Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 81

Super Soldier King Chapter 81

“No …… Nothing!” The middle-aged man  flusteredly said, as he spoke he covered his neck, obviously hiding something.

Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, this wealthy individuals are sometimes really frustrating. Even with their lives on the line all they could think about was money, they really were not your average miser.  

“Damn it, give it here!” the gangster and grabbed the middle-aged man's  necklace and pulling it off with great strength. The middle-aged man  grabbed the gangster's leg and said: “Give it back to me, Give it back to me.”

“Damn!” the gangster stomped his leg to remove the middle-aged man's grasp on him, picked up his gun and fired it right away. “Bang bang” another sound emerged, the middle-aged man collapsed while being covered with blood. Seeing someone die, the scene turns into chaos, people were crying, the sound of their weep were mixed together.     

At this point Ye Qian understood everything clearly, these gangsters were not from the Wolf Fang, it is not surprising that they don't feel any mercy at all. Facing seven to eight gunmen, Ye Qian can't show off and act as a hero, this cannot be compared with his experience at the airplane before.    

“Boss!” at this moment, a blonde foreigner quietly move at Ye Qian's side, laughing mischievously and said.

“What is this all about?” Ye Qian slightly wrinkled his brows and said.

Jack shrug his shoulders and said: “The plan has changed, who'd have thought that such gangsters who are careless with life would show up, this is also good,our people don't have to pretend now.”

“For what fucking reason would you want to rob our own things for?? Don't you dare tell me it's so we can trick the insurance companies” Ye Qian whispered and said, after all Qin Yue and the other girls are beside him, Ye Qian do not want them to know too much about him.  

“Weren't you the one who said you wanted the Wolf Fang to enter China legally?? I originally plan that we pretend to be gangsters and rob these jewelries. Then we'd have our own Clear Sky Conglomerate step forward and put pressure on the Chinese government, then we'd take advantage of the situation and on the pretense of the Clear Sky Conglomerate wanting establish a security firm, we'd enter China through legal means. Who'd have thought that a real robbery would take place, fail, fail." Jack embarrassedly smile and said.

Ye Qian helplessly stare at him and said: “Damn it! If these bandits really rob those jewelry I will deduct it to your salary.”

Jack mischievously laugh and said: “Don't! Boss, you are not that cruel, you are also aware that my monthly salary is not enough for my expenses, do you want to see me begging on the street?”

“You are still in the mood to joke at this moment? What are you going to do now?” Ye Qian said.

“Don't worry, Boss, we've already made the arrangements. These wealthy individuals aren't that great or anything, nothing wrong with letting these robbers scare them a bit, so they won't be so  arrogant.” Jack said.

Ye Qian helplessly glanced at him, not feeling like he wanted to argue with this fellow anymore. Actually, Ye Qian was not worried, Wolf Fang members are here, how can these group of bandits touch even the roots of his hair. “Oh right, leave the star of love necklace for this daddy later, I want to give it to somebody.”  

Jack suddenly looked at Qin Yue's direction, mischievously laugh and said: “Boss, just relax, leave it to me.”

“You, you, and also you, bring your valuables over here.” while Jack and Ye Qian were talking, a gangster walked over, holding a gun pointing at them and said. He manage to gaze at Qin Yue, Zhao Yah and Hu Ke, his eyes flashed: “ Boss, there are three beautiful woman here, how about we take them and give them to our brothers and make them happy?”

“Happy? Fuck your mother.? Any damn time you're always just thinking about women, kao, we now have money and you still worry we won't be able to find women.” the head of the gangsters loudly said.   

Those famous gangsters glance and mumbling said: “The well-fed cannot know how the starving suffer, you have a sister-in-law to always accompany you, however we fucking only look at newspapers.” continued touching Qin Yue's face, mischievously laughing and said: “Beautiful woman, you clearly stand out among the valuable things.” it was very obvious, these youngster believe that it is convenient to take Qin Yue.  

Qin Yue still didn't look alarmed, she simply gave these group of gangsters a cold look, also not sure why, she believed that Ye Qian would not have allowed her to be wronged.

At this moment, a gunshot was suddenly heard, some of the gangsters were shot dead on the spot. The gangster in front of them turned around in alarm, , Ye Qian smiled coldly and sprung forward, his hand streaked across the air and struck the gangster's neck, only a bloody flash was visible and then the the gangster slowly collapsed to the ground.  

With Ye Qian's fast and efficient strategy, Zhao Ya became frightened, thinking to herself, it turns out this rogue is actually this awesome?? Qin Yue was actually was not that surprised, after all she knew that Ye Qian was Zhao Ya's bodyguard, Since Zhao Tian Hao requested for a bodyguard, his skill is surely not that weak. Hu Ke thought that the troops were all finished, showing a happy little expression.

The moment Ye Qian made his move, Jack also sprung forward, like a strong wind that blew past, he quickly arrived beside a nearby gangster, extended his arm and grabbed his throat, then there was a ka-cha sound and the throat of the gangster was broken.

Dealing with these gangsters, was as easy for the Wolf Fang as it only took a moment for all the gangsters to collapse lifelessly onto the ground. Not only because of the sudden matter, but also because the extremely disturbing firefight, those wealthy individuals were also scared to withdraw together, regrettingly hold their head to go forward inside, naturally they did not see Ye Qian hitting those gangsters. They also didn't see Jack stealthily hide the Star of Love necklace the gangsters extorted from Wei Cheng Long into his chest pocket.  

The Wolf Fang had plenty of experience rescuing hostages so they were able to quickly stabilize the situation, all hostages quickly ran outside the hotel. Ye Qian faced his brothers with a slight smile, immediately leading the three female to leave. He did not want to reveal his true identity this early, he will just let Jack to handle this matter.

Not long after, the police also rushed at the scene. Wolf Fang's men obviously arrive earlier to prepare, as to the firearms they just said that the gangsters were the ones who owned it. However, for the purpose of investigation, they also requested to follow the officers to the police station. These are only common procedures, besides those agents were not under China's National Security Bureau. Regarding Wolf Fang members, obviously they do not have any information. Furthermore, Clear Sky Conglomerate was indeed a huge international financial group, second to China's investment, however with this kind of thing happening and not wanting this matter to be an issue they allowed Shang Hai city government to rejoice by having Clear Sky Conglomerate to show up. That night, the entire Wolf Fang members completely appeared to the public. Of course, they described themselves as the Clear Sky Conglomerates security division's personnel.