Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 99

Super Soldier King Chapter 99

That night Ye Qian had dinner with Lin Rou Rou. This little girl was so carefree, spending the whole time chatting about the pleasant things that happened in the hospital. Ye Qian didn't want to spoil her mood, he listened to her stories attentively. He didn't know why but the time he spent with Lin Rou Rou he always felt very relaxed and happy. It seemed likely that he was quite dependent on this girl already.

After dinner, Ye Qian and Rou Rou went for a walk around a nearby park.

"Rou Rou, I'm going to be gone for a while." Ye Qian finally said after a period of silence.

"Oh? Where are you going?" Lin Rou Rou asked.

"Burma, the company met with some trouble over there. I have to go personally to handle it." Ye Qian tried his best to sound relaxed.

"Oh, how long will you be gone?" Lin Rou Rou asked.

"It's still not clear now, I have to wait till I get there to find out. But it won't take that long, I'll be back in at most a month or so." Ye Qian replied.

"Remember to call me when you're there, also, don't fool around." Lin Rou Rou said mischievously.

Ye Qian lightly flicked Lin Rou Rou's nose and said, "Silly girl, your husband isn't that kind of person."

At this moment a car sped over towards them and stopped beside them. It was Jack, Li Wei, James, and William inside. Li Wei chuckled mischievously and nodded at Lin Rou Rou and said, "Sister-in-law!"

Lin Rou Rou blushed and said to Ye Qian, "Go on, I can go home by myself."

Ye Qian nodded and said, "Be careful on your way home." After saying this, he squeezed into the car and Jack immediately started the car and left. Lin Rou Rou whispered as she watched the car disappear into the night, "You must be careful, I will wait for you." The truth was, Lin Rou Rou could see that there was something wrong with Ye Qian, adding to that the fact that Ye Qian told Lin Rou Rou about the Wolf Fang, so Lin Rou Rou could feel that this was not as simple a matter as Ye Qian made it out to be. But she understood that Ye Qian didn't want her to worry so she pretended not to know, to avoid having Ye Qian worry about her and get distracted.

On the morning of the next day, Ye Qian, Li Wei, James and William arrived in Burma's capital, Naypyidaw. Without resting they took a train and headed for the northern part of the capital, Lashu.

After they found a hotel, Ye Qian called Li Wei, James and William into his room. Lashu was the last known position of Tian Chen based on the GPS; they had no news of Tian Chen at all, might as well start investigating slowly from here. Even though it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, Ye Qian would not abandon a fellow brother of the Wolf Fang.

Lashu was 230 kilometers away from the City of Mandalay. It had a population of 40, 000 people, and had particularly a lot of ethnic Chinese and Chinese immigrants. In China and Burma, land transportation and business locations were very important. Nearby produced tea, an ore mine of various metals, jade, and so on. The railroad connected to the City of Mandalay,the south of the highway connected to Dong Zhi, at the north it connected to Yunnan province, and was about 130 kilometers away from Wanding town.

When talking about Lashu there were some things that should not be said. During the cultural revolution of China, a number of literati who were resettled to the Yunnan province who supported the World Revolution crossed over to Burma and joined the Communist guerilla bands to fight against the Burmese government. Near the border between China and Burma a group of staff officers sent by the Chinese military, codename 808 was stationed. They were in charge of training anti-government insurgents in the base of operations of the Communist Party of Burma in the military district in Manchuria. They also supplied abundant military equipment. In the 70's, a number of Chinese literati followed the Communist Party of Burma insurgents and attacked Lashu. At one time a Chinese literati battalion managed to seize control of a Lashu train station. When they evacuated the train station, one of the Chinese literati launched a rocket launcher onto two cars and destroyed them. Later on they were routed by the government army and a lot of people died, their blood spraying on foreign land. After they retreated to the Communist Party of Burma's guerrilla base a lot of the the Chinese literati returned to China and lived out their days in rural resettlement. A few stayed behind and became the veterans of the Communist Party Burma's guerrilla band, staying in the northern mountains and forest, growing and smuggling opium.

China was a hot-blooded country full of hot-blooded men. Even though they were living as expats they still cared about their motherland.

"Does everybody need to take a breather first?" Ye Qian asked once they were all seated.

"No need for that, finding Tian Chen is more important." James replied. He was a tall and sturdy at about two meters tall. He had a tendency to get airsick, each time he rode a plane he would become sick and a mess for a spell, this time was no exception. But he knew that he had to persevere, he was also like Ye Qian, he did not want to abandon a brother of the Wolf Fang.

Ye Qian nodded, "Then let me assign tasks. James, you and William go contact the brothers who have already arrived, Li Wei and I will go to the guerrillas nearby. Remember, don't use phones to communicate, we don't know if our enemy has high accuracy technology keeping tabs on us. Understood?"

"Understood?" The three of them said together.

"Good, then let's go." Ye Qian said.

After Ye Qian finished speaking James and William stood up and left. Li Wei turned to Ye Qian and asked, "Boss, you know the guerrillas here?"

Ye Qian nodded and said, "Not deeply, only by a through a thread of karma. They were all formerly people of China, the later generation of the people who assisted the Burmese Community Party back then. Even though they possess the nationality of Burma now, they are friendly to Chinese people, they will help us if it is within their ability."

After speaking, Ye Qian glanced at his watch and said, "Let's get moving, or else it will be too dark to find the guerrilla camp."

Li Wei didn't make a reply, standing up and leaving with Ye Qian. Once outside they hailed a trycicle and sped towards the nearby guerrilla camp.

Owing to the numerous mountain roads, and that the way was not easy to drive though, and the tricycle driver was not willing to casually enter the guerilla base, Ye Qian and Lie Wei were let off at the border. Ye Qian didn't force the issue, after all the driver was only an ordinary citizen, the misunderstanding was pardonable. The two of them went into the forest on foot.

Because it had been a long time since he was here last, Ye Qian couldn't remember the path anymore. The GPS in his watch could not get a signal either, it was possible that the guerrillas set up something to interfere with the signal.

"Who is it? Halt!" Not long after they entered the forest, they heard a shout. Two soldiers wearing military camouflage attire, holding guns, rushed forward.

Ye Qian knew that these must be sentries dispatched by the guerrillas so he did not resist. He followed the command and stopped his steps and raised his arms above his head. Li Wei watched Ye Qian, even though he was a little unwilling, he still stopped and raised his arms too.

"Brothers, don't misunderstand. We have come to pay respects to General Wang De Shen." Ye Qian replied.

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