Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 137

Super Soldier King Chapter 137

Among the people present, apart from Mo Long, only Fu Jun Sheng had heard of the Wolf Fang Mercenaries. He did not know much about the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, but during his stint in the Wolf Fang Special Forces of China he had heard of their name at least. When he first met Ye Qian he thought that Ye Qian was one of the mysterious members of the Wolf Fang Special Forces, unexpectedly he turned out to be from the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, he was even their leader. When Fu Jun Sheng heard Ye Qian's words it was hard for him not to be extremely shocked.

As for Zhao Tie Zhu, he was not interested in this matter. He was solely focused on the food he was eating. Mo Chu Hua excited cried out, "Dang, Ye Qian, you're even a mercenary? Who'd have thought. Oh yeah, what do you mercenaries do? Is it really like the stories, really flashy and cool? I've seen many tv shows and movies about mercenaries."

Ye Qian smiled helplessly and said, "Those tv shows and movies are made up. The truth is it's just a matter of you give me money, I give my life. We don't bow down to any government, but on occasion they do rely on us, so we coexist that way. Like when the USA invaded Afghanistan, some of it was due to our power. But it was only a contract for profit, nothing more. A few days ago I established a security company in Shanghai. If you guys are interested in joining the Wolf Fang Mercenaries, then you are very welcome to join. But if you don't want to, you can still work in the security company, the pay will definitely be better than in Tian Ya Conglomerate.

"Can you tell us your plans?" After a pause, Fu Jun Sheng asked.

Ye Qian's lips curled up into a pleased smile, then he said, "Mercenaries aren't recognized by the Chinese government, so we need to use a name we can use publicly to protect our identity. Shanghai is China's financial capital, a stormy landscape, the burial ground for heroes, a lot of different powers intertwined here. Because of all this there is certainly a chance that our establishment here can be hindered, but this same situation is what also gives us the chance to advance our development by leaps and bounds. As far as I know, a big war between the Qing Gang and the Hongmen could happen any moment and I plan to seize that opportunity. Of course the influence of the Qing Gang and Hongmen in the whole world is too great, it wouldn't be possible to eliminate them fully. But I'm confident that I can erase their existence in Shanghai. Of course I would rather subdue the enemy without a fight. Recruiting them would add to our power. But I still haven't thought of a way to make that happen."

Indeed, when Qin Yue brought this matter up last night, Ye Qian only pretended to be confused and say he wouldn't help. In fact it was just because he still hadn't thought of a way to achieve what Qin Yue wanted. Ye Qian didn't like to make promises on things he still didn't have control over. Of course if the Qing Gang and Hongmen happened, Ye Qian would have no other choice but to stand by Qin Yue's side. After all, he and Qin Yue had a certain relationship.

"Ye Qian, I need to think about it for a few days." After a moment of silence, Fu Jun Sheng replied.

His expression was very sincere, and Ye Qian understood Fu Jun Sheng's way of thinking. Fu Jun Sheng came from the Wolf Fang Special Forces, he had a stronger sense of devotion to his country and to society than ordinary people. To join a struggle like this would be disturbing the peace of society that he naturally could not accept. Moreover, he also had a wife and child, he wouldn't want them to come to harm. But, returning to the main topic, he knew that a country's government had a subtle relationship with the underground. One couldn't say that Ye Qian's methods were bad for the country, rather it benefited the government in its own way. If Ye Qian could really unify Shanghai's powers, then public security would certainly be improved.

Mo Chun Hua didn't think about it any further. He was poor. After struggling for so many years, if Ye Qian hadn't appeared, he might still be an ordinary security guard now. So he didn't have the same misgivings as Fu Jun Sheng. "Ye Qian, I will join you." Mo Chun Hua said without the slightest hesitation.

Zhao Tie Zhu chuckled and said, "Anything's fine for me."

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "I want to make it clear that we aren't the criminal underground, we don't oppress the people or act tyrannically. Moreover, people who join the Wolf Fang must undergo strict training."

"Training is training." Mo Chun Hua said, "But do we have pay while we are in training?" He asked while laughing.

Ye Qian looked at him helplessly and said, "Yeah, but if the time comes and you can't take it don't blame me." Ye Qian wasn't worried about their loyalty after they joined the Wolf Fang. This was the kind of "brainwashing" in all teams. Once you enter, in that kind of environment one would be easily influenced to all have the same system of values and outlook.

Fu Jun Sheng took a deep breath and said, "Ye Qian, I want to ask you something."

"Ask away." Ye Qian said.

"How long do you think you will take to unify Shanghai's great powers?" Fu Jun Sheng asked.

"One year!" Ye Qian replied resolutely. "In one year, I can make Shanghai one color. Of course, this is assuming the situation won't change suddenly."

Fu Jun Sheng nodded faintly and said, "Two days, I'll answer you in two days."

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "Okay." But it was very clear to Ye Qian that Fu Jun Sheng had already agreed.

"When the opportunity comes let's compare notes, how about it?" Mo Long turned to Fu Jun Sheng and asked.

Fu Jun Sheng turned to look at him and smiled faintly then said, "Okay."

Ye Qian patted Mo Long's shoulder and said, "I forgot to introduce you. This guy is Mo Long, the number one sniper in the Wolf Fang, also a camouflage expert."

"Sniper? Damn, I like snipers best." Mo Chun Hua cried out, "Big Bro Mo Long, take care of your little brother in the future okay?"

Mo Long glanced at him and said, "You aren't suited to be a sniper. He could be one." As he said this he pointed at Zhao Tie Zhu who was stuffing himself with food.

Mo Chun Hu looked at Zhao Tie Zhu, he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. But he knew that next to Zhao Tie Zhu he was lacking in strength.

After a moment of silence, Ye Qian said, "Are you all free tonight? Let's go to the Bewitched Bar, there's party."

"Of course I'm free. I'd be a bastard to not accept a free meal." Mo Chun Hua guffawed.

Fu Jun Sheng shook his head faintly then said, "Today is my wife's birthday, I'm going back home to celebrate with her."

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