Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 155

Super Soldier King Chapter 155

Lin Rou Rou gave Ye Qian a hard look and asked, "Did my mother give you hard time?"

Ye Qian laughed and said, "No, we chatted agreeably. I really didn't expect future mother-in-law to be so easy to get along with. There's a saying, the more mother-in-law sees son-in-law, the more she likes him. Haha, when I get the time I'll go pay them a formal visit."

Lin Rou Rou knew her own mother's character very well. Even though their first meeting didn't have the evident sense of danger, she couldn't have been so easy on Ye Qian. But since Ye Qian didn't want to talk about it Lin Rou Rou didn't push the matter. She knew Ye Qian didn't want to drive a wedge between them.

The dinner ended in a harmonious note. After going through this dinner, Ye Qian felt even more that Chen Sheng was a person worthy of keeping as a friend. His actions and character were not fussy. He did not have any of the bad habits of the second generations of officials. He was refined and courteous but also had wit and a sense of humor. The Wolf Fang would surely continue to expand in other parts of China, Chen Sheng would likely be a big help. Of course, it wasn't only for the advantages, Ye Qian really wanted to be friends with Chen Sheng.

Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou left the restaurant. After seeing them leave, Yi Jun Ru felt even more that she had seen Ye Qian before.

When Chen Sheng saw his girlfriend with her brows creased, he asked in surprise, "What's wrong? Why are you crinkling your brows?"

Yi Jun Ru tilted her head and said, "I really feel like I've seen him before. But I can't think of where. Where? Where was it?"

Chen Sheng laughed and said, "If you can't remember never mind. It would hurt me if you hurt your head."

Yi Jun Ru gave Chen Sheng a happy look. Suddenly a flash went through her brain, "I remember, I remember."

"You remember?" Chen Sheng felt a little sad over her flustered appearance.

"I remember the place I've seen him before. It was in a company banquet. We greeted each other there. I said didn't I, I have certainly met him before." Yi Jun Ru said.

"Wasn't your company in the US? Oh, right, I think I've heard Lin Rou Rou say. Ye Qian only arrived in Shanghai recently." Chen Sheng said "Your company's banquet invited outsiders?"

Yi Jun Ru said, "That was our company's annual meeting, it was for the company's employees. Yes, I don't understand why, but at the time I heard some people say that he was the real boss of the company."

"You're saying he's the boss of Clear Sky Conglomerate?" Chen Sheng asked in shock.

"I don't really understand, but at the time it was what the other people in the company were saying. He doesn't show himself in the company very often, very few people in the company have seen him. But the assistant of the chairman has seen him a few times, that was what she told me." Yi Jun Ru said.

Chen Sheng muttered to himself for a while, thinking that Ye Qian was not as simple as he seemed. But he didn't want to press Ye Qian about what his occupation really was, after all they didn't know each other very well.

After leaving the restaurant, Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou didn't get a car but walked to the hospital. The two of them were walking slowly while holding hands, it had a charm of its own.

"Why aren't you talking? Are you still thinking about what Zhang Qian said?" Ye Qian asked when he saw Lin Rou Rou's appearance.

Lin Rou Rou shook her head and said, "Of course not, you're not that kind of guy."

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "I know his ex-wife. In one of my missions in the past I inadvertently rescued her. Back then I pitied her so I bought her a ticket for her to return home. Right, you've met her. It's the owner of that western style restaurant we went to. She even has a daughter in nursery school now."

"Oh!" Lin Rou Rou's replied flatly, as if there was something else on her mind.

Ye Qian stared a little and asked, "Rou Rou, is something wrong? If there is something wrong, tell me, don't suppress it."

After a moment of silence, Lin Rou Rou said, "Ye Qian, the Red Cross is going to hold an international AIDS relief effort. Our hospital was invited to join so I want to apply."

"How long will you be gone?" Ye Qian asked blankly.

"Around half a year, in South Africa." Lin Rou Rou said, "Ye Qian, I really like my job now, but I also want to help even more people that need help. Right now I don't want to miss this opportunity. But… thinking about how long I won't get to see you, it makes me hate to do it."

Ye Qian smiled faintly and pulled Lin Rou Rou into his arms and said, "The time is quite long, but this is your dream, as your boyfriend I must support you. Even though South Africa is far away, I can still visit you when I have time. Besides, technology is so good now, we can have video chat every night."

"So you agree?" Lin Rou Rou said happily.

"How can I not?" Ye Qian smiled.

"Husband, you're so good to me." Lin Rou Rou said happily and gave Ye Qian a light kiss.

Ye Qian laughed and said, "Rou Rou, promise me that next time you'll let me know if there's anything you want to say, alright? Don't' keep it to yourself. Seeing you look miserable breaks my heart."

"Yes!" Lin Rou Rou nodded determinedly and said, "I promise. I'll remember. After I leave, think of me every night before you sleep."

"Of course." Ye Qian smiled. "But before you go, do you want to…"

"Want to what?" Lin Rou Rou asked in surprise.

Ye Qian laughed mischievously and whispered in her ear. "I was thinking that before you leave I should eat you up."

Lin Rou Rou became shy and gave Ye Qian a hard look, pouting playfully she said, "Pervert."

Ye Qian laughed mischievously and didn't say anything. It would be a lie for Ye Qian to say he was fine with Lin Rou Rou going away for a long time. But Ye Qian understood that even though Lin Rou Rou appeared like a weak girl, her heart was strong, it would be hard to change her mind in things she was determined about. Besides, Ye Qian felt that her work was worthy of being encouraged, so he didn't insist. Ye Qian knew that if he insisted on her not leaving, Lin Rou Rou would surely stay but she would feel regret.

"Husband, I'm tired of walking" Lin Rou Rou pouted.

"Let's get a car then." Ye Qian said, and started gesturing for taxi.

"I want you to carry me." Lin Rou Rou said in a playful spoiled way.

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