Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 92

Super Soldier King Chapter 92

Ye Qian had said it very indifferently, however Wang Ping wasn't all that convinced, from his point of view, Ye Qian was definitely hiding some kind of secret. As for what secret it was, he did not know.    

Ye Qian gently laughed, then said: "I don't know if Deputy Secretary Wang remembers the gift I sent last time, whether or not you were satisfied with it?"

Wang Ping was slightly surprised for a moment, gift? He suddenly thought of something, it couldn't be that the one who had sneakily snuck into his home, who placed Ou Yang Cheng's criminal files on top of his bedside cabinet, was Ye Qian? But wasn't he supposed to be at the police station's detention center at that time? But looking at Ye Qian's expression, it appeared like that he wasn't telling a lie, however, if it wasn't Ye Qian who did it, how could he have known about this matter? All the more Wang Ping thought that Ye Qian wasn't a simple person. Staying silent for a while, Wang Ping already had a plan in mind.  

"Wang Mou has been unoccupied for some years, if Mr. Ye would not mind, Wang Mou would address you as Xiao Ye already." Wang Ping said.

"Ought to, ought to." Ye Qian said.

"Going back to business. Xiao Ye, you are Xiao Li's second brother, you aren't really considered an outsider anymore. This appointment you set up to meet me, I'm sure it isn't only as simple as exchanging pleasantries, right? If you have anything to discuss, speak up, as long as it isn't something that involves breaking the law or anything illegal, so as long as it is within Wang Mou's abilities, it would certainly be accomplished." Wang Ping said.  

"Actually, there isn't really anything. Even though I've only returned recently, but I have also heard that Deputy Secretary Wang is a good official, honorable and honest, my Third Brother was also promoted by Deputy Secretary Wang, it can be said that if Deputy Secretary Wang wasn't there, then my Third Brother wouldn't be who he was today. My Third Brother's temperament is rather straightforward, there are certain etiquettes that he often cannot perform or follow, as a matter of fact, I met with Deputy Secretary Wang today, firstly to thank Deputy Secretary Wang for taking care of my Third Brother for these past few years, secondly, I also wish that Deputy Secretary Wang and I would be closer." Ye Qian said.

Wang Ping naturally understood, that Ye Qian thanking him on behalf of Li Hao and such was only a front, what was genuine was the very last sentence he said. "At that time it was only natural, natural." Wang Ping said laughing gently.  

Ye Qian handed over the drawing that was in his hands, and said: "I heard that Deputy Secretary Wang studied Gu Zi paintings extensively, earlier back I bought an authentic work of Tang Bo Hu from an antique-seller, I'm a rather crude man, how could I understand calligraphy. A double-edged sword bestowed upon a hero, I still hope that Deputy Secretary Wang would accept this, also not to consider this painting as something disgraceful."

Hearing the words "Tang Bo Hu", Wang Ping couldn't help but be a bit excited, as far as a Gu Zi painting enthusiast was concerned, possessing an authentic work of Tang Bo Hu would make a person much more excited, it beats having millions of money. However, Wang Ping understood, accepting a person's wealth would mean helping this person avoid disaster, once he accepts this gift, it would may as well mean that he and Ye Qian were on the same boat, for better or for worse. If he chooses not to accept it, then it would mean that the words he said earlier were nothing but pleasantries, and not genuine, and it would also imply that he had placed himself on the opposite end of Ye Qian, as his enemy.   

Staying quiet for a moment, Wang Ping gently laughed and took the painting that Ye Qian handed over and said: "Then I respectfully accept it, hehe."

Without much artificialism, Ye Qian rather appreciated this style of work of Wang Ping's, inwardly nodding his head and gently laughing.

"Here, drink tea, drink tea!" Wang Ping said, laughing gently. He didn't know if what he gambled this time was right or wrong, but a person's life is already a gamble, he wanted to use his own political career as a gamble even once. If what he gambled was right, then in the future, his career would flourish and he'd be promoted to a higher post; If he gambled wrong, he'd be sidelined and nothing more. He still knew that he should master a limit, a thread that he would never exceed.  


Ye Qian was very satisfied with his meeting with Wang Ping this time, although there wasn't much progress, but what he sowed wasn't small either. At the very least, Wang Ping had already verbally hinted at his cooperation. As long as he grasped onto it properly in the future, and then lead Wang Ping astray, and have Wang Ping completely rely on him and his side, then it's no longer a complete nonsense anymore.  

After sending off Wang Ping to the Jin Bi Hui Zhang, Ye Qian once again went back into the private room and sat down. He called over a servant to give him tea and then leaned against the sofa, lighting a cigarette and slowly taking a drag. The primary issue has basically been settled, Ye Qian ought to begin thinking about the next steps of development already. Afterall, he was still Wolf Fang's Boss, the behind-the-scenes Boss of the Hao Tian Group, he himself didn't want to let the underlings handle every little thing, he still wanted to lead the direction of the majority of the development, he can leave out the particulars for the underlings to handle, he doesn't need to attend to everything personally.

"Miss, how long have you been working here?" Ye Qian asked, glancing at the servant who was giving him tea. Although he had just returned not too long ago, it did not mean that Ye Qian didn't do anything. The Wolf Fang wanted to make SH City the foundation of their development in China, in that way, understanding each of SH City's big powers was essential. Jin Bi Hui Huang's had a valiant position in SH City, and even the entirety of China, Ye Qian also understood that the boss hiding behind the scenes seemed to be rather similar to himself, mysterious. That's why Ye Qian wanted to see if it was possible to discreetly get useful information from the servant.

"Five years!" The servant replied.

"Five years, huh, that time isn't short, this place's pay must be pretty good?" Ye Qian smiled and used a plain tone to rope her into talking about her family life.

She's already worked quite some time in this place, and has already seen a lot of influential people, although a lot of these people were reserved and hardly even spared the servants a glance, where would one find someone like Ye Qian who was friendly enough to chat about her life. To be able to pass time in Jin Bi Hui Hang, one's status would naturally not be simple, that's why in her eyes, Ye Qian was also undoubtedly  an influential person. And the people she encountered who were the same age as Ye Qian, a lot of them were all pompous, or were insufferably arrogant, but Ye Qian was a very modest and easy going person who got her into talking about her family, she would naturally feel rather comfortable and regard Ye Qian favorably.

"That is correct, but you are also aware, the temperament of influential people like you is very uncanny, that's why it's very difficult to serve you." Because her heart didn't have any ill-feelings, her manner of speaking had become very witty.  

Ye Qian laughed gently and said: "I'm not some bigshot person. You're someone who's been in this job for five years already, so you must know this place rather well? I don't know what kind of person your Boss is, to be able to open such a large meeting place for leisure definitely isn't easy, have you ever met him? "

"I haven't, it's not only me, even our manager has never seen what the Boss is like, it's even unknown whether the Boss is male or female" The servant said.  

The more mysterious it is, the more Ye Qian would also have an interest towards it, however, if he wanted to meet the Boss behind the Jin Bi Hui Zhang, he's afraid that a few sets of strategies would be necessary until it would be ideal to do so. Just that, Ye Qian couldn't think of a good strategy at the moment, moreover Ye Qian hardly knew anything about this Boss, he didn't want to incite this Boss' anger just because of his own mistakes. 

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