Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 94

Super Soldier King Chapter 94

After seeing Qin Yue's disappointed expression, Ye Qian felt a bit unsettled, he could only agree to accompany her in celebrating her birthday. It was senseless, he didn't know if he had lost his mind already, Dammit, why did he go looking for trouble? For what reason does he have to go out of his way to prepare her a birthday. But, he did feel somewhat guilty.

Taking Qin Yue's car keys as he was leaving the office and hurriedly went towards the parking lot. The reason he was doing this was only because stagger the time and nothing more. When did he get so soft that he became weak to women. He might miss his date with Lin Rou Rou and he even disappointed Qin Yue. Now, he even had to stagger the time.

As he was going through the basketball court, he suddenly saw a ball come flying towards him. Ye Qian quickly dodged, the skimmed over the students playing in the court. He didn't know any of them, which meant it was probably an accident so Ye Qian had no intention of looking into it further and continued walking.

"Hey, dude, throw the ball over." A Rukawa looking youngster in a basketball uniform called out to Ye Qian. Although he called Ye Qian "dude", his voice was somewhat commanding.

Ye Qian halted and turned his head to look. "Hurry up! why are you just staring, idiot?" the youngster shouted when Ye Qian only stared blankly back.

Ye Qian's brows faintly creased. He turned around to grab the ball. He lightly tossed it in his hands a bit and said, "Didn't your mother teach you how to be polite?"  

At Ye Qian's words, those around "Rukawa" went into a fit of terror. In the entire school, nobody had ever dared to speak to him like that. They didn't know where Ye Qian had come from, but they were already sure of what would become of Ye Qian,  and it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Rukawa" also didn't think that there was anyone who dared speak to him in such a manner and could not help staring for a while before he angrily said, "This guy's got guts. I'll give you two choices. First, bring that ball here and apologize, then I'll pretend this never happened. Or, I'll go get it myself and you can leave with your tail between your legs."

By the court's railings, Zhao Ya was excitedly watching the events. This little demon was not afraid of anything except for his big sister, . It was a happy accident for Zhao Ya to have come across Ye Qian, the poor soul, picking a fight with this little demon. She only wished that Ye Qian wasn't huge coward and quickly back down, that was no fun. Gangster versus demon. No matter who won, she would thoroughly enjoy watching it.

Ye Qian on the other hand, had yet to notice Zhao Ya. He originally thought that since they were only students, he was not going to bother with them, but who would expect that they would actually start a fight. "Want to play? Let's go then, catch." Ye Qian said, throwing the ball in his hand towards "Rukawa".

"Yeah!" Zhao Ya could not help exclaiming at "Rukawa" and Ye Qian's obstinacy when they were actually all bark and no bite.  

"Rukawa" looked so pleased with himself and was even dressed so pretentiously. If this youngster hadn't been egging him on, he would've quietly conceded.


"Rukawa" was too busy being smug that he forgot to position himself and the ball smashed right into his face. "Rukawa" unexpectedly fell backwards, face up. His whole body heavily landed and a small stream of blood flowed down his nose. With his nose bleeding and tears flowing non-stop, "Rukawa" struggled to get up. Covering his nose, he stared at Ye Qian and said, "Hey, you're pretty tough to have the guts to come here. Let's play one-on-one."

Ye Qian was a little taken aback. This youngster didn't seem so unreasonable after all, unlike some second young master who asked him if he "knew who his father was" or "I'll have you killed" and such. But not being annoyed and actually liking someone were two different things. Ye Qian still had to hurry and make preparations for Qin Yue's birthday, he really had no time to spare. Shooting a glance at "Rukawa", he said, "I'm called Ye Qian, French, class 3. Decide on when and come find me. Right now, I gotta go. " At that, Ye Qian swaggered back on course to the parking lot.

"French class 3? That can't be..." A little dumbfounded, "Rukawa" awkwardly scratched his head. This affair might be a little hard to handle.

Soon after, Ye Qian was starting Qin Yue's Lamborghini Murciélago, speeding past the basketball court, then out of the school. "Rukawa" was dazed at seeing Ye Qian inside the car, and was speechless for quite a while. He couldn't get his brain to work. Why was Ye Qian in her car? Not only did he have a headache, but his ass hurt too.

Ye Qian sped through the highway in the Lamborghini Murciélago. Pedestrians could hardly make it out and only saw a black steak fly by, only seeing traces of it. A lot of people had seen the blur pass by, thinking it was a ghost in broad daylight.

Grabbing an ATM card that had access to Jack's extorted cash, Ye Qian went to the more popular shops in the mall and in no time, the car was jam-packed. When it came to the Wolf Fang's money, Jack was the man. The kid often hacked the database of China's banks. Afterwards, he'd access their clients' accounts and transfer some of the money to his own. One could not underestimate taking meager amount he took. When they piled up, it ended up being a huge sum, while nobody was the wiser, since it was kept hush-hush.

After he was done shopping, Ye Qian went straight back to the villa and started to decorate. With some grumbling and humming here, and a little bustle there, his actions were becoming amusing to look at.

Some time past 5PM, the preparations were nearly complete. Looking at his work, Ye Qian was a little please with it, and muttered to himself, "Do you see this talent? Dang, I'm so fucking good."

After changing, Ye Qian went back out on the Lamborghini and drove to the hospital. When he got to the hospital's entrance, Ye Qian took out his phone to call Lin Rou Rou. She was just finishing off work so Ye Qian waited for her. Waiting for one's beloved to get off work was quite enjoyable. At least, Ye Qian thought so. Clutching the rose he bought earlier, Ye Qian smiled like an idiot.

In no time, Lin Rou Rou came out of the hospital. Ye Qian rushed to open the car door for her and handed her the rose. "Thank you!" Lin Rou Rou happily accepted and planted a soft kiss on Ye Qian's cheek.

"Come on, let's go home." Ye Qian said as he pulled Lin Rou Rou close.

Looking at the Lamborghini Murcielago, Lin Rou Rou asked in shock, "Ye Qian, this...this is your car?"

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