Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 123

Super Soldier King Chapter 123

At the same time, the two people beside Ouyang Tianming had no time to react, two bullets in succession hit their heads. Both met a violent end by gunshot, there was absolutely no chance to respond, when the bullet passed through their brains the even the most fundamental nerves didn't have a chance to react, their bodies fell to the ground.

The time between the two shots of the bullets was only a second, the difficulty in achieving this was not something ordinary people could imagine. Mo Long sincerely admired Fu Shun Sheng's marksmanship. Even though Mo Long believed he could also hit two separate targets in different directions in an extremely short period of time, he did not think he could do it in one second like Fu Jun SHeng..

Upon hearing the instant sound of gunfire, Ye Qian knew Mo Long and Fu Jun Sheng had arrived and he instatly felt relieved. With the both of them around, he no longer had to worry about the two people beside Ouyang Tianming threatening Zhao Ya's safety. Now what he had to do was deal with the two people near him quickly to avoid the situation turning around.

Ye Qian watched as the two of them rushed forward with ready fists, he couldn't do anything about the pain on his right shoulder but prepared to face them. Their attacks were not some sort of ancient martial arts technique, but they were sharp and powerful, a technique they must have honed through numerous battle. Ye Qian was currently too occupied to think about i ttoo much, his arm had jsut been stabbed by Blood Wave so he could not exert himself too much physically. However, Ye Qian was the Wolf Fang's number one fighter, in close combat, he was undefeated, even when one arm couldn't be used too much, it was more than enough to deal with these two.  

Duel experts often moved between the outcomes. Any kind of fist-fighting paid attention to a flexible usage rather than imitated tricks.

From the beginning, Ye Qian rarely used his legs when fighting in close-combat. It wasn't becaue he had poor technique with his feet, in fact it was the opposite, his skillat fighting with his legs was superior to his skill with his hands. The reason he did this was very simple. It was like Jing Wu Ming who never used the right-handed sword, it was a way to conceal one's own true strength.

With two "peng peng" sounds, Ye Qian used his legs and powerfully crushed their neck that broke their skulls instantly. Then the two people suddenly collapsed.

Mo Long saw the scene unfold through the targeting apparatus in his rifle and became extremly shocked. He had never seen Ye Qian use that kind of fierce leg technique before, he didn't expect it to be that lethal either. Back at the Wolf Fang Mercenaries' headquarters, the members often exchanged fighting tips. Ye Qian only used the style of fist-fighting every time and already every memebr of the Wolf Fang were unable to put up any form of resistance, so naturally they thought that Ye Qian's fighting strength was with his fists. And now, Mo Long had to be surprised in seeing this. If Ye Qian boosted his powerful, lethal kickboxing moves in the first place, he would not know that Lang Ya had men to be at his hands of trickery.

Mo Long put away the sniper rifle in hand. He stood up and looked at Fu Jun Sheng. "Let's go," He said.

Fu Jun Sheng understood and nodded. He put away his sniper riflehandgun and went down with Mo Long. Now that the matter was over it was time for Ye Qian and Zhao Ya to talk about romantic things. Fu Jun Sheng understood this part very well, he coudln't go over them and be bother them.

After dealing with the two people beside him, Ye Qian walked towards Zhao Ya. While seeing Zhao Ya getting afraid, he smiled then comforted her. "Everything is alright," He said as he untied her.

Zhao Ya had been tied up too long so it made her hands feel numb. When she saw Ye Qian's arm full of fresh blood, Zhao Ya became distressed, so she tore a piece of cloth to wrap his injured arm. "You're so silly. Why do you use a dagger to stab yourself? Does it hurt?" She complained.

Although her tone was reproachful, it also carried gratitude and love.

At this time, Ye Qian looked at how gentle Zhao Ya was and became a little stupefied, he did not think Zhao Ya had a gentle, virtuous side. After a pause, he smiled and said, "I'm not feeling hurt. But now thatt you mention it, it's starting now it hurts. "

Apparently Zhao Ya had some experience because she dressed the wound beautifully, completely unlike what an heiress who had never done anything. "The blood has dried. But your wound is not yet healed. It would inflame easily. I'll take you to the hospital."  She said gently.

"No need, it's only a small wound." Ye Qian said softly, "Zhao Ya, Are you deeply touched? Your father made a right decision for finding me as your good fiancé," This was a case of forgetting past pain because of the gain, now that the matter was resolved, Ye Qian couldn't help teasing this girl.

Surprisinlgy, Zhao Ya did not fly into hysterics like she did in the past, but only looked at Ye Qian tenderly and said. "The truth is I know you're not my fiancé. Aren't you my father's bodyguard?"

Ye Qian stared blankly in surpirse, he never expected that this little girl wasn't as silly as thought she was, it turned out she knew early on. "When did you find out?" Ye Qian asked.

"At first when you told me I really believed you, but later on I thought about it carefully felt that it was really impossible. My dad respected my opinions, so it was impossible to ask me without the consent of my situation about finding a fiancé. Although I did not know why you did that, but I knew there were your reasons, so I also pretended not to know." Zhao Ya slowly said.

Ye Qian smiled awkwardly, and said, "So you already haha. You didn't say it though, could it be you wanted to pretend that I was really going to be your fiancé?"

Zhao Ya gave Ye Qian a hard looked and said.  "Dream on. In fact, I knew Miss Yue has a good impression towards you. She's a good girl. I hope you can cherish her. Surely that Miss Yue could be your good helper in the future, whether it is your career or other things." Zhao Ya said.

Ye Qian stared dumbly and thought, what's the meaning of what she said? Was it liking herself but not wanting to become the other woman because with Qin Yue? He was at loss. He got amazed byat her. "Are you jealous?" He asked.

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