Mighty Female Official

By 断崖一支梅

Mighty Female Official Chapter 7

Mighty Female Official Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Implying

Chapter 7: Implying

After the monarch was listening for a long time, he couldn't help but say: “Well, Guaren believe that Jin Yi Hou is not the murderer.”

Although he said so verbally, his face was once sullen and his brows were slightly locked, obviously, he still had doubts.

However, in this way, he said the word “trust” to the public, the monarch’s face is of course reserved for Da Fei.

At this time, GeShu Wu Luan congratulated: “Chen asks the monarch to refer the case of the investigation for Chen to carry out.”

“That’s not, you can never find a real murderer!” Ti Li snorted and gave a sigh of condescending words.

“Since this matter involves Luan’er, Chen qie thought that it would be best if handed over to her to investigate. As a result, in order to prove her innocence and cleanse the suspicion, she is bound to do her best, so that the murderer can be arrested as soon as possible, and Mister Bai can be at peace!” Da Fei proposed.

Da Jun helplessly said: “Beloved consort! Because it involves Wu Luan, she is supposed to avoid the suspicion! "

Da Fei's face was tight, she was just about to say something, she heard, "This matter will be handled by Tie Qing!"

“Investigate! Find the murderer for Guaren, the inner palace is a sacred place!” In the end, Da Jun left, Da Fei faintly glances at GeShu Wu Luan, who followed suit.

Tie Li’s mouth raised into a smiled as he passed GeShu Wu Luan, he ordered the palace guards to secure the scene, before stepping out of the hall.

Yan Qisha took a look at the woman before strolling away.

After a while, the servants lifted the body and sent the rest of the people out of the hall. The door to the hall was then sealed with a ‘bang’.

GeShu Wu Luan ordered an attendant to send Gongzi Su back to his quarters, before going to the grand hall herself.

She knew that the result would be like this. The case would never fall into her hands. Even so, she still had to investigate it herself, but it was only in the dark, it was better, the enemy was in the light while she was in the dark, it was the best time to take action.

Under the night, the breeze gradually rose, the flowers were overflowing, the woman stepped on the falling petals, even the soles of the shoes were stained with the fragrance, the moonlight was pleasant, her figure was slender and beautiful.

The steps did not slow down, her body did not turn around, but her words are clear and elegant. “If there is anything, hurry up and say it, ben guan has to go back to my quarters to sleep, don’t make a play ghostly shadow! Deputy Yan come out!”

In the Bao Yi Hall, she had received his eyes and those hints, her heart was surprised. What happened was so secretive, now she wanted to understand his purpose.

The man circled around and emerged from the darkness. His back had a jade-like posture, the moonlight sprinkled, falling down on his back, the enchanting beauty of his face is breathtaking, “Is daren sleeping?”

GeShu Wu Luan stopped to look back, she raised her eyebrows asking, “Why not?”

“Ah… funny!” He chuckled, then sighed.

The woman licked her lips and said: “Boring!” Seeing that he didn’t have something to say to her, she was too lazy to waste her tongue swearing a sentence, she walked away.

However, the man stopped he raised his voice: “Daren, stay!”

Then, slowly stepping forward, almost standing in front of the woman’s fist, so close, she could not help but frown, the wind of the night blew, an orchid’s fragrance floated from his body, it was elegant and fresh, GeShu Wu Luan licked her lips, but she did not expect that the taste and mentality of this person would be such a temperament, is ruining the noble orchid?

When she was having her own thoughts. Yan Qisha suddenly said: “Is daren angry at bei zhi for not arguing on behalf daren?”

His tone is very positive, his eyes are not as dull as before, almost like he was very concerned about her views on him.

GeShu Wu Luan looked at him indifferently and replied one word at a time: “No need, I do not dare!”

If this is the point that he hints that he has something to say, she has already given him the answer.

Yan Qisha proceeds to reach to his bosom, but his long finger occasionally tapped his arm, seemingly careless, but his action is extremely pleasant: “Although bei zhi’s job is lowly, bei zhi’s heart is by daren’s side.”

After he finished speaking, one could see the moonlight fall upon the woman’s chest.

His gaze made her cheeks indifferent, and when she remembered Su’er slamming into her chest, she looked at him with anger in her eyes.

What does he mean by this? Deliberately getting on her good side? Absolutely not! This person's mind is not as simple as it is on the surface, not good! However, he is best not to be an enemy of Da Fei, otherwise, she will let him know what it means to fight with the tiger, never being able to be in peace!

“Oh? Is it? Then ben guan will remember to give supervisor Tie a cold heart!” She was quiet and shook her head.

Yan Qisha’s face suddenly dimmed, the pair of ice blue pupils are as deep as ever, and not visible, “Hey! Daren doesn’t know, but bei zhi is often bullied by supervisor Tie! He is usually full of arrogance and will not let bei zhi show brilliance in a case, afraid bei zhi will take his position! But what is the supervision camp? It focuses on the cases that occur in the capital’s grounds! Daren has seen it today, what his character is like? Moreover, the job has always been remembered, that is, the official position is not owned by one person, and should belong to the talented! "

The man continued to complain, but the hint at the end of the story was clear.

He wanted to be the replacement!

GeShu Wu Luan found it interested she looked at the man, laughing: “Really talented!”

Yes! Not only is he talented, but he is also more talented when it comes to speaking! She understands what he was implying, but she didn’t understand why he said this to her!

“How about this, daren and bei zhi join together to find the murder of the chess master and give this case a good ending! Not only has it frustrated supervisor Tie, but it has also made the daren sullen, and it will allow bei zhi to get promoted, it will do good in all three ways!" The man turned his head and finally said his purpose.

GeShu Wu Luan stared at Yan Qisha, she couldn't see the slightest clue from his calm expression. However, the words he had said before had greatly touched her nerves.

He is exploring the bottom of her by speculative tapping to see if she will secretly intervene in this matter. Is he a fool? Anyone who has a bit of a brain will definitely think that she can never stay out of it! And what is his temptation to do so much?

She really can’t guess the mind of this person, but no matter what he means, no matter what conspiracy, she will not step on the trap!

GeShu Wu Luan smiles coldly, disdainfully glances at the man and said: “Join with you?! Oh, what a big joke! Ben guan is directly under Da Fei, when is your turn to be here!”

Then the hand was close to his ear and whispered: “You continue to be your clear cloud dreams, ben guan will not accompany you!”

After that, she didn’t wait for the man to return to his senses, she straightened her lips and walked away, after a few steps, she suddenly stops, looking back she proudly said: “Deputy Yan still not leaving, the inner palace cannot allow you to stay here!”

Under the night, the man looked at the back going off into the distance, revealing a deep and unpredictable smile. “Interesting! How very interesting!”

Little ramblings
-I guess in the end, GeShu Wu Luan feels that she owes Da Fei a lot, to be willing to serve her during the best times of life, putting Da Fei first before herself

Little ramblings

-Da Jun has a good relationship with Da Fei, which I feel is very rare between imperial couples in Chinese novels, they respect each other and have a child that seals their bond, which I feel is very realistic for political / arranged marriages

-I do feel bad for Yan Qisha, but his intentions are still unknown, so that will have to wait