Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 107

Super Soldier King Chapter 107

The Wolf Fang's scales should not be stirred*, their reputation should also not be offended. If Di Lun really did had a hidden supporter, then his end would be the same, and that was death.

Ye Qian did not look at the money at all and looked and Di Lun coldly and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"I...I know. Wolf...Wolf Fang!" Di Lun replied in a panicky way.

"Have you seen all these fallen people? They met their doom because of your stupidity. You have committed the worst taboo for mercenaries, and offended the Wolf Fang. Tell me, who is the mastermind who told you to do this?" Ye Qian said slowly.

"I… I don't know, I don't know who he is, he only told me to follow his plan, to trick you into coming, said to only capture one member of the Wolf Fang and 10 Million USD as a reward. I… I'm money-hungry, I have eyes but I cannot recognize Mt. Tai*, please let me go. I am only a chess piece. As long as you let me go, I would do anything you want me to." Di Lun said very fearfully.

Ye Qian firmly looked into Di Lun's eyes and knew he wasn't lying. It seemed as if he really didn't know who the mastermind was. Based on Di Lun's words, apparently that person was only baiting the Wolf Fang out. His identity was so mysterious, Ye Qian couldn't help furrowing his brow. He couldn't stop thinking about it, but he really could not think of anybody who would go through such effort to antagonize the Wolf Fang. If there was really somebody, then it could only be the governments of US and Japan, but they wouldn't carry it out this way. After a moment, Ye Qian really had no idea.

After a moment of not talking, Ye Qian turned to Liu Tian Chen and said, "He's all yours."

"Yes!" Liu Tian Chen replied, then slowly walked forward. A strong look of hate was coming out of his eyes, the devouring look was like a demon from the underworld, making people tremble. Di Lun's face was full of ear, he pleaded nonstop. But it seemed as if Liu Tian Chen could not hear a thing, slowly he moved forward step by step, little by little ravaging Di Lun's mind, at the sound of each step, Di Lun's heart, a tremor would pass through Di Lun's heart.

Di Lun died a miserable death. No bone was left intact in his whole body, Liu tian Cheng had smashed them all. It could be said that Di Lun lived through pain. But he should be glad that Liu Tian Chen had no poison on him or the pain he endured would be a hundred times worse. In the Wolf Fang, Liu Tian Chen was nicknamed the Poison Fang, of all the members he was the master poison user. He enjoyed keeping people just on the brink of death. The key point in whether poison was good or bad depended on how it was used and who used it. Expert poison users were also sages at anti-poison/detoxification, because they understood the composition of poison well, they could bring out the most effective ways to use poison.

"Let's go!" Ye Qian looked at the hundred bodies on the ground and said unemotionally.

Qing Feng walked forward with a bag, and after everyone set the whole place on fire, they left the thoroughly destroyed guerilla camp.

This whole battle didn't last long, only little over an hour.

After they descended the mountain it was already dawn. After finding a place to hide all the weapons, everybody left by car to go to the hotel.

Ye Qian didn't expect everything to go so smoothly, that it would only need a few days. What got him worried was still that mystery man that antagonized the Wolf Fang. Their harvest in Burma this time was not considered small, not only did they successfully rescue Liu Tian Chen, they even made a connection with Wang De Shen, firmly establishing the Wolf Fang's growth in Southeast Asia.

After a resting for a day, Ye Qian gathered everybody in his room once more. Because they rescued Liu tian Chen Ye Qian's mood improved by a lot. The other members also had no more worries, smiling in  a carefree way. Because Liu Tian Chen had been in water so long his body was somewhat bloated and putrid/rotty, but he himself was a doctor so he would surely recover after some time.

"Li Wei, Qing Feng, Feng Lang, James, William, Tian Chen, all of you stay here temporarily. Mo Long and I will go back." Ye Qian said.

"Don't, boss, I also want to go back with you." Qing Feng said with a bitter expression on his face. "There's nothing fun here, I've never been to China before, I've heard that place is great because 'heroic youths birth glory', and there's lots of pretty girls there."

Ye Qian glared at him then said, "Do you think we're going back to have good times? I'm telling you to stay because I have an important mission for all of you. Li Wei, you've already met General Wang De Shen, go make sure what I discussed with him will be carried out, and also, get Wang De Shen's help, we will establish an estate in Burma."

Li Wei understood and nodded and said, "No problem boss, leave it to me." Then he turned to Qing Feng and patted him on the shoulders and said, "Qing Feng ah, don't look so unwilling, Burma is also a good place, the cost of living is so small, you only have to spend a few thousand bucks and you can mess around with a model or actress already."

"Gross, all those fucking dark-skinned black people, seeing them makes me think I'm still in the Middle East." Qing Feng said.

"Fuck, what do you know, it's called barley skin*, do you know that or not? This skins looks black but if you touch it it is smooth like tofu, great quality." Li Wei said.

Feng Lang looked at Qing Feng rebukingly and said, "We are going to stay here for a mission, you think it's to let you go have fun at the brothels? You'd just get an STD there."

Qing Feng stuck out his tongue slightly. He was the youngest of the group. His personality was quite brash but he still handled his job appropriately. Despite his exaggerated words, Ye Qian knew that if he put a girl on his bed, that fella wouldn't dare touch a hair on her head.

Ye Qiang looked at this fellow with amusement, then smiled slightly and commanded, "Your mission now, even though it is important, you don't need to be too anxious. When you have time, go around and play, Burma is not bad, you all need some rest. Also, we still don't know the identity of that mystery man, so be extra careful in everything you do. Once we get back, I will have Jack send some people over to investigate, to see if we can find any clues."

"Boss, will our expenses be covered by the organization? I have no more money in my bank account! Haha!" James smiled foolishly while scratching his head.

The Wolf Fang's scales should not be stirred - don't rub a person the wrong way; don't ruffle feathers; don't bring up a sore point; the original saying would be "dragon" instead of the Wolf Fang. As emperors were considered dragons back then, the magnitude of this no-no is quite harsh.

I have eyes but I cannot recognize Mt. Tai - too ignorant to recognize famous person in front of you; something you say to give respect to another person; typically to give a good impression

Barley skin - the english equivalent would be olive/tan/bronze/brown skin

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