The Imortal Demon King and the Impaired Hero Chapter 1

The Imortal Demon King and the Impaired Hero Chapter 1

1 Immortal Demon King(Maou)

Since the time he was summoned into this world as a Maou, certainly five hundred years or more have already passed. He does not know the exact number of years since he has long ago abandoned counting after three hundred or so.

Initially summoned, he was excited at the time. It was a summoning to another fantasy world like in novels and mangas, there was no reason not to be excited. However, he was a Maou.

It was a classic, classic second to hero, however it was still puzzling. Still other world summoning as expected the excitement does not change.

It took one or two years since the summoning, was about when he became familiar with life in a different world. The hero summoned by the human side was one person, he dove into the Maou’s castle where he was defeated.

The battle with the hero was extremely fierce. Thousands of monsters were bisected with a single swing of the holy sword, the clan of demons(mazoku – note: I don’t know how to explain this…)were mowed down. In the words of his entourage at the time, unreasonable mourning arrived as he walked.

But he did not give up. The dozens of subordinate Mazoku unsparingly showcased original magic that was assembled from applying knowledge of his original world.

The result, while paying a huge sacrifice, the Maou’s castle was partially destroyed and a narrow victory against the hero.

He was genuinely pleased that he won against the hero. And above all, happy he protected the Mazoku he spent time with.

After that it was originally planned to sign a cease-fire agreement with the human side for a happy ending. But dissatisfaction would come from the Mazoku side, as a former human being, he dreaded, he did not want to massacre the humans. If possible coexistence, if unreasonable non-interference. As he had hoped for the direction of coexistence.

But his wish did not come true.

The hero who was alive for the negotiating role for the human side – – The holy sword began to shine suddenly.

The sword appeared by itself – – immediately piercing the hero who was nearby.

All members present were frozen in place, including the hero, who could only stand stunned by the sudden situation.

When those who were present came to their senses, the hero died and the sword had vanished without a trace.

What had happened, could not be understood.

Why the holy sword killed the hero. To where the holy sword disappeared to. In the first place, what on earth is that holy sword.

While all was wrapped in mystery, the battle of the hero, became the curtain pulling argument. However the complexion of our Mazoku was glum. In particular for the Maou, the impact was all the more, because he heard the words of the hero that time.(TLN: I have no clue what curtain pulling is. I’m guessing they mean a magic trick of sorts?)

“I do not…. want…. to die….”

Witnessing the appearance of the hero whose eyes were begging, dyed with the colour of despair. For the first time, he understood the essence of robbing the life of a person.

For a while after the battle with the hero, he had spent day by day idly. His Appearance, as if his soul reflected no will and had gone missing, was without a doubt tragic. The aides were uniformly worried and cared.

Life that was heavy with such gloomy air went on for several months that followed.

He, with the effort of the aides, slowly little by little recovered. Again the hero appeared in front of him. In his hand, that day holding that day’s unchanged [holy sword] from that time.

Why is it there.

Why do you have it.

Why. Why. Why….

The conclusion he came to after his mind went around in circles was more than anything else, prioritize destroying that holy sword.

But no matter how much magic, hitting, and slashing against the holy sword it did not break. On the contrary, same as before it took the lives the hero, before disappearing into the light.

It came, he finally understood.

There is no sense in continuing to defeat the many heroes.

Rather than beating the heroes, it was the holy sword.

A few years later, an incorrigible hero appeared before him. Carefully carrying the holy sword in hand.

That was the proposals to the hero. If you give me the holy sword, the Mazoku will promise non-interference with respect to human beings, when.

The proposal was not accepted. After all, it was only repeating the same thing.

In addition a few years later, a hero appeared before him, and died in front of his eyes.

After a few more years, hero appeared, and died before his eyes.

How many times. While repeating dozens of times, his spirit began to wear significantly. The life of his scramble for a far away peaceful world grew, being continuously shown the sight of people dying right before his eyes was equal to torture.

Even still he was not broken, most likely solely because of the support of every one of the Mazoku whom he protects.

Who supported the heart about to break, Irumu.

Who taught swordsmanship, Gainosu.

Who jointly developed new magic, Remu.

Every servant working in the castle.

Everyone, was an invaluable and warm presence.

But even that, the holy sword is ruthless and takes away.

Dozens of times, when the hero visited.

Deep in his castle he received the reports of the hero attack from his aides, had been waiting for the hero in the throne room.

This time around he was supposed to be able take on the hero alone. Anyhow, continuing to defeat the heroes raised his level, and with it his status rose accordingly across the board. Unfortunately he himself, did not have the skill to see his own status, but instead it could be inferred from the reaction of the hero who had status open.

He distanced the castle residents from the aftermath of the battle, and alone sat on the throne for the hero’s visit. But the hero did not appear. That he didn’t show up and should have invaded the castle. It was an action different from the heroes until now which caused irritation to appear on his face.

There was a bad feeling…… from such a vague feeling similar to foreboding he searched for the location of the hero’s magical power….

The hero’s magic was definitely in the castle, but the location was a problem.

He destroyed the castle structure collapsing the floor, and rushed to where the hero is underground.

When he finally got to the basement everything was already too late.

The floor was stained red with heavy amounts of blood. Arms and legs of organisms were scattered about. All of them, in the deep corners of his mind, they were like his family in this world.

How, why. Even though there were many defensive barrier here. It should have been allowed to deviate for each dimension. So why, such a thing……

Myriads of questions and answers swam about his chest, and was in the hands of the hero who was nestled indifferently in the sea of blood.

– – Holy sword.

Ahhh that was it, he was convinced. The barrier was no better than paper before the holy sword. It was a blade that could tear every dimension by its divergence.

Two words of despair fill his mind. (TLN: I think holy sword was the 2 words =D)

The family who supported him, those whom he valued most more than anything else, had been thoroughly snatched away. It was unavoidable a sense of helplessness, loss, and torture in both body and soul. That was when he thought I want to be dead than here.

Something at his feet rolled

It was something, he knew immediately, but his mind refused to understand the fact.

The hero to add insult to injury.

“Ahhh~ ahhh~ I wonder though the woman was pretty good. Although I(ore) took much trouble to undertake keeping it, but its Maou-sama. Because of excessive love I with all my heart teased(torment, harassed) too exorbitantly. (TLN: I’ve no clue what その女は結構好みだったのになぁ。折角俺が飼ってやるっつってるのに、何が魔王様だ。あんまりにもしつこいから思いっきり甚振ってやったぜ means. So it became a mess of random things that I’m not even sure is right. I just think it is an insult of sorts.)

The hero laughs and smiles while saying words you would not think were the words of a hero. The tension that had been pulled all the way had been cut by those words.


Despair filled with anger

Releasing all of his power, he rampaged to direct his violent emotions.

Kill the hero, it is not enough, invasion of a single horseman to the human continent. Attacked the towns and the cities at random, they were left devastated.

The figure that will do as much violence as remaining of anger, was nothing other than a disaster to human beings.

After being exhausted from the rough rampage and returning to his senses, he stood on the top of rubble from buildings that were stacked up in heaps.

I lost the thing to protect. I lost the energy to fight. I lost the meaning of living. Nothing else but an empty shell.

I am tired.

――Lets die.

Once that came to mind, he immediately invoked magic pouring every bit available. Magic to cause a large explosion around himself, and the place where a town once stood, changed into a cone-shaped crater.

In the hypocenter, he was lying on his back with an expression that looked like he did not know what happened.

Magic started. There was pain. But he did not die ―― He could not die.

A degree of flesh scattered in all directions even when subjected to magic at close range, even piercing the chest with a sword. Even if there was pain, death did not come for him.

Finally of his own will, he allowed himself to take blow of the hero with the holy sword. But this physical body had fully withstood it.

Because of the continued defeat of the heroes, his level and status rose. Evil numbers continued to rise to the extent of driving the mind crazy. It became too strong to the point of pseudo immortality occurred.

When he realized that fact, he was once again fell into despair.

For their own death to not come true, endlessly repeating the task of countering the hero he headed to the empty castle.

This is just like ―― a curse.

Whoever is fine. ―― Kill me…….