Super Soldier King

By 步千帆

Super Soldier King Chapter 171

Super Soldier King Chapter 171

Ye Qian laughed and passed another cigarette. Ye Qian did not refute any of the security guard's words. Indeed, there were times that society was very realistic. But Ye Qian did not expect that middle-aged woman to be Wei Dong Xiang's younger sister. No wonder he found her familiar when he saw her earlier. It was no wonder that she dared to be so aggressive, she did not rely on her looks but on her power. Was there anybody in Shanghai who could be on equal footing with Wei Dong Xiang? There were not many. With her status as his younger sister her worth also rose.

"You're busy, I'll go ahead. Maybe there'll be something fun to see." Ye Qian laughed and said.

"Ah, I remember now. You are Nurse Lin's boyfriend? Right? No wonder I thought you looked familiar." The security guard said.

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, "Good eye."

The security guard smiled in a pleased manner and said, "Can't help it, one needs it to do this kind of work. Right, bro, let me tell you, be extra careful with that Shen Yuan. I hear he has sinister motives for Nurse Lin."

Ye Qian nodded and said, "Thank you for your warning. I will watch out for it. Alright, you're busy, I'll go ahead. Let's chat again when free." After speaking, he waved at the security guard and went inside the hospital.

He had just entered when he saw the middle-aged woman standing in the corridor of the hospital. One hand was on her waist while the other was pointing at Shen Yuan as she scolded, "You are truly shameless. Explain to your wife, what relationship do you have with this vixen? Tell me. If you don't explain it well today, wife will go all out on you."

Ye Qian looked farther ahead and to his surprise he saw Lin Rou Rou was also being detained by the middle-aged woman in the corridor. If his expectations were correct, it was likely that Shen Yuan had found some excuse to seek Lin Rou Rou out again, just in time for this shrewish middle-aged woman to see. But from the way the situation looked it did not seem likely. It seemed as if the middle-aged woman had come here prepared.

Of course Ye Qian was absolutely certain that Lin Rou Rou would not have anything to do with Shen Yuan, something was just going on that he did not know about. At this moment, Ye Qian did not think about it too much anymore and just hurriedly rushed over to Lin Rou Rou. After all she was his wifey and he could not let her be wronged.

In the face of his wife who far exceeded him in stature and power, Shen Yuan did not dare resist. He meekly replied, "Wife, I am being wrongfully accused."

"Wrongfully accused? I'm wrongfully accusing you? Your phone even has photos of this vixen. If you don't have a relationship, then why do you have her pictures?" The middle-aged woman said as she violently tossed the phone in her hand onto the floor. It immediately broke into pieces. She continued, "Shen Yuan, wife is telling you, I have the ability to make you climb high, and the ability to make you fall. Do you believe me or not?"

Lin Rou Rou looked at Shen Yuan in shock, evidently not understanding how his phone could have her pictures. It must be that he took them while she was not paying attention. When she saw Ye Qian walk over, Lin Rou Rou stared blankly for a moment, and then a smile appeared on her face.

"Wife, I don't know how that happened. A colleague in the hospital must have taken the photos." Shen Yuan explained hurriedly. "Wife, let the sun and the moon prove my true heart to you."

"The sun and the moon? Hmph. Tell me. How long has it been since you did it with your wife? It must be that because you have another women you can't deliver the goods anymore." The middle-aged woman said without restraint.

The number of people in the hospital watching this scene was growing. When they heard the middle-aged woman's words they could not help laughing. Even that looked like a bodyguard that accompanied the middle-aged woman could not help gawking, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Shen Yuan looked embarrassed. He was still the director of the hospital but his wife was not giving him face in front of all these people. She even said those words, it really made him ashamed. But he was unable to do anything. His wife still had a very powerful older brother so he still had to rely on her. "Wife, let's talk about this at home. Alright?" Shen Yuan embraced the middle-aged woman and said in a whisper.

"What do you have to sneak around and whisper for? You have a guilty conscience?" The middle-aged woman said severely without listening to excuses. "You still say you didn't commit a shameful deed?"

"Fuck, wife, are you done?" Shen Yuan finally could not bear it any longer and shouted. Instantly he transformed from a slave into the master. The feeling was invigorating. His colleagues on the side gave him approving thumbs up. They had seen this scene of Shen Yuan being scolded by his way many times before, each time Shen Yuan always just grinned and beared it. Today was the first time they saw him explode.

Ye Qian walked over to Lin Rou Rou's side and very naturally pulled her into his arms, smiling faintly. Lin Rou Rou was also smiling very tenderly.

From courtship until marriage, Shen Yuan had never raised his voice to his wife like this. The middle-aged woman could not help staring blankly and then she threw a tantrum like she was on steroids, "Alright, alright, and you still won't admit this vixen had an affair with you. You've never raised your voice like that at me before. Shen Yuan, let me tell you, if you don't explain yourself, laoniang will never forgive you."

Ye Qian knitted his brows, about to explode. If this laoniang wanted to scold her man it was fine, but she was also bringing Lin Rou Rou into this mess and he could not bear it. Lin Rou Rou quickly pulled Ye Qian and shook her head faintly. Ye Qian looked at her and sighed. It was better to silently endure it for now.

"Explain what? I never did anything." Shen Yuan said innocently. He did want there to be something between him and Lin Rou Rou, but he had been pursuing her for a long time and she never gave him the time of day. If there was really something, then he would swallow his words, but he was really being accused wrongly now. Shen Yuan really wanted to act out violently, but when he thought of his elder brother-in-law, he could only endure. Or else not only would he lose his position in the hospital, but possibly even his own life.

"Tell me, how come you haven't done it with me in a long time?" The middle-aged woman asked.

The people watching the scene were having a hard time holding their laughter, but faced with the middle-aged womans guts and power, they did not dare laugh out loud. Some people crouched on the floor, their entire bodies twitching. It looked exhausting. Ye Qian also could not help letting out a chuckle. This laoniang really got to the point, even daring to investigate a matter like this in public, it was not your ordinary kind of guts.

"What is "that"? What are you talking about?" Shen Yuan asked in surprise. It was not clear whether he really did not know or was just pretending. But from his appearance one could be 80% sure it looked like he was just pretending to be confused.

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