Super Soldier King

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Super Soldier King Chapter 84

Super Soldier King Chapter 84

Super Soldier King Chapter 84: The Fate of Assassins

In actuality, Ye Qian was only guessing. He couldn't be sure that the young woman in front of him was really an assassin from the Dark Lily. But from the way the young woman trembled when he mentioned the name made Ye Qian knew that he was correct.

The Dark Lily was another mysterious assassination company like the Seven Kills. The difference was that the Dark Lily did not have the same strict moral principles that the Seven Kills did. Also, the rumors were that all the members of the Dark Lily were women. They only needed to know who their target was, no matter what kind of person their target was, they would still carry out the assassination.

Ye Qian had encountered members of the Dark Lily before, around a year ago. Back then, Ye Qian had received a mission from an oil magnate in the Middle East to go to Japan and kill the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi. The oil magnate's daughter was studying in Japan but had been raped then killed by the Yamaguchi-gumi chief, because of this the oil magnate's hate ran deep and he spared no expense, spending 1 billion to have the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi Chief Koji Yoshida.

Ye Qian did not harbor any particular good feelings towards Japan, so he did not hesitate at all when he received the mission. After carefully planning out the assassination they were able to successfully kill Koji Yoshida and bring back his head to the oil magnate. The Wolf Fang was a group that took responsibility for their own actions, once they killed their enemy they would leave the mark of the Wolf Fang, an angry wolf head.

One can imagine the anger the Yamaguchi-gumi felt when they found out that their boss was killed by the Wolf Fang. Fortunately the Wolf Fang were based in the Middle East, even if they wanted to deal with them there they could not. They couldn't mobilize a large scale operation to go after the Wolf Fang, yet they also couldn't send only a few people because it was certain that they would only be going to their deaths. In the end they spared no cost and hired the Dark Lily to assassinate the Wolf Fang's leader, Ye Qian.

The Dark Lily didn't care what type of person their target was or what kind of power they held. As long as they received the mission they would not stop until the target was dead. This didn't mean they were foolishly rash and didn't know how to size up a situation first; they understood very well the strength of Wolf Fang, how could a group that was hailed as the king of mercenaries in the world be anything less? Moreover, this assassination mission was going to happen in the Middle East, the territory of Wolf Fang, one can imagine how many complications there were.

This time, only one assassin was dispatched to carry out the mission against Ye Qian, but when she arrived in the Middle East she could not find any opportunity to carry out her mission. In the end, after much trouble, she finally found a chance to make her move, the assassin from Dark Lily couldn't let an opportunity when Ye Qian was alone go. But in the end she was greatly disappointed. The assassin's attack failed because she had greatly underestimated Ye Qian's strength. For an assassin, for no matter what reason they fail their mission, that assassin would not be able to continue working as an assassin again, either you die or you retire.

When Ye Qian encountered the Seven Kills assassin that time at the hotel, he knew what his situation was. Even though the mission was a mistake from his superiors, a failure was a failure, he would never be able to continue as an assassin again. To be an assassin, failure was not an option.

When the Dark Lily had been captured by Ye Qian back then, she was prepared to die. But to her surprise Ye Qian did not kill her. She didn't know whether or not to think Ye Qian was wimp, one should never go easy on their enemies.

Ye Qian also did not know why he had gone easy on her, he was not a compassionate person and had always been ruthless with his enemies. But for some unknown reason Ye Qian was suddenly not heartless with this assassin, could it be what they called fate? But what Ye Qian was very sure about was that considering that he wouldn't kill her, she would not be able to continue working as an assassin in the future, if the Dark Lily didn't eliminate her then she could be counted lucky.

Who would have thought that a year later he would meet a Dark Lily assassin again. Ye Qian knew very well that even if they dealt with her severely they would not be able to get any information from her. “I know I won't be able to get anything out of you, but I want you to go back to your leader and tell her that China is Wolf Fang territory now, no assassin organizations can set foot in this place. I still remember last year's incident clearly, I hope that the Dark Lily won't set themselves up for destruction.” Ye Qian said.

The young girl stared at him dumbly, she didn't expect this person with an unscary face, who did not seem to have many years on him, turned out to be a member of the Wolf Fang. She was also aware of the incident that happened between the Dark Lily and Wolf Fang's King Ye Qian. When that assassination attempt failed, the leader of the Dark Lily had ordered for the mission to be cancelled. Moreover, ever since then, whenever the Dark Lily encountered the Wolf Fang they would give way. That incident made a fact very clear to the leader of the Dark Lily, that fact was that the Wolf Fang was not a simple mercenary group, the Dark Lily was incapable of matching them in strength and she did not wish to cause the Wolf Fang to exact revenge on them.

The young girl looked at Ye Qian then grabbed her left wrist with her right hand and wrenched it, with a snapping sound the bone in her right hand was twisted broken. The young girl bore the pain, not making a sound, beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. “We did not mean to offend the Wolf Fang, take this as our apology.” The young girl said.

Ye Qian did not show any strong reaction to her actions, only lightly nodded and said, “You may go then, tell my words to your leader.”

The girl gave Ye Qian a look then turned and left.

“What a fierce character this girl is, if she weren't from the Dark Lily, I really wish she could join the Wolf Fang.” Li Wei said after watching the young girl leave.

“They are assassins, the most important trait of an assassin is fortitude. There's nothing remarkable about her.” Ye Qian said indifferently. He turned to Jack and asked, “How is the situation progressing?”

“There should be no problems, I'm sure the security company license will be finished today.” Jack replied.

Ye Qian nodded and said, “As much as possible, don't let Wolf Fang members into the security company, just select and train a few people, this way we won't attract the attention of the national security bureau. As for the staff members of the company, you handle the recruiting.”

“What's our objective?” Jack asked.

Ye Qian smiled slightly then with a grave expression said, “We are going to create the Wolf Fang of China.”

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