Ye Qian used it it was still fine, the most likely reason then was that Ye Qian had done something to the piano himself.

“You did this?” Qin Yue shot Ye Qian a glance and asked.

Ye Qian chuckled but did not reply. Even though his methods were a little low, it was harmless overall, if there was anyone to blame it was Wei Cheng Long who purposely looked for trouble. Qin Yue looked at him helplessly and didn't say anything anymore. Zhao Ya glared at Ye Qianfiercely and said, “You rogue, you're the shameless one.”

“Who's shameless, don't accuse me wrongly. If you won't fulfill your promise, fine, I don't want a dog to kiss me anyway.” Ye Qian said condescendingly.

“You stinking rogue! You scoundrel!” Zhao Ya said angrily.

Ye Qian acted like a dead pig that wasn't afraid of hot water, he looked at Zhao Ya in a provoking manner and said, “Then I'm a rogue, then I'm a scoundrel, what can you do to me.”

“Big Sister Yue, look, he's bullying me again.” Zhao Ya swung Qin Yue's arm like a spoiled child.

Qin Yue smiled helplessly and said, “This is a matter between the two of you, how can I intervene, the two of you should resolve it yourselves.

“You… Big Sister Yue, you're teaming up with this rogue to bully me. There is no human nature in the opposite sex, boohoo!” Zhao Ya blinked her eyes hard, attempting to squeeze tears out of them, but it was not very effective.

Wei Cheng Long knew that even if his own skills were bad, the piano shouldn't sound like that, so the only explanation was that Ye Qiandamaged the piano. This fellow is too despicable, Wei Cheng Long thought to himself, the anger in his heart burned fiercely. Losing to Ye Qian was not so bad, but he had lost face in front of so many people and even in front of Qin Yue. Wei Cheng Long could not live this down.

After a hollow laugh, Wei Cheng Long stood up resentfully and then walked towards Qin Yue. Ye Qian leisurely swirled the wine glass in his hand, as if he were completely oblivious to the murderous looks Wei Cheng Long was giving him. Ye Qian never considered himself to be a person of noble character, he always thought of himself as a bad guy, and of course bad guys did shady things. Moreover, for Ye Qian, when going against the enemy, only the end result mattered, as long as he attained his results he wanted, the process didn't matter.

“Low-class bad guys are all like this, they like to resort to shady tricks.” Wei Cheng Long said angrily while glaring at Ye Qian.

“Oh? Who are you talking about?” Ye Qian asked with a blank expression.

“I didn't say it was you, you're acting guilty yourself, there's nothing I can do about that.” Wei Cheng Long said.

“A loss is a loss, why do you have to give so many excuses, just don't bother Yue Yue next time, or I won't go easy on you like I did today, only letting you lose a little face.” Ye Qian's voice suddenly became cold.

“Are you threatening me?” Wei CHeng Long couldn't help laughing impudently. “A lowly security guard like you dares to threaten me? Why don't you go ask around, what is the status of Wei Cheng Long in Shanghai? If I wanted to deal with you, it would be like crushing an ant.”

“Oh, I'm so scared.” Ye Qian said, patting his chest, pretending to be afraid.

“Wei Cheng Long, I'm warning you. If you dare harm a hair on his head, I will make sure you won't see the sun rise on the next day. Mark my words.” Qin Yue's face was as cold as a ice box frozen for a millennium.

Wei Cheng Long knew all about the inside information on Qin Yue, or else he wouldn't have wasted so much effort wooing her. It was true that she was a very beautiful woman, but the reason why he kept going after her was for her powerful backing. When he saw that she was protecting Ye Qian, the hate he felt towards him grew even more. He gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart, but saying angrily, “A man relying on a woman for protection, how embarrassing.”

Ye Qian did not care at all. He deliberately pulled Qin Yue's hand and said, “I'm willing, what can you do about it?”

Even though Qin Yue resisted a little when Ye Qian pulled her hand, she thought it was best to let this fellow make his scene for now, and gave hime a tender look, not saying any more. Hu Ke was finding Ye Qian to be more and more interesting, her gut was telling her that there was more to Ye Qian than it seemed. Even though Zhao Ya was quite resentful of Ye Qian, she harbored no good feelings towards Wei Cheng Long either, besides, she really wanted to see Wei Cheng Long bring someone over to teach Ye Qian a lesson, that way she wouldn't have to fulfill her promise.

Even though Wei Cheng Long was mindful of Qin Yue's powerful backers, it didn't mean he was scared. Only now, he was trying to be respectful towards her so he didn't know what to reply. He inwardly decided to make Ye Qian's life a living hell.

Suddenly, a group of masked gunmen charged into the room, after a mad sweep of bullets against the ceiling, one of the bandits roared, “Get down! Everybody get down!”

The ball attendees were rich people and high official, they were used to being treated like princes, they had never been in such a situation before. Suddenly the whole area was a flurry of people fleeing in disarray, the whole ballroom became a scene of confusion.

Wei Cheng Long stared blankly, his whole face did not show a trace of fear. The whole of Shanghai was his territory, even these criminals had to give him a little face.

It turned out that Zhao Ya, who was usually loud and bold, had a very pitiful amount of courage. The moment she saw the bandits she withdrew into Qin Yue's arms and cowered in fear. Hu Ke, on the other hand, seemed to be so pure and innocent to the point of being an idiot who didn't know how to be afraid, she still remained fully in control of herself, not a trace of fear in her face. Qin Yue knitted her brows, putting Zhao Ya and Hu Ke behind her body, as if to protect them.

Ye Qian laughed bitterly, thinking, fuck, these fellas really wanted to pull a jewelry heist?

Translated by: korezmi
Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons