Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 88

Super Soldier King Chapter 88

"There were times growing up in this kind of household that was very tragic, if I could make a choice, I would rather be the daughter of an ordinary citizen, this way, I wouldn't have to bear my family's responsibilities." Lin Rou Rou laughed sadly and said, "My parents and I have an agreement, that I would be married off to someone I didn't love, but they would give me two years worth of time, to let me live my own life. Two years, even though it isn't that long, but it would become an important memory in my life. I also believed that I wouldn't fall in love with anyone, so after two years I would just follow with what my family arranged for me and get married to that Provincial Party Committee's son, then I would play the role of a perfect wife, and live my entire life out like this. But, I wouldn't have thought, that the time when I first caught a glimpse of you in the hospital, the moment when I saw you, such a large man, helplessly crying like small child, it was almost as if my heart was suddenly pierced (by a thorn). I knew then, I fell in love with you, I fell hopelessly and helplessly in love with you. Actually, being the kind of person that I am, I shouldn't love you, isn't that right?"   

Lin Rou Rou's eyes started to glimmered with translucent tears, she who had been continuously bearing such incomparable pressure now wasn't able to bear it anymore, head lowered, she sobbed heavily. Even though it can be said that in those two years time she would be free, this freedom was exchanged with the rest of her own life's happiness.  

Ye Qian gently held her in his arms, letting her onto his chest, sobbing heavily. Ye Qian's heart hurt so much, almost as if he were being ruthless stabbed by someone. He hadn't imagined, that Lin Rou Rou unexpectedly had this kind of story, and she was even bearing pressure that an ordinary daughter shouldn't be bearing. In comparison, Zhao Ya, Qin Yue, they don't know that they're much luckier than her.  

After a long while, Lin Rou Rou slowly lifted her head, and while gazing into Ye Qian's eyes, she said: "Ye Qian, please forgive my selfishness, it's only that I really don't have any way of controlling myself. Promise me, if in the future I leave you, you must not be sad and heartbroken because no matter where I am, my heart will forever be yours. Even though the second half of the year is all that's left for us, but I believe that this half a year would definitely become my life's happiest memory, isn't that right? I know that you definitely won't disappoint me."  

"Idiot, I wouldn't let you leave me, I wouldn't let you go, for life." Ye Qian resolutely said.

Lin Rou Rou smiled happily and said: "I know, you also love me as dearly as I love you, but I have to put my own family into consideration. A person's greatest suffering, isn't it not having any choice? There are things that aren't within our control. Ye Qian, don't let me resent you, the Ye Qian that I know isn't an indecisive person who can't let go. Isn't it said that if two feelings last a long time, wouldn't these feelings exist forever, we only need to be happy this half year, then that would already suffice. Ye Qian, love me properly, I want to remember every little bit of you, to etch the whole of you in my memory.

Lin Rou Rou simultaneously spoke and sat up, slowly taking off her clothes.

Ye Qian lightly shook his head, getting up and stopping Lin Rou Rou's actions, and said: "Put your clothes back on!"

Lin Rou Rou was slightly stunned, and continued whimpering and sobbing heavily.

Ye Qian slowly gathered her in his arms, and said: "Rou Rou, I had never imagined that your heart had always been bearing this kind of pressure, it's because of me not being a very competent boyfriend. Maybe you'll call me foolish, but I don't want you to give yourself to me under these kinds of circumstances, after I make you happy with completely no worries about anything, then you can happily give yourself to me. Now that I've said, it seems that I have never told you about my story, do you want to listen?"

Lin Rou Rou slightly nodded,and Ye Qian laughed a bit and said: "Can I smoke? Haha, if I don't smoke it seems like it won't have that kind of mood and feel." After saying that, Ye Qian fished out a cigarette stick, lit it, and took a deep drag.

"I believe you also know that I left SH City for eight years? Do you know why? Ha, at that time, I was a hot-blooded youth, there was this Jiang Hu bigshot who beat up my Third Brother, I couldn't just stand by and not do anything about it, so I spent a full three days and nights crouched keeping watch on his house's gate and when I finally found a chance,I stabbed him twice. He got lucky, he didn't die, if my knife had strayed just an inch more, he would have gone and met Yan Luo Wang, the King of Hell, anywayalready. He didn't die, so it also followed that I shouldn't continue staying in SH City anymorealready, I also didn't want to stay anymore because I would have gotten Lao Die and the others involved, so I secretly left SH City. At that time, I was very young, I didn't have any money on me, I had no other choice but to sleep on the streets and on bridge holes, to pick up leftover food from the trash bins on the doorsteps of the restaurants, just to stave off hunger, I was treated as a stray dog by people and got chased away the same way. Thinking about that time, what I went through was such a fucking damned life, that there were times that even my heart had died.    

"Maybe it was fate, I was saved by someone, he was the one who changed me completely. He was originally the leader of China's Wolf Fang Special Military Force, he made a violation and was expelled from the military registry. He took me to the Middle East, brought me inside the mercenary group that was founded by himself. At that time, I was seventeen years old. I lived together with those soldiers from various different countries armies who were dismissed from military service, and trained with them. To an outsider's point of view, maybe they're all just a bunch of criminals who can murder without remorse, but in my eyes, they were the cutest people in the world. They taught me wrestling, taught me facts about firearms, taught me the languages of different countries, in the same way, they also taught me how to kill people. The first time I killed someone, I was eighteen years old, I can't remember what the circumstances were during that time, it was probably a very tense relationship. In these eight years, I've witnessed so many partings, be it by life or by death, my hand was also already covered in blood, however it also made me realize a principle: this world is a man-eat-man world, the weak is preyed upon by the strong, it was an eternally unchanging principle.  

"Two years ago, that leader who brought me to debut in this line of work was killed in a mission we were carrying out by an enemy's gun, his body had at least forty or so bullet wounds. When I was holding his dead body, I thought I would cry, but I didn't. Perhaps you'll think I'm heartless, but at that moment, I hadn't shed even a single tear. That was because I remembered what he told me, men shed blood, they don't shed tears. Fucking shed blood not tears, I'm not someone made out of steel, I also have feelings. After I had annihilated all of the enemies, I cried. Do you know what our hired army was called? Wolf Fang! Maybe it's because Leader had once stayed with China's Wolf Fang Special Military Force, so he had sentiments, which is why he also named the organization Wolf Fang. But from our view, Wolf Fang represented a kind of spirit, a kind of unity, a spirit similar to a wild wolf's sharp fangs capable of ripping enemies apart. In the end, I was elected to become the organization's leader, I knew the responsibility I would carry was much more serious, I had to complete the previous Leader's life mission, to let Wolf Fang blossom brightly and radiantly in this world.  

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