Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 129

Super Soldier King Chapter 129

Hu Ke gave Ye Qian a supercilious look then said, "Don't pretend in front of me. If you are an ordinary person, then this whole world is only full of ordinary people. Ye Qian, I don't care what your genuine way of thinking is, but I believe that you are not that kind of person, that's why I told you I was disappointed.

Ye Qian laughed and leaned close to her face. He said, "You seem so concerned about me. Then, then...Little Ke'er…do you feel that way about gege?"

Hu Ke gawked at him, thinking, this Ye Qian is really rascal, a dog can't stop himself from eating shit, but he was still quite cute. Hu Ke was not like Zhao who caused a ruckus when faced with this question, or like Qin Yue who became cold as ice. Instead she smiled in a very charming manner and said, "You want the truth?"

Yu Qian couldn't help staring back, thinking to himself, what does this girl mean by that? Could it be that this girl actually likes me? Can't be, we barely speak to each other. "Of course I want the truth." Ye Qian said.

"Yes. I have a crush on you." Hu Ke bluntly said.

Ye Qian became completely stupefied, staring at that spot, unable to speak, his face looking at Hu Ke in shock.

"But right now you still have not fulfilled my request. So even if I have a crush on you, I can only bury this crush. When the time comes that you fulfill my request, then I will pursue you." Hu Ke replied in a charming way.

Ye Qian chuckled then said,"Then what is your request?"

"To be under one and above ten thousand, loyalty." Hu Ke replied.

Ye Qian gawked a little then said, "I have loyalty, but this. To be under one and above then thousand, it's a little problematic. On a rainy we won't be able to find a tree, if lightning comes we'll surely be struck. In the future when we pay respects to the emperor and mix among the princes then that's under one and above ten thousand".

Of course Hu Ke knew he was just joking. She gave him a slightly ard look then said, "You can do, achieve to be under one and above ten thousand in present society too."

Ye Qian shrugged his shoulders and smiled. At this time, Hu Ke's mobile phone rang. Hu Ke saw that Grandpa was calling. Then she turned her eyes to him and said, "If you came here to say sorry then I accept your apology."

Ye Qian knew she was expelling her guest, so he laughed and went outside. Then Hu Ke closed the door. She pressed the answer button and the phone connected. "Ke'er, where did you get his pictures?" Her grandpa's surprising voice was heard.

Hu Ke stared. She knew that he is referring to Ye Qian. However, she did not understand what made her grandpa very tense. She said, "He's in Shanghai. Now he lives with us in a same villa."

"What…? You… You're living together?" Hu Ke became astonished.

"Grandpa, what are you talking about? He's only Qin Yue's bodyguard and just temporarily residing here. How can you say we're living together?"

Grandpa Hu sighed in relief then said  "Ke'er, I'm not against you in finding a boyfriend. Since you've grown up, finding a boyfriend is very normal. But Ye Qian's background is too complicated which is inappropriate for you."

"Grandpa, I already said it's not like that. Who is he? Did you find his background?" Hu Ke asked.

"Yes. My dear, have you heard about Wolf Fang?" Her Grandpa Hu said.

"Yeah, the China Special Forces right. Grandpa, did you forget? I've stayed there for several days."

"I am not talking about Wolf Fang of the Chinese military, but about the Wolf Fang that is headquartered in the Middle East, the Wolf Fang that accepts missions from all over the world, the Wolf Fang mercenary group, that Wolf Fang. The Wolf Fang mercenaries were established about twelve years ago. The former captain is Wolf Fang Special Forces retired officer. In the world of mercenaries, the Wolf Fang stand above the rest. No one can repress their cutting edge. Every one of them can be said to be first class soldiers, all of them a group of cold-blooded killers. All countries classified them as extremely dangerous. However, their scope of activities has never been to China. At this time, why do they come to China?" Grandpa Hu said. He couldn't figure out why the Wolf Fang had come to China.

Hu Ke said in surprise, "Grandpa, are you saying that he's one of Wolf Fang's mercenaries?"

"Yes. Not only is he one of them, he's their leader. They call him Wolf King Ye Qian. His name was listed in the CIA and FBI, his files were that high-profile." Grandpa Hu replied.

Hu Ke completely stunned. Even though she saw him not as an ordinary person, she thought his identity was so frightening.

"Ke'er, since he's near you, you can help to examine his purpose in China. Ay, I also do not know how many people from Wolf Fang are really in China. I'm afraid that a storm is about to rise. You should pay more attention. I'll tell this news to NSA to let them sent someone to China for investigation." Grandpa Hu said with some worry.

Hu Ke stared for a moment. She said, "Grandpa Hu, I don't think he has any evil intentions coming to China this time. I think you shouldn't tell the NSA about those. Although I haven't known him for a long time, but I can feel that he's an evil person, but also a man of his own will. If you let him know that NSA people are investigating on him, things will only get worse. Grandpa, don't you always want to find anyone who can help with that mission? I think he's very suitable."

"Him?" Grandpa Hu said in surprise. "But he's a wolf, they are not so easy to tame. In case any trouble happens, it's not easy to clean up." Grandpa was shocked.

Hu Ke smiled, "Grandpa, don't you always say that a fierce horse is a good horse? Isn't Ye Qian a good horse? If we use the right methods he can become a great help to you."

"We can take our time talking about this, first help grandpa investigate." Grandpa Hu said, "Also, be more vigilant there in Shanghai, I hear that things are not peaceful there right now."

Translated by:
  • Zherwyn
Edited by:
  • Furutze