My Beastly Husband

By Shui Mo Yuan Qian,水沫缘浅

My Beastly Husband Chapter 1

My Beastly Husband Chapter 1

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Chapter 1

"Ahh…. ahh…" she gasped as QieErXi invade her lady region with his tongue.

He pressed his lips against her swollen lady bits as he began sucking on her. His long slender fingers were placed on her sensitive pink pearl and was in constant motion, moving in a rhythmic fashion. A loud slushing sound could be heard, along with his tired panting and her breathless moaning.

"Produce more water baby, I'm thirsty." He smacked her bum several times, ushering her to get wetter.

"Nuuu…nuuuuu…" she covered her mouth with her delicate hands in an attempt to restrain her moans. She felt as though she was being sucked dry. His tongue was moving left and right, exploring her deepest regions. It gave rise to a numbing sensation that spread through her entire being, causing her to produce even more juice.

"Nooo…. plea…se.. stop..I'm begging you… it hurts!" she begged as he stuck a finger into her behind all of a sudden.

She yelped and wriggled, trying to squeeze his finger out of her.  Her essence was rapidly drying up due to the sudden pain. 

When QieErXi realized that she was not as lubricated as he would like, he looked up with a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

He lowered his body onto hers and began kissing her lips. Even though her core region lacked moisture, her mouth had an abundance of it.

MoSha's tongue was held hostage by his lips as he sucked on her tongue vigorously. 

Her core region and behind were ravished by one finger each.

Even though it was painful, she dared not infuriate him in fear that he would get frustrated and treat her in an even rougher manner. All she could do was clench onto the piece of fabric beneath her as she surrendered herself to him.

After feeling that she was adequately aroused, he pulled his fingers out of her and sticker them into her mouth, commanding her to lick them cleanly.

When she was done licking, he withdrew his finger, grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, allowing her to straddle him. He held her hand gently and slowly led her over to his burning rod. He urged her to use her womanhood to swallow his manhood whole.

Mosha knew that there was no escape for her. Beastmen possess an extremely strong libido and would definitely not stop before she fainted from climaxing.

Moreover, he was huge. For him to enter her entirely, difficult would be an understatement.

When she slept with him for the first time, her entrance was torn, causing her immense pain. To the extent that she had to lie in bed to recuperate for one entire week.

That entire week, he did not lay a finger on her. However, ever since that incident, he made sure she did the job of sending his "little brother" into her "little sister" herself, in fear that the incident might repeat itself again.

Even so, he was still too huge for her and every time he entered, she could barely endure it.

Looking back into his crazed eyes that were turning red now, she knew that he was at his limit and she could delay no more. He was filled to the brim with pent up sexual frustration and was losing his patience. If she dilly dallied any longer, she would be the one subjected to suffering the brunt of his "attack".

Gritting her teeth, she grabbed onto his "little brother" and sent his "head" into her. She placed her hand over her mouth as she dealt with the pain and sat down slowly onto him…