Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 147

Super Soldier King Chapter 147

Everybody looked in that direction in surprise and saw that a throwing knife was stabbed into Situ Liren's wrist. The corner of Ye Qian's lips lifted into a faint smile. He turned to face the bar entrance and saw a young man slowly walk in. His manner was quiet, his appearance elegant, but his left arm was just an empty space where a shirt sleeve was fluttering in the wind.

The young man arrived at Ye Qian's side and nodded faintly and greeted, "Boss!"

Ye Qian smiled faintly and reached out to give him a hug, saying excitedly, "What brings you here?"

"Ran-jie is here so I came with her." The youth replied.

"Ran-jie is also here?" Ye Qian suddenly felt a headache and couldn't help knitting his brows.

The youth turned and saw Mo Long. He reached out and gave Mo Long a hug then said, "It's been a while."

"Yeah, been awhile." Mo Long tightly held the youth in an embrace and said.

In the Wolf Fang, this young man was somebody Ye Qian always felt guilty over. Ye Qian was always full of guilt and self-blame regarding him. The young man was called Wu Huan Feng, nickname Flying Sky Wolf, an expert in throwing knives. It could be said that in his hands the knives had a life of their own. His arm was cut by Ye Qian.

Ye Qian could distinctly remember, that night, Wu Huan Feng came from outside covered in blood, his whole arm severed from the shoulder, blood covered his whole body. When he saw Ye Qian, a smile emerged from the corner of his mouth and from his chest he pulled out a red dagger and passed it to him and said, "I brought Bloodwave back for you."

Ye Qian had gently stroked the blade of Bloodwave, tears continued to fall down his face. For a dagger, Wu Huan Feng had lost his arm. For a soldier, for a mercenary that could encounter danger at any time, losing an arm was like losing their life. Wu Huan Feng had smiled faintly and said, "Only an arm, even without it I still won't lose to anybody, like before." Wu Huan Feng had achieved this. Even without his left arm, his throwing knife skills was still as perfect as before. Even in close-quarter combat he wouldn't lose to anybody in the Wolf Fang.

Bloodwave, it was dagger that was not made of copper or iron. Until now, nobody could figure out the material of the blade. Any metal detectors used on it did not produce a reaction, this was why Ye Qian could easily pass the safety check whenever he needed to ride a plane and bring Bloodwave with him. This dagger was originally in a British museum in Britain, Ye Qian accidentally came across it. He liked how the dagger looked like warm blood was circulating through it, complete with a faint trace of coldness. Even though Ye Qian's expression did not change much when he saw it, Wu Huan Feng, who as following beside Ye Qian, could feel that Ye Qian liked Bloodwave very much. So that night he snuck into the British museum and stole the thousand-year old Bloodwave. But that night he encountered the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) of the British Armed Forces, who were carrying out a mission nearby.

In Britain, the SFSG was a special force made up of different military groups. The members were from the army and the Royal Navy. Whether in terms of marksmanship or single-army operations, they were not to be looked down on.

Even though Wu Huan Feng was able to use his own ability to escape the SFSG's pursuit, he still lost his left arm. Afterwards, after Wu Huan Feng's injuries recovered, Ye Qian did not give him any more dangerous mission. He transferred him to be the bodyguard of the person in charge of the Clear Sky Conglomerate, Song Ran.

"When did you get here? How come you didn't notify us. I would have liked to welcome you." Ye Qian grumbled.

"Ran-jie wanted to give you a surprise." Wu Huan Feng said, "We haven't been here long. Jack told us that you and Mo Long were here so I came."

Ye Qian nodded faintly and sighed in a gloomy manner, "Why did Ran-jie come? How troublesome."

Wu Huan Feng and Mo Long smiled faintly. They enjoyed seeing Ye Qian's deflated appearance in front of Song Ran. "Ran-jie said there was nothing going on in the main headquarters and the expansion of Clear Sky Conglomerate in Shanghai needed supervision, so she delegated away some of the tasks for headquarters and came here." Wu Huan Feng replied.

Ye Qian didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. What did she mean the expansion in Shanghai needed supervision? It was probably just that that woman hadn't tormented him so long and needed to scratch the itch. "We'll return in a while and talk about it." Ye Qian patted Wu Huan Feng's shoulder and said.

Wu Huan Feng nodded faintly and walked over to Situ Liren's side. He gave him an indifferent look then used a leg to trample on his body as his right hand grabbed the handle of the dagger and pulled. Instantly Situ Liren screamed like a dying pig as blood gushed out.

Ye Qian slowly walked over and crouched down beside Situ Liren and patted his face and said, "Don't let me see you again, or else I won't let you off as easy as this time."

Situ Liren didn't have the strength to reply now and could only cry piteously in a lowered voice. Ye Qian gave him an indifferent look and slowly rose and said, "You hurt my brother. Today you need to leave something behind to apologize, what do you think?"

"What… what do you want?" Situ Liren endured the pain and replied.

"Your right hand." Ye Qian replied indifferently.

"No...No." Situ Liren said in fear, "I… I will give you money, you can have as much as you want."

Ye Qian laughed disdainfully but didn't reply. Wu Huan Feng walked over, selected a dagger and whooshed downwards. There was a lot of power in it, the dagger went through Situ Liren's wrist, pinning down his whole arm to the floor. Then Wu Huan Feng expressionlessly moved his dagger slowly separating Situ Liren's wrist from his arm. Situ Liren screamed and fainted.

After it was done, Wu Huan Feng wiped the blood on Situ Liren's clothes and slowly rose, putting the dagger away in his chest pocket.

"Dude, you're too cool. The throwing knife you used earlier, is the the Little Li Flying Dagger from Jianghu?" Wan Chun Hua came over and said.

Wu Huan Feng gave him an indifferent look and didn't reply.

"Fuck, Little Li Flying Dagger, you think this is a Wuxia movie?" Ye Qian glared at Wan Chun Hua and said, "He's a brother of the Wolf Fang, Flying Sky Wolf Wu Huan Feng. Huan Feng, this is my friend in Shanghai."

Wu Huan Feng looked at Wan Chun Hua and only made an indifferent "en" sound and did not express anything more.

Ye Qian looked at Wan Chun Hua who was injured all over and said, "I still have things to do, let Zhao Tie Zhu take you to the hospital."

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