Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 86

Super Soldier King Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Honorable Uncle


“I’m a bit nervous, that’s all!” Ye Qian said, awkwardly laughing a little  embarrassedly. As the saying goes, the heavens have the God of Thunder but the earth has the Uncle, this uncle had the most power among her elders. This situation was a first for Ye Qian, it’s unavoidable that his heart is somewhat nervous. Despite the fact that Ye Qian is after all the Wolf Fang Group’s leader.and key figure , his heart rate was still pretty good, although he was somewhat nervous, it hasn’t reached the point where he’d be completely incoherent.

Xu Hai was slightly stunned, thinking to himself that this young man was unexpectedly straightforward. Giving a slight smile, Xu Hai proceeded to say, “Actually when Rou Rou began wanting to be a nurse in SH City, the house’s elders were all very much against it. However Rou Rou’s character is a bit similar to mine, stubborn, so in the end we all just agreed. I think, you already know Rou Rou’s family background already?”

Ye Qian was stunned for a bit, for he himself really did not know Rou Rou’s family background and proceeded to give a hollow smile, “I know a bit, but it’s not much.”

“Her Aunt and I actually do not have any notion of a family status, we don’t strongly consider matches based on family status.. However the Lin Family in ZJ Province can also be considered as an influential family and Rou Rou’s parents have always treated Rou Rou’s marriage with utmost importance.” Xu Hai didn’t finish what he was saying, like most officials and aristocrats of his kind,, he was fond of stopping and not finishing his point.       

Ye Qian naturally heard the meaning in what Xu Hai had said, only that they still wanted an appropriate match in terms of family status, and this was also an indirect way of asking about his own family background. However, Ye Qian was always rebellious person, in his eyes, whatever appropriate matches in terms of family status, family backgrounds, property and assets, all of these were bullshit. So, when Xu Hai finished speaking, Ye Qian calmed down instead and while pretending to be stupid, said: “When there is time I will  personally visit my Honorable Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law.”

Neither conceited nor impatient, neither dispirited nor arrogant, Ye Qian’s words almost seemed to imperceptibly and quite ruthlessly send Xu Hai a slap in the face. Xu Hai couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, really not understanding whether this young man truly didn’t hear anything he said, or that he was stupid beyond redemption.  

Just then, all the food and drinks arrived. Ye Qian got up and poured Xu Hai and Cheng Feng Zhen wine, while saying, “Uncle, I am an orphan, since I was small, I’ve never seen nor met my biological parents, I’ve experienced more hardship than people my age. .  In the end, we were adopted by a scavenging old man and I have always considered him as my biological father. He didn’t have any money, nor did he have any influence, but he is the kindest old man I have ever met, we all always called him Lao Die. Lao Die all in all adopted four children,and in those four children two of them are also considered to be SH City’s prestigious people; Eldest Brother,Lao Da, is the deputy secretary of the district, Third Brother,Lao San, is the head of the region’s Public Security Bureau, Fourth Brother,Lao Si, is still currently studying,out of all of them, the most unpromising one is me. Dazedly working hard abroad for eight years, Middle East, you are also aware that that place is frequented by war and chaos. I have gotten used to being separated from people, be it in life or in death. Although I don’t really have any accomplishments, but I can guarantee you that I can take care of Rou Rou very well! Having said that, do not take any offense, perhaps it’s because from when I was small I received quite a lot of hardships, I also wasn’t able to experience the so-called benefit provided to us ordinary citizens by parents who are Officials, so I’ve never had any good impression towards the people who are Officials; however because you are Rou Rou’s Uncle and Aunt, then you are my Elders, I will respect you both. Anyway,to going steady is something between Rou Rou and I, no one should criticize or butt in our affairs. Uncle, Aunty, what do you say?   

The way Ye Qian spoke was neither arrogant nor humble, but his tone and manner of speaking had a strong aggressiveness to it, the meaning is very clear, that is do not depend on the fact that just because you two are Rou Rou’s Uncle and Aunt, that you can meddle in his and Rou Rou’s affairs.   

Xu Hai and Cheng Feng Zhen couldn’t help but be surprised, but they also somewhat heard some good prospects from Ye Qian’s words, a person who was in the Middle East,working hard for eight years in that kind of place, definitely would not appear as simply as he made himself out to be now. What made them feel uneasy was the fact that Ye Qian had said that “ no one should criticize or butt in our affairs”, is this the kind of attitude youngsters must have towards their Elders? Frankly speaking, towards Ye Qian, the both of them didn’t have too much resentment, Ye Qian’s body didn’t have any of the pompousness and impracticality that you would find in today’s youths,if they looked at him closely, he was mature, capable and experienced, moreover his body faintly possessed an aggressiveness that wasn’t too strong.

Lin Rou Rou who was at the side continued to be silent and simply gazed at Ye Qian with warm and encouraging eyes, in her eyes, even if Ye Qian was only a small street-side vendor, she would still love him. She didn’t care about any of those family backgrounds and personal backgrounds, if she cared about these things, she also wouldn’t have chosen Ye Qian at first. After all, basing on her family background and identity, it wouldn’t be difficult to find an influential and powerful young master if she wanted to find one.

Ye Qian held up the wine glass, stood up, and bent over to hand him the glass and said: “Uncle, let’s have another drink?”

Xu Hai let out a stunned, bitter laugh, took the wine glass and said, “Another drink.”

Even though he has been mingling with the Bureaucracy for so long, Xu Hai was still subdued by a youngster for the first time, perhaps, this is what they called charisma. Ye Qian possessed a kind of charisma that cannot be found in ordinary people.  

In meeting this time, Xu Hai and Cheng Feng Zhen only wanted to understand Ye Qian’s family and personal background, now that Ye Qian has already told them about his  background, which was very average, and which seemingly did not have any outstanding aspects to it, however, they felt like it was as if they still knew nothing.  

A bit defeated, Xu Hai and Cheng Feng Zhen had no choice but to think this way. At the very least, the young man in front of them wasn’t as simple as he made himself out to be, this was what they felt, as a knowledgeable person who has worked in the Bureaucracy for many years and who has accumulated experience.

Since the dinner party had formally begun, Ye Qian together with Xu Hai haven’t stopped drinking wine, Cheng Feng Zhen grabbed Lin Rou Rou’s hand and moved to one side, muttering, clearly wanting to pry information about Ye Qian from Lin Rou Rou’s own mouth. However, the result of that only made her feel a bit disappointed, regarding the background of their family, her own dimwitted niece didn’t understand it one bit, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Xu Hai couldn’t compete with Ye Qian urging him to drink wine, he had drunk beyond his limits already. He also didn’t know why when Ye Qian proposed a toast, he himself would have definitely wanted to refuse, but in the end, he still couldn’t help but drink anyway.

Ye Qian also wasn’t excessive, he knew what was called “not overdoing it”, after filling Xu Hai with around half a catty (approximately 250 grams) of Bai Jiu (White Spirit), Ye Qian stopped. Taking a bit of tofu and placing it in Lin Rou Rou’s bowl, Ye Qian lightly smiled a bit, and said: “I already booked a good room in the hotel!”

“Hai hai…”Xu Hai couldn’t help but nearly spit out his tea because of Ye Qian’s words, Cheng Feng Zhen looked like she didn’t know whether she wanted to laugh or cry.

Lin Rou Rou gently took a glance at Ye Qian, face tinted red. This young scoundrel,unexpectedly saying these kinds of things in front of whom he considers to be his own Uncle and Aunt. However, Lin Rou Rou’s heart was still filled with a growing sweet feeling.

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