Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 102

Super Soldier King Chapter 102

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "I know some arms smugglers in the Middle East, they have all the latest weaponry. The XM8 assault rifle manufactured by ATK from the United States that is currently the most advanced in the world, the M1A2 SEP Abrams battle tank from the United States, the AMX Leclerc battle tank from France, even biological weapons and nuclear weapons, as long as you want them, they can get them for you."

"Really?" Wang De Shen said excitedly.

"Of course, if Senior Brother is interested, I can help you get in touch." Ye Qian said.

"I'm interested, of course I'm interested." Wang De Shen said hurriedly. "I'll leave it up to you then, Little Boss. Don't worry, this old brother won't let you get the short end of the deal. How about this, those jade ores I originally sell to the processing plants, I'll set aside 98% for you, how's that? 那些翡翠和红玉原石我按原先加工商收购的价格的百分之九十八卖给你,怎么样?"

"Eh? Senior Brother, it's not as if we aren't brothers, I won't let you get the short end of a deal." Ye Qian said.

"Little Boss, weren't you the one who said that even blood brothers must keep accounts? If you don't let me do this, then you don't need to buy them at an extra 3% from me, you can just buy it at the original price, how about it? If you refuse, then you won't be giving your laoge face." Wang De Shen said with a grave expression.

"Since Senior Brother insists then I humbly accept." Ye Qian said, looking reluctant, as if he wouldn't have agreed to it if Wang De Shen hadn't bullied him into it. Inwardly though, Ye Qian was rejoicing since this meeting with Wang De Shen turned out to be quite profitable. Not only was he able to establish a relationship with Wang De Shen, he was also able to purchase green jade and red jade ore at a low price, but even more important was that Wang De Shen still felt like he owed him a favor.

Ye Qian understood very clearly what kind of relationship he had established with Wang De Shen. It was not the same as the relationship he had with Li Wei and the other members of the Wolf Fang, a life and death type of connection between brothers. Rather, what he had with Wang De Shen was just an alliance to gain benefits. At most, he could only be considered an ordinary friend.

Wang De Shen was unexpectedly very hospitable, most likely because he was very grateful for Ye Qian's help in resolving the issue of acquiring arms. He spent the whole night being jolly and pushing alcohol. He was persistent enough that Ye Qian couldn't refuse him for long and drank a little too much, while Li Wei remained very sober because he only drank a little. After all, the way Li Wei saw it, this was an unfamiliar place, and even though Wang De Shen was being very hospitable, he still couldn't let himself lose his sobriety and optimal fighting condition, since he also had to protect Ye Qian.

Ye Qian and Li Wei were given a loft in one of the wooden structures to spend the night in. Wang De Shen had very "considerately" prepared two Burmese girls for them, and had even assured them excessively that they were virgins, but Ye Qian refused. It wasn't that Burma had no beauties, but that it had a pitiful few. These two girls were the daughters of the peasant farmers under the jurisdiction of the guerillas, they had no sex appeal or good looks, as well as rather dark-skinned, so Ye Qian had no interest in them, even Li Wei who could get it up for anything couldn't stand looking at them.

While lying on the bed, Li Wei couldn't help sighing, "Boss, I almost couldn't help vomiting earlier, they call those goods beauties? That's just not right."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Ye Qian said indifferently. "Don't you think that even ugly girls possess something admirable? Just find the part of her that you can appreciate then it's all good."

"I tested it out but I failed." Li Wei sighed.

Ye Qian smiled helplessly and didn't reply.

After a while Li Wei asked, "Boss, what do you think about this Wang De Shen?"

"He's not bad, he's worth being friends with, but time is needed to make sure." Ye Qian answered.


"Fuck, go to sleep, stop nagging like a girl, if you don't go to sleep this daddy will kick you." Ye Qian interrupted. Li Wei pursed his lips in disatisfaction but obediently turned to his side and shut his mouth. Ye Qian did not sleep, on his side, his hands gripped Blood Wave, and there was a strong killing intent in his eyes. Ye Qian and Li Wei's weapons were returned to them when they were taken to their room, probably as a sign of goodwill, and to show that they were not suspicious of Ye Qian and Li Wei at all. But the Wolf Fang weren't pushovers that could be bullied. Ye Qian would never believe that Liu Tian Chen had simply disappeared and leave the matter at that. There was only one end for people who wronged the Wolf Fang, and that was washing away their sins with blood.

Ye Qian and Li Wei got out of bed early the next morning. Wang De Shen had already sent people out to find out information, so the only thing they could do now was wait. After breakfast, Wang De Shen brought Ye Qian and Li Wei to a nearby mountain to take a tour around his mines. Apart from the sentinels, the rest of the guerilla band were quite relaxed; they stayed on the open field swapping pointers on fighting and marksmanship.

Ye Qian and Li Wei returned from the mountains in the afternoon, finding the group of happy-go-lucky soldiers, they couldn't help smiling. Even though this wasn't the Wolf Fang it had the atmosphere of an army, it made them think back to the Wolf Fang's times in South Africa.

Wang De Shen chuckled and said, "Right now the Burmese government wants to maintain a face of peace so they don't attack us often. How is it? Little Boss, do you want to go over and have a look? Go teach these fellas a thing or two or else they'd think they were invincible."

Ye Qian glanced at Li Wei's expectant expression and shook his head, "Go then, remember to go easy on them."

Li Wei chuckled mischievously, "No problem, no problem." After he said this he eagerly ran off.

Wang De Shen made a commanding gesture and the people in the field halted their activities, then he said, "Brothers, this person is our brother from the Wolf Fang, I'm sure you've heard of the Wolf Fang before, they are the kings of the mercenary worlds. Take this as an opportunity to learn something and use this chance well."

The soldiers stared blankly in surprise when they heard that this prettyboy was a member of the Wolf Fang. They now couldn't help doubting a little that the Wolf Fang could be as awesome as the legends say, since it could just all be exaggerated rumors.

There was some arrogance in each of the soldiers, they were willing to acknowledge that a person was strong but only if they saw it with their own eyes. They were also thinking that if they were able to defeat Li Wei then that would be worth boasting about. If word were to spread about it then they could be known as somebody who had defeated even the Wolf Fang.

Li Wei looked at the eager expressions of the soldiers and smiled evilly. He pointed at the soldiers in front of him and said, "I haven't exercised in a long time, you guys come first?"

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