Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 150

Super Soldier King Chapter 150

"Dong Xiang Corporation?" Ye Qian's brows slightly furrowed. It seemed that the Dong Xiang Corporation was really determined to win the urban rehabilitation project. The Dark Lily must not have planned to kill Qin Yue because that would not give Wei Dong Xiang any advantages, the likely plan was to kidnap Qin Yue and blackmail the Tian Hao Corporation. But the most likely plan was that Wei Dong Xiang objective was to provoke the Qing Gang and Hongmen to war, and gain victory from the fray. The assassin refused to tell them her mission, so Song Ran must have expended a lot of effort to get this information, it wasn't likely that she got this information from the Dark Lily. Ye Qian could only guess and just watch the situation unfold.

Ye Qian involuntarily remembered the matter of Ouyang Tianming kidnapping Zhao Ya, it might be that the Dong Xiang Corporation also had something to do with that. It seemed the backer of the Dong Xiang Corporation was Deputy Secretary Ouyang Cheng. Back then when Ouyang Tianming abducted Ye Qian it was also the Dong Xiang Corporations' people, so very likely the Dong Xiang Corporation really wanted to deal with the Hongmen.

Ye Qian still hadn't made the Dong Xiang Corporation pay for that previous incident, but now he could only quietly watch the situation and make a plan later.

"Ran-jie, can we buy the Dong Xiang Corporation?" Ye Qian asked.

Song Ran shook her head and said, "Not likely, the Dong Xiang Corporation isn't a listed company, they are a commercial enterprise. If we want to destroy them, we can only destroy their businesses. As far as I know, most of their business is in real estate, some government projects, and shipping. The foundation of the Clear Sky Conglomerate in Shanghai is too weak. If we want to destroy these commercial enterprises we need some time. But for shipping there might be a way."

"What way?" Ye Qian asked with great interest.

Song Ran smiled faintly and said, "You forget, besides the governments of countries, who has the strongest power in the seas?"

"You mean pirates?" Ye Qian asked.

Song Ran nodded and said, "In all likelihood the Dong Xiang Corporation has some sort of secret relationship with the pirates, or else how can their business go so smoothly. Of course their relationship must only be that the Dong Xiang Corporation gives those pirates a peace fee every year. So if we want to destroy the Dong Xiang Corporation's shipping business, we only have to borrow the power of the pirates. As far as I know, the largest group of pirates in the Pacific Ocean are the Devil Pirates. Many countries united to try to eliminate them. Even though their nest has been annihilated, they did not harm their hearts. A crafty rabbit has three burrows, the Devil Pirates have more than one lair in the Pacific Ocean. If you can convince the Devil Pirates, then I can guarantee that the shipping business of the Dong Xiang Corporation will collapse. Each time they go out to the sea they get robbed, he won't be unruffled about that."

"Devil Pirates?" Ye Qian said the name in a low voice, then asked. "Which of you have information on the Devil Pirates?"

Jack spoke up, "In the past when I infiltrated the USA FBI headquarters they had information about the Devil Pirates in their archives. I was very curious at that time so I read it. The origins of the Devil Pirates are unknown now, they have about one or two thousand members, many of the members are retired soldiers from the navies of many countries, some even senior officers of the navies. Nobody knows who their leader is up to this day. Their weapons are also very advanced, they even have a new US made Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. You can say that they are above the crowd in the Pacific Ocean, so ships that come and go have to pay a corresponding fee to preserve their safety."

A crafty rabbit has three burrows, Ye Qian knitted his brows. Finding the Devil Pirates in the large Pacific Ocean would not be easy.

"Boss, I think you should ask James or William. They used to be US Navy SEALs. If the Devil Pirates have former US Navy SEALs among them, I'm sure they would be able to contact them." Wu Huan Feng said.

Ye Qian nodded faintly, he almost forgot about that. "Jack, contact James and William, tell them to immediately carry this out." Ye Qian said.

"Understood!" Jack nodded and replied.

"Good little brother, from what I know, your girlfriends Qin Yue and Zhao Ya are the Hongmen's people. That Qin Yue is even the Hongmen's heiress. If those three companies start a clash, will you still be able to so lightly say that you'll sit and watch the tigers fight?" Song Ran gave Ye Qian a hard look and said.

Ye Qian chuckled and said, "Truthfully, aside from my connection with Qin Yue, there is no other conflict of interest between me and the Hongmen. As for the Qing Gang, we only have small conflict. My biggest target is the Dong Xiang Corporation, whether privately or publicly, they are who I most want to eliminate. They're the biggest arms and drug smugglers in China and we are still patriotic."

Of course Song Ran knew Ye Qian was joking a little, but still his words were spoken from the heart. "What are your preparations?" Song Ran asked.

"Right now I can only quietly watch the proceedings. As for the Qing Gang and Hongmen, and even the Dong Xiang Corporation, we know too little. But what I most wish for is still to not have a battle and to gather the Qing Gang and Hongmen together under one banner. This will be very big help to the expansion of the Wolf Fang."

"Your appetite is really not small." Song Ran said, "Stop making it sound so good, what you're really thinking of is that girl Qin Yue right? You made it sound so grand."

"Oh, right, Ran-jie, you looked into them so much, do you know Hu Ke's origin?" Ye Qian asked.

Song Ran shook her head and said, "That girl's identity is quite the mystery, I can't find anything at all." Then she gave Ye Qian a hard look and said, "If you really want to know, just ask her right? After all, she is your girlfriend. Don't tell me that if you ask her she will keep it from you?"

Ye Qian laughed and declined to comment, then said, "Jack, quickly establish the Wolf Fang's intelligence network in Shanghai. Tonight we stirred up trouble in Situ Liren's territory, we don't' know what the Qing Gang will do next. Let's make some preparations."

"The intelligence network is more or less prepared, we'll be able to operate very soon." Jack said, "Aside from this conflict with the Qing Gang, they were the ones in the wrong, besides they don't know much about us, so I believe they won't make any big moves for now. But I will pay attention to their movements."

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