Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 143

Super Soldier King Chapter 143

Ye Qian didn’t know what to do upon seeing Ji Meng Qing’s heated stare so he only smiled faintly and didn’t reply.

“Back then I was young and didn’t know any better. I thought that since he was mixed up with criminals he would be able to protect me. Who would have known that after being together for a while, I would discover that he was a completely an unambitious person. If he wasn’t fighting he’d be drinking. Also after he’d go drinking he’d hit me. I thought that a couple should be forgiving towards each other, so I forgave him each time. I thought that after we had a child he would become a little better. But after I got pregnant he still went out and lived aimlessly. When I was seven months pregnant with Beng Beng I had to go out and find work to make money for him. Not only did he not feel the least bit of shame, he became worse. Not only did he continue to live aimlessly, he also brought another woman into our house.” Ji Meng Qing said. “Later on, after Beng Beng came into this world, he was still the same as before. I gave up on this man and divorced him. With the money you gave me I opened the Western-style restaurant, toiling day and night, so nobody would take Beng Beng away. I would never alone anybody to take Beng Beng away, she is my life. There are times when I feel helpless and wish I had a shoulder to lean on. I’m just a woman, a weak woman. Everyday I pretend to be strong supporting myself, I’m so tired, so tired.”

As Ji Meng Qing spoke she threw herself onto Ye Qian’s embrace and sobbed. Ye Qian was helplessly staring blankly, rigidly staying like that for a long time, slowly rubbing Ji Meng Qing’s back consolingly, he said comfortingly, “The past is the past, you have to believe that the future will be even better.”

An intolerably vulgar consolation, but Ye Qian didn’t know how to comfort this pitiful woman.

Ji Meng Qing replied in sobs, “Ever since you rescued me from those bandits, and even gave me money to come home, I knew from that moment you were deeply engraved into my heart. At first I thought it was just gratitude, but slowly I came to realize it is more like a nightmare. Your figure appears in my mind, I know, I already love you. Ye Qian, I know I’m not a match for you. I also do not make any demands for you to love me; But, allow me to love you, alright?”

After saying this, Ji Meng Qing raised her head to look at Ye Qian, it was a lovely and pitiful sight.

Seeing her like this, Ye Qian couldn’t refuse. Ye Qian had to admit that there were times he felt indecisive about this woman. The saying “heros have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman” was an unchanging principle. After a short pause, Ye Qian replied, “You are a good woman, you will have your own blessings.”

Ji Meng Qing looked at Ye Qian sincerely then said softly, “Ye Qian, can you accompany me tonight?”

Ye Qian stared blankly, quite surprised by Ji Meng Qing’s boldness. He looked at Ji Meng Qing blankly then took a deep breath and said, “I really don’t want to hurt you. Truthfully the biggest feeling I have for you is sympathy. Of course it would be a lie to say I have no feelings at all for you, but I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to hurt her, and also don’t want to hurt you. Can you understand?”

“Thank you for speaking truthfully. Ye Qian, I don’t make extravagant demands of accompanying you forever, I only want to be a woman supporting you from behind, truly. I don’t need any status, I only wish to give you a little of my love. Only a little is fine.” Ji Meng Qing said sincerely.

“Stop saying this nonsense, it’s not fair to you.” Ye Qiang said, “Give me a little of your time, I’ll also give you a little of my time. I think, decide after you know be better in the future. I really have some business to attend to tonight. I have a friend who got confined in the hospital after a fight, I’m going to settle it .”

“Can you hold me for a while?” Ji Meng Qing looked at Ye Qian and said softly.

Ye Qian nodded and reached out his arms to wrap Ji Meng Qing into an embrace. Li Wei once described Ye Qian in these words: “Successful with women but not a pervert, passionate and affectionate but not fickle in love.” Reality seemed to be just like Li Wei’s words. Li Wei’s pursuits was likely the kind that was based on looks, and another kind of ending. While Ye Qian’s pursuits was more of a journey, a kind where the two people depended on each other.

Ji Meng Qing buried her head deeply into Ye Qian’s chest. She knew thatYe Qian wasn’t the type of person to say one thing but mean another. Ye Qian said he had business tonight so he must certainly have something to do tonight. Even though this wouldn’t last forever, Ji Meng Qing still felt extremely blessed and happy. At least in this moment she could really possess Ye Qian, feel his body’s warmth, hear his heartbeat.

When it was close to the meeting time in the Bewitched Bar, Ye Qian left Ji Meng Qing’s place. Even though Ji Meng Qing was a little heartbroken over it, she still lovingly sent Ye Qian away. Before he left, Ji Meng Qing told him, “Come often in your spare time, I’ll make you lunch.”

Ye Qian lightly agreed, then raised his hand to signal for a taxi. He went in then pulled the window down and said, “Get inside now, Beng Beng is still inside.”

When he reached the Bewitched Bar it was already past 9PM. Mo Long, Zhao Tie Zhu, Mo Chun Hua might already have arrived. Ye Qian calmed himself then went inside.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, handsome!” Ye Qian had just entered the bar when Little Dragon Girl saw Ye Qian and called after him.

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, “Yeah, I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to come.”

Little Dragon Girl gave Ye Qian a hard look then said, “You don’t even call, I’ve been worried about you these past few days, you heartless guy.”

Ye Qian laughed, not taking Little Dragon Girl seriously. How could a girl like her be easily worried about a man. “I heard that this place is now the territory of the Qing Gang?” Ye Qian changed the subject.

“Yeah, just yesterday. Last night, the Qing Gang’s Situ Li Ren came over to cause some trouble. They injured Big Brother Hu. The power of the Qing Gang in Shanghai is really great, how could Big Brother Hu be a match for them. Immediately after, Situ Li Ren declared this place to be the Qing Gang’s.” Little Dragon Girl replied.

The corner of Ye Qian’s mouth lifted up into a smile, displaying a toothy grin. He said, “This is still The Tiger’s den, nobody can steal it. Has Situ Li Ren come in yet today?”

“He’s been here for a while, he must be at the back now.” Little Dragon Girl looked at Ye Qian in astonishment and replied. She has seen Ye Qian fiercely fight other people before, and she also knew the relationship between Ye Qian and Wang Hu. Naturally she understood that today Ye Qian must have come to give the territory back to Wang Hu. But she couldn’t dare believe it. The Qing Gang was the number one gang in Shanghai, did Ye Qian have the ability to take this territory back?