Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 122

Super Soldier King Chapter 122

Qin Yue understood that the conflicting views of the Hongmen and Qing Gang was not something that could be easily resolved. But Qin Yue was somebody that did not like war, fundamentally she hoped for peace, so if the Hongmen could settle the dispute with the QIng Gang, even if the Hongmen had to take a step back, Qin Yue wouldn't mind. But the Hongmen was not Qin Yue's to manage, it was also not made up of only one clan, under it it was made up of several clans with their own master, seeking out their opinions would be required.

When Qin Yue heard Zhang Qiang's words, the image of Ye Qian appeared in her mind. The truth was the first time she saw ye Qian, Qin Yue had been filled with loathing, but now that they had spent a lot of time together, Qin Yue discovered that Ye Qian had a particular charisma, could he perhaps take upon himself to unit the Hongmen and Qing Gang?

"Uncle Zhang, do you think Ye Qian has this ability?" Qin Yue asked.

Zhang Qing stared a little blankly in surprise then replied, "I don't know. I know very little about Ye Qian. Eldest Miss, you can imagine how difficult it would be to unite the Hongmen and Qing Gang, the person to assume that responsibility must not only have the personality or the intelligence must be the top of the file. But I believe in Eldest Miss' eyes, I'm sure Eldest Miss can't be wrong in judging people."

Qin Yue smiled lightly and said, "I am only carrying this wish, can't say yet if he really has this ability. Up till now he still doesn't know my identity, I also don't know if he wishes to do this. What is clear to me is that he is not somebody that will not be content with ordinariness/dullness, but is a guy that likes his freedom, to make him undertake such a huge burden, I'm afraid he would be unwilling to do it."

Zhang Qiang knitted his brows, if Ye Qian were really that sort of person, then it would be difficult. To let some guy who enjoyed his freedom manage control the Hongmen and Qing Gang, to make him endure many restrictions, it was not an easy thing to fulfill. Fortunately, Ye Qian was also a guy that did not like dullness, a guy like that must have a lot of ambition, an ambitious guy is needed to be able to undertake large operations.

"Eldest Miss, I actually have the means to force him have no choice but to join the fight between Hongmen and the Qing Gang." Zhang Qiang said.

Qin Yue turned to Zhang Qiang and gave him a look and said, "Uncle Zhang, I know what you're thinking, but I don't want to do it this way. Ye Qian is a strongly-principled person, even though he's ordinarily pretty sloppy, he's very stubborn. If he finds out that he's being used, I'm afraid what would happen would be the opposite of what we want. Just let nature run its course, let's not do anything, just watching the situation will do."

Qin Yue knew that Zhang Qiang's plan was nothing else but to make Qin Yue and Ye Qian make their relationship official. This way, Ye Qian would be bound together with the Hongmen's interest. If anything were to happen to the Hongmen, it was equivalent to something happening to Qin Yue, Ye Qian would certainly not stand idly by. But Qin Yue knew Ye Qian's personality, that's why she was opposed to the idea. Besides, in her subconscious mind, Qin Yue didn't want her relationship with Ye Qian to be advanced by some beneficial union, she wanted it to be driven by the feelings from their hearts.

Zhang Qiang sighed a little and didn't say anything more. He knew the temperament of his own eldest miss, if she had decided on something, there was very few people who could convince her to change her mind. Forget about Zhang Qiang, not even her own father, the leader of the Hongmen, would be able to change Qin Yue's mind.


Across the abandoned chemical factory in the outskirts in the north, Mo Long and Fu Jun Shen adjusted their breathing. For snipers, each breath could cause their body to shake a little and this could affect the accuracy of their shot, so their breathing and their shooting had to reach a kind of synchronous rhythm.

Mo Long and Fu Jun Sheng where excellent snipers, so they were able to synchronize their breathing fast. The both of them turned to each other and Mo Long tossed a coin high into the air.

The instant the coin hit the floor, Mo Long suddenly discovered that Fu Jun Sheng unexpectedly took in a deep breath, and couldn't help becoming astonished. But at this moment he was unable to think about it too much, the arrow was in the bow string and there was no choice but to release it. His finger pulled the trigger and the bullet flew out. At the same time, two "peng peng" sounds from Fu Jun Sheng reached his ears, the sound of two successive gunshots.

Fast, this was the feeling Mo Long got first.

The time between Fu Jun Sheng's successive shots was merely a second, and it was even against two different people in two different directions, in other words, after shooting at his first target, Fu Jun Sheng did not have time to aim at the second. But Fu Jun Sheng had confidence and without hesitation opened fire, this was the resolve that was proper for a sniper.

Ouyang Tianming had a gun pointed at Zhao Ya's forehead, his whole expression twisted into a somewhat sinister and terrifying expression. But the Zhao Ya who had a gun pointed at her did not show any expression of fear, looking at Ye Qian with a face like raindrops on a pear blossom, a smile unexpectedly on her face.

Ye Qian wasn't the type of person to just wait around and die, in these urgent circumstance, even if Mo Long and Fu Jun SHeng didn't rush over, he wouldn't have just given up. If that were the case, how could he be called the Wolf King. To be the best mercenary, just being tough was definitely not enough, a type of spirit that did not give up or back down was more important, only with this spirit would it be possible to turn the situation around in any difficult situation.

In the moment Ouyang Tianming turned his head, Ye Qian suddenly pulled out the dagger sticking to his right arm and threw it into the air. Just like a meteor in the pitch black of night, Blood Wave, carrying a murderous aura, shot forward speedily towards Ouyang Tianming. This was Asura's blade from hell, the blood-colored ray of light like the fires from the underworld, it was the aura of death, the aura of life cutting short.

Ouyang Tianming couldn't respond in time, Blood Wave accurately pierced into his wrist, the power was so great the whole blade of the dagger pierced in. Ouyang Tianming screamed miserably, his right hand in pain, the gun dropped to the floor. As this was happening, the two people beside Ye Qian rushed towards him, in the urgency of the moment they had forgotten to pull out their guns, so they came forward to attack with their fists.

Ouyang Tianming quickly reacted, he roared, "Kill….", but he hadn't finished speaking when a bullet flew through the window and accurately hit his skull. Ouyang Tianming's eyes gaped open, his expression showed that to him this situation was inconceivable and he could not be resigned to it, his body collapsed. He couldn't' understand, he was clearly the one on the winning side, how could it suddenly end this way. But he would never have the opportunity to find out the reason.

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