Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 120

Super Soldier King Chapter 120

You know what to do? I don't have to teach you? " Ouyang Tianming sneered.

Yue Qian did not hesitate. He took the dagger and thrust it into his own left arm with force; then, his arm bled immediately. However, Ye Qian did not utter a sound, as if he had no nerves to feel pain. When Zhao Ya saw this from the sidelines she screamed involuntarily, tears streamed down her face.  Even though she liked to quarrel with Ye Qian, she did not have harbor any ill feelings towards him. Furthermore, she didn't know when but she already grew to like him. Seeing Ye Qian bleeding for her sake made her feel as if a knife was thrusting into her heart.

"Satisfied?" Ye Qian asked in a cold manner.

"Am I satisfied? I suffered so much! You think I can be satisfied so cheaply?" Ouyang Tianming said disdainfully.  "Beg! Beg for me to let you go. I like the feeling of people begging at me, . especially you, I want you to kneel down in front me, to have you under my feet forever,."

A man had gold under his knees, kneel to the heaven, kneel to the earth, kneel to one's elders. There was no doubt that letting Ye Qian kneel in front of Ouyang Tianming was very difficult. Ye Qian knew that Ouyang Tianming was only trying to make him feel shame. Whether or not he really knelt was not that important. Besides, even if he himself did kneel, Ouyang Tianming would not release Zhao Ya.

"I'm right here. If you want to put me under your feet then come over." Ye Qian sneered.

"I'm scared, so scared, I'm so scared of you," Ouyang Tianming had a look of disdain on his face, then said, "I know you're good in combat, but what good is that? Are you faster than a bullet?" As he spoke, Ouyang Tianming took out his gun and aimed at Ye Qian from a distance. "See this? Huh? Can you see it? If I want to take your life now it would be a very easy matter, what good is your skill in combat now?" Ouyang Tianming said in a pleased manner.

Then he said to the two men at Ye Qian's side, said, "Make him kneel!"

Upon hearing his command, the two men went over. They ruthlessly kicked Ye Qian's knees. Ye Qian felt the pain, his legs went soft and he almost fell into kneel, but he relied on his own great willpower from the many years of training, Ye Qian still remained standing with an upright posture.

"You're so strong, but I'll see how long you can keep it up." Ouyang Tianming said sinisterly, "Beat him again! Beat that guy until he kneels down."

With Ouyang Tianming's command, the two men did not hesitate to kick his knees. Ye Qian tightly clenched his teeth,  every time when he almost kneeled down, he slowly rose back up.

Tears fell down Zhao Ya's face as she watched this scene, she noiselessly weeped. She knew Ye Qian that Ye Qian was a strong man, but he was suffering because of her.

Ouyang Tianming seemed to lose his patience. He pointed the gun at Zhao Ya's head then fiercely said to Ye Qian, "So you're strong, huh? Kneel down, or else I'll shoot her!" Then he spoke to Zhao Ya, "Don't blame me! Just blame him! He's the one who's bringing death to you, understand?"

Ye Qian was facing a tough choice. Ouyang Tianming was now completely irrational. If he himself did not kneel down, Ouyang Tianming would surely pull the trigger. But if he submitted to him, this would not only bring dishonor on himself, it would also bring humiliation to the Wolf Fang. If word were to get out, Wolf Fang would have no place in Jianghu.  Ye Qian inwardly thought, how come did Mo Long and Fu Ju Sheng not yet arrive.

Outside the abandoned chemical factory, Mo Long and Fu Jun Sheng arrived without a hitch. The two people found a suitable spot opposite side a building of the abandoned chemical factory to hunker down, their sniper rifles pointed at Ouyang Tianming and his lackeys. However, there were only two guns and five persons. With one careless word, Zhao Ya's life could be threatened. As for Ye Qian, they had nothing to worry about. If it weren't for Zhao Ya then Ye Qian would absolutely have been able to deal with them himself.

"Are you ready?" Mo Long glanced at Fu Jun Sheng beside him and asked.

"You deal with Ouyang Tianming, while I'll handle the two beside him." Fu Jun Sheng nodded and replied.

Mo Long glanced at Fu Jun Sheng. For a sniper, shooting consecutive shots for separate targets was a big challenge. As the Wolf Fang Mercenaries' first rank sniper, Mo Long wasn't so sure that he would be able to hit the targets in time, because if the time between the shots was too long, someone might be able to make a move against the hostage. Mo Long had doubts about whether or not Fu Jun Sheng would be able to do it, even though he used to be a member of the Chinese Wolf Fang Special Forces, he hadn't held a gun in a long time. With regards to the sniper, familiarity with the firearm was very important, if one was out practice, the probability of missing on the scene was greater.

However, seeing Fu Jun Sheng's full of confidence, Mo Long silently nodded his head. "Okay, later we will open fire at the same time. When the boss hears the sound of gunshots he will take care of the two beside him for sure."


Outside of XX Foreign Languages Institute, after Zhang Qiang watched Ye Qian drive away with his car, he laughed helplessly. When he heard about Ye Qian from Qin Feng's own mouth, he decided he had to see what kind of charm and boldness this xiaozi must have to be able to stir the heart of Qin Yue. Sure enough, Ye Qian did not make him disappointed, just when he arrived at the school entrance he had his car snatched away by Ye Qian, indeed the situation gave him laughter and tears.

Not long after, Qin Yue drove her own Lamborghini Murcielago going out from the campus. When she saw Zhang Qiang at the gate, she couldn't help staring blankly, then she stopped her car. After rolling the car window down, Qin Yue stretched out her head and asked in surprise.  "Uncle,why did you come here?"

Then, Zhang Qiang laughed bitterly and said. "I heard from the second young master that you had a boyfriend, so I came over to see. Who knew that just when I arrived at the school I'd have my car snatched by that xiaozi."

"What? He…… He snatched your car?" Qin Yue asked in astonishment.

Zhang Qiang nodded then said, "From the looks of him he seems to be having an emergency, But, eldest miss, your gaze is really original. He's the first man in Shanghai to dare steal my car.  Ha! Ha! Ha! I find that I actually like that xiaozi."

Qin Yue's face blushed a little, even though she was called the ice princess, always having a cold appearance, in front of her elders, Qin Yue would not go as far as to assume that face. "Uncle Zhang, don't listen to Little Feng. He's not my boyfriend." Qin Yue said.

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