Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 111

Super Soldier King Chapter 111

Ye Qian's tone was mild and low, it did not have the imposing tone of passing judgement, still when he spoke there was a faint domineering air. Ye Qian was not a monarch, he didn't pay attention to "benevolent rule", what he instead revered was tyranny. "It appears I have spoken too strongly, but this is still truth. You can call me young and inexperienced, you can call me brash and domineering. In my view, time can reveal everything. You and me have only met once, you don't know me very well, how can you know that I don't suit Lin Rou Rou?"

"It's true that time can reveal everything, but if that will take ten or twenty years, what is the point?" Xu Mei's tone of speaking was still cold, but clearly did not have her previous domineering air. "You think that Lin Rou Rou regards you with importance, but how long have you known each other? How well do you know Lin Rou Rou? Do you know what Lin Rou Rou needs? It's true that love is important, but if you don't have money or power, love on the bedcovers will still collapse on the first blow."  

Ye Qian nodded faintly, Xu Mei's words were reasonable, love was not only simply about the connection of hearts, more important was duty and bearing responsibility. Puffing his cigarette twice, Ye Qian slowly leaned back on the chair and asked, "You've found Lin Rou Rou a suitable young man then?"

"I have, I believe Lin Rou Rou has brought him up with you? The person is the scion of an aristocratic family, his character and talent is very good." Xu Mei replied.

"How good?" Ye Qian persisted.

Xu Mei was stunned for a moment and unable to respond, this question was not easy to answer. She suddenly found that she had underestimated this young man in front of him, he was not like ordinary young men that were usually subservient to her, or like those who relied on her background and became insufferably arrogant. From the very beginning this young man was neither servile nor overbearing, faintly emitting a not strong domineering air.

"Is he good enough to make your daughter like him? Evidently not, not only that, I'm afraid that your daughter has an intense disgust for him, or else she wouldn't make this 2-year deal with you." Ye Qian said.

Xu Mei knitted her brows and said, "What's the problem with that? Rou Rou is still young, sooner or later she will understand that we are doing this for her own good."

Ye Qian smiled disdainfully, not saying anything further.

"You don't agree?" Xu Mei felt some awkwardness at Ye Qian's disdainful smile.

"That's not it, I believe you are thinking of Lin Rou Rou's best interests, but you are looking at the problem from your own angle, not on Lin Rou Rou's angle, so on many things you can only look on in a one-sided fashion." Ye Qian said lightly, after keeping silent for a moment, Ye Qian continued, "Several days ago Lin Rou Rou and I have already gone to the hotel, today I just came from Lin Rou Rou's house."

"Hai!" Xu Mei choked in surprise, Ye Qian's meaning was very clear, there was an intense kind of provocation. He was telling her that Lin Rou Rou didn't just give him her heart, but also her body. Xu Mei knitted her brows deeply and glared at Ye Qian coldly.

Ye Qian pretended not to have seen the look, then continued, "However, I didn't do anything at all? Do you know why that is? Because I promised Rou Rou, I will make her free of worries of family matters, and make it possible for her to love me fully with her body and mind."

Xu Mei's thoughts were finally settled down, but there was now an added worry, it was very clear, from Ye Qian's words it meant that Lin Rou Rou was not unwilling, it was just that he didn't want to take advantage of her. That said, Rou Rou had most certainly already fallen for this swamp of romance. As Lin Rou Rou's mother, she understood Lin Rou Rou's personality very well. Although Lin Rou Rou had always showed disinterest in worldly things, she was strongly attached to the romance. The reason they made an agreement two years ago was because Lin Rou Rou felt an obligation to bear a burden for a family, moreover, Lin Rou Rou believed that she would never fall in love with anybody. But now Lin Rou Rou was thoroughly conquered by this fellow in front of her, if she were to blindly force Lin Rou Rou to go with her way, then in the future their relationship as mother and daughter might become estranged.

"And you think you can achieve that?" Xu Mei asked. Her words had not been out of curiosity, but rather, of disdain. For her, who had been born into an aristocratic family of officials, it was natural to know that the world did not run on ambitions and dreams. Even if this Ye Qian had huge ideals, he would still have to lower his head to reality.

Ye Qian smiled lightly, but he did not reject Xu Mei's way of thinking, the fact was reality was really like that. The truth of the matter was, Ye Qian did not think that ideals were enough, one also needed opportunity. Favorable circumstances weren't something left to chance though, as more often than not, Ye Qian had to bring them about himself. Admittedly though, Ye Qian's success attributed to him meeting General Tian Feng and joining the Wolf Fang, but the majority of it had still all been through Ye Qian's effort and endeavors. From worm to dragon, such things were not all impossible.

"Aunty's foresight is in short supply, compared to Rou Rou." Ye Qian calmly said.

"Is it?" Xu Mei sneered.

Ye Qian shrugged noncommittally and said, "Only time will tell if my words are true. But how long a time does aunty intend to give me to fulfill them?"

Ye Qian's words may have been somewhat domineering, but he head the capital/resources.

Xu Mei's brows knitted deeply, she could hear the strong self-confidence in Ye Qian's words, and not the kind of self-confidence that only talked big. Ye Qian was clearly telling her that however long she would give him to prove himself, he would use that long to accomplish it. Facing this kind of youngster, Xu Mei suddenly felt defeated, "There's still half a year before the end of the two years Rou Rou and I agreed on." Xu Mei words no longer had the same intensity and coldness as before.

"Half a year?" Ye Qian muttered to himself aloud, then with a faint smile, he said, "That's not a lot of time, but, on the whole, it should be enough to stabilize the general situation, and what remains need only be dealt with steadily." It wasn't clear whether he was talking to Xu mei or to himself.

Xu Mei couldn't help staring blankly, this youngster in front of him wasn't just confident, from his words it seemed as if he was already carrying out some sort of plan, moreover it seemed to be a grand sort of plan. Xu Mei then came to a sudden realization of how little she actually knew of this youngster, this youngster seemed to be not as simple as he appeared.

"It's good to be sure of yourself, but being overconfident might end up being your downfall." Xu Mei said indifferently.

Ye Qian smiled and did not speak. He only grabbed the cigarette case on the table, took out a stick, and lit it. His face was clear of any worry, as he exuded a confident smile.

"Hm? Brother Ye, you're here? Must be fate!" a middle-aged man approached Ye Qian's side, smiling as he continued, "I have something I need you for."

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