Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 105

Super Soldier King Chapter 105

The mountain was not steep, however it was thick with brambles and bushes, so moving was difficult and it was easy to get lost. But with Feng Lan, who was an expert in jungle warfare, leading the way, it naturally went without a hitch. Since they were already in the territory of the guerrillas they had to be extremely careful. Ye Qian turned to face Mo Long and gave him a hand signal, Mo Long understood and left the group.

Mo Long was the best sniper in the Wolf Fang, his camouflaging skill had reached perfection. Having him dispose of the guerilla's sentries was the best plan.

While they were on the move, James left the Wolf Fang's special symbol for communication in a hidden spot that Feng Lan indicated. Firstly it was to prevent getting lost in the forest, secondly it was to let Li Wei find them as fast as possible when he got new information. Because the terrain was dense, it was very easy to keep hidden, so everybody communicated through special military sign language to prevent themselves being discovered by the sentries.

The forest was full of snakes and insects, even though they were not venomous, getting bitten would still hurt or be itchy. Everybody was camouflaged in the forest, they even smeared special paint on their faces. Everybody did not move fast, it was a taboo to move fast in a forest, they only had to maintain a particular speed. There were markers left by Mo Long along the sides of the road. The bodies of the sentries he had disposed of were also hidden away, camouflaged very well so they were difficult for the average person to discover.

Around midnight everybody met up with Li Wei and Mo Long. After sitting in a circle, Ye Qian pulled out from his chest a map of the guerillas' base given to him by Wang De Shen. Apparently Wang De Shen had long had intentions of dealing with Di Lun. "Everybody look at this, this is where Di Lun's guerillas garrison. It is surrounded by a wooden fence on all four sides, north, south, west, east each have a watchtower. Our mission now is to infiltrate and find out if Tian Chen is being held prisoner. As much as possible we are not to engage with the enemy. Understand?" Ye Qian said in a low whisper. Even though the surrounding sentries had already been dispatched by Mo Long, one had to drive the boat carefully just in case a fish slipped through the net. 岂不是前功尽弃,虽然,可能性极小。

"Li Wei, tell us everything you've discovered." Ye Qian said.

Li Wei nodded then pointed at the map and said, "There are two soldiers guarding on each watchtower. Each of them is equipped with a 12.7 caliber W95 machine gun. This place must be their ammunition dump, there are around 10 or more people there patrolling at a time. They switch every two hours. The northern gate is guarded by about twenty people, weapons unknown. The east, west and south is all fences, about two meters tall. There are only about ten people in charge of patrolling around that area, there is no exit. This place is where they keep their prisoners, guarded by about five people. If Tian Chen is really in this place then he is likely being kept prisoner is the water dungeon."

Ye Qian nodded and said, "We'll distribute assignments now! James, you go to the south side; William, you go to the east; Mo Long, you remain here. We're carrying out an infiltration, if in case we get discovered by the enemy, you are responsible for using the rocket launcher to cover our retreat. Qing Feng, Feng Lan, enter from the south, your target is their ammunition dump; If Li Wei and I are able to rescue Tian Chen, or if we are discovered by the enemy, immediately blow up their ammunition dump. Li Wei and I will enter from the west, and go to the holding cell. Remember, as much as possible, do not open fire, also do your best not to encounter the enemy face-to-face. Is that understood?"

Everybody nodded. Ye Qian extended a hand and everybody put their hands on top of his, everybody looked at each other in the eye, then rallied, "Wolf Fang, kill!"

Afterwhich, Ye Qian waved a hand and they all dispersed and proceeded to their designated locations.

The foot of the mountain was definitely Di Lun's Guerilla Band's encampment. Late in the night, all the lights were already extinguished aside from the searchlights on each lookout tower that was constantly roving.

Ye Qian and Li Wei arrived at the west end, just as planned. As the searchlight's rays were just about to shine over, the two men quickly ducked down. It wouldn't take long for the searchlights to make a round trip, it would be ten minutes at most before it would come back to search this location. Ye Qian shot Li Wei a hand signal and Li Wei easily understood. The next time the searchlight shined past their location, the two of them would quickly get up and ascend the fence. After all, a two meter fence for them was only child's play.

According to the map, Ye Qian and Li Wei bent to a crouch, quickly moving towards the water dungeon, while watching each other's back. Avoiding the patrols along the way, they arrived at the edge of the cell without a hitch.

Beside the cell, five soldiers were lazily sitting on the ground, speaking in Burmese dialect, so Ye Qian and Li Wei could make no sense of their conversation. Ye Qian signalled Li Wei, who knew to approach the five men from this position, while Ye Qian would surround them from the other side. The two slowly approached the five soldiers and about a meter away, Ye Qian leaped. He rushed forward with Blood Wave in a magnificent red streak, slicing a soldier's throat with great precision. After Ye Qian dispatched one person, without stopping, he turned his body and sliced open another throat with Blood Wave.

In five short seconds, Ye Qian and Li Wei smoothly dispatched all five of the prison guards. Just after they dragged the bodies somewhere hidden and were about to enter the prison, another soldier suddenly walked over, his head bowed down as he tugged at his pants while he walked, likely having just finished using the can. The two of them couldn't help being gobsmacked. Dagger in hand, Ye Qian quickly threw Blood Wave straight for the man's throat, at the same time as Li Wei's combat knife sailed for the man's chest. With nothing but pure shock in his eyes, the soldier, still couldn't believe that someone had infiltrated their encampment, and in his final moments thought, "Masters!"

After hiding the corpse well, the two finally entered the cell. Since it was a water dungeon, it was more like a small pool, and in the middle, there was a vertical wooden pole. The prisoners were tied to the pole and only the head would be above water.

The prison did not hold a lot of prisoners, only one.  Head hung low in exhaustion, face covered in bruises. Since it was still dark out, Ye Qian and Li Wei couldn't make out his face clearly. But they still couldn't help getting extremely excited, and carefully stepped into the water and walked forward.

Sensing the activity, the prisoner suddenly opened their eyes. Though wan and sallow faced, the eyes were still bright and alert yet full of anger and hate. But upon seeing clearly that it was Ye Qian and Li Wei, that prisoner stared blankly, then a tremor couldn't help going through his body.

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