Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 140

Super Soldier King Chapter 140

Ye Qian smiled helplessly, then said indifferently, "So you think I'll choose to give you a million, or give you a hand?"

Zhang Jian knitted his brows, he snorted coldly, glared at Ye Qian then said, "Xiaozi, you think I'm joking with you? Go out and ask around, see who doesn't know who Jian-ge is in the underground. I am bearing the responsibility and telling you, big brother is very angry right now, the consequences will be very severe."

Ye Qian didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, why did that bastard bring all of that up. "This is between you and Ji Meng Qing, I don't particularly want to butt in; But as Ji Meng Qing's friend I have the responsibility of not letting a person like you come back into her life. You think what you've out there is anything special? Let me tell you, I've seen many small gangsters like you. You think a few words like that can scare me? My hand is here, if you have proof, come get it." Ye Qian snorted coldly, then replied.

When Ye Qian first heard that Zhang Jian was Ji Meng Qing's ex-husband, he did not plan on getting himself involved too much. After all, even though they were divorced, they still had a daughter together. Everybody could still have a peaceful relationship, just because they weren't husband and wife didn't mean they couldn't be friends. But, when he saw Zhang Jian's conduct, Ye Qian felt that he couldn't let this wretch disturb Ji Meng's Qing's stable life.

Even though Zhang Jian dabbled in crime successfully, he was still just a small fry, but he saw himself as the number one laozi under the sky. When he heard Ye Qian's words, Zhang Jian stood up with huff and aggressively said, "F***, you think laozi doesn't dare." After he said this he rushed towards Ye Qian.

"Zhang Jian, don't cause trouble for no reason, alright? Leave now. You're not welcome here." Ji Meng Qing came out of kitchen and angrily cried out.

"You think just because you say it, it will happen? Let Laozi tell you, today laozi will destroy this xiaozi or else laozi is not named Zhang." Zhan Jian said intensely.

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said to Ji Meng Qing, "There's no problem. Please go back inside, take Beng Beng with you too."

"Ye Qian, don't bother with him. He's a madman." Ji Meng Qing said. "Zhang Jian, if you don't leave, I'm calling the cops."

"There's no problem. Some thing's just have to be settled once and for all, anyway I'm here by chance so I might as well finish it in one go, or else next time he might come back to trouble you." Ye Qian said. "Take Beng Beng inside, I'm alright, don't worry."

Ji Meng Qing obviously had faith in Ye Qian's skill, Ye Qian did rescue her from bandits. But she knew what kind of narrow-minded, petty ruffian Zhang Jian was. She felt that she didn't want Ye Qian to offend this small Zhang Jian over her. But, after she heard Ye Qian's words, she was silent for a moment, but then she collected Beng Beng and took her into the bedroom and closed the door. She also understood that some things had to be resolved thoroughly. Even though she and Zhang Jian had already divorced, he was still like a fly always coming to disturb her life. If he wasn't thoroughly dealt with, her life would have no peace forever.

When Ye Qian saw Ji Meng Qing go inside, he lifted a finger and made a gesture, then said, "Come."

Zhang Jian snorted then swung his fist towards Ye Qian. It was the crude punch of a gangster with no technique. Ye Qian did not show him mercy, his fist slamming fiercely onto Zhang Jian's nose. Immediately blowed flowed out of Zhang Jian's nose.

Tears flowed down Zhang Jian's face because of the pain pain from his nose. The blood mixed with the tears made Zhang Jian's face look like rotten watermelon. Zhang Jian covered his nose with a hand and pointed at Ye Qian and said, "Shit, you fucking dare to hit me? If laozi doesn't kill you today then laozi has the same name as you!"

Ye Qian snorted coldly then said, "I don't want a son like you." After he said this he made his move. His figure projected forward, his foot landed on Zhang Jian's chest. Zhang Jian felt pain go through his body and he dropped to the ground curled up. Ye Qian grabbed him by the hair and then hit it fiercely with his knee making Zhang Jian fall to the floor on his back.

Ye Qian walked up to him then straddled Zhang Jian on his stomach. Then he slammed his fist violently onto Zhang Jian's head, instantly pulverizing Zhang Jian's eye sockets, making his eyes swell. Ye Qian didn't speak, his fist kept smashing down, but his hits weren't that strong, or else Zhang Jian might get killed.

"Stop...stop hitting me, I beg you please stop." Zhang Jian wailed piteously.

Ye Qian stopped then wiped the blood off his hands on Zhang Jian's body then said, "Weren't you so arrogant earlier, wanting my hand? Well? Do you understand fear now?"

"I… I was blind not to recognize my better, I beg you please let me go, if you continue you'll kill me." Zhang Jian pleaded.

Ye Qian snorted coldly then slowly got up, then said, "I don't give a fuck about your illegal activities. If I ever find out that you come bothering Ji Meng Qing again, you know what's going to happen to you? Do you understand?"

"I understand, I understand. I swear I'll never bother her. I wish you two well and that you grow old together." Zhang Jian struggled up onto his knees as he spoke.

Ye Qian stared a little blank, grow old together? He and Ji Meng Qing didn't have any sort of relationship. "Then get lost." Ye Qian kicked Zhang Jian as he spoke.

"I'm leaving, leaving, I'm leaving immediately." Zhang Jian ran out in staggering, panicky manner. When he reached the corridor he turned around to look at Ye Qian and whispered in an anger, "Fuck, laozi won't let you go."

"There's no problem now, he left. Come out." Ye Qian sat down on the sofa and said.

Ji Meng Qing opened the door and brought Beng Beng out with her. She looked at Ye Qian and asked with concern, "Are you alright? Did you get hurt?"

Ye Qian laughed indifferently and said, "I'm alright, don't worry. He won't be coming back to give you trouble anymore."

"Okay!" Ji Meng Qing said softly. Then she said, "I'm really very sorry, I asked you to come to Beng Beng's birthday party, I didn't expect this upsetting thing to happen. I didn't know he'd suddenly come today."

"Is the food ready? I'm hungry!" Ye Qian chuckled and changed the subject.

Ji Meng Qing stared blankly then hurriedly replied. "It's ready. You sit here, I'll bring the food out." After saying this, she went into the kitchen.

Ye Qian beaconed to Beng Beng to come then took the doll he brought and said, "Come, uncle's gift for you, do you like it?"

"I like Xi Yangyang. This isn't Xi Yangyang." Beng beng said with a pout. 

Translated by:
  • korezmi
Edited by:
  • Furutze