My Beastly Husband

By Shui Mo Yuan Qian,水沫缘浅

My Beastly Husband Chapter 2

My Beastly Husband Chapter 2

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Chapter 2

As Mosha had to deal with her nerves and pain concurrently, her body involuntarily tensed up, causing her to become even tighter. This made things even worse and after a relatively long period of time, only one third of his rod had passed the entrance, leaving the remaining two third hanging outside. At this moment, QieErXi's endurance was at its limit and his eyes were turning bloodshot. He grabbed onto her slender waist and pressed her down forcefully. "Plop" finally most of his "little brother" made it past the entrance.

"Ahhh…" Mosha arched her back and let out a long moan. Her delicate fingered were clenched into a ball of fist and her nails sunk into her flesh. It was too painful. Being tormented by him like this every night didn't improve her immunity as she still felt such pain when doing the deed.

But he wasn't done. Before she could catch a breath, he turned her around and pressed her below him. He lifted her leg, placed it on shoulder and cruelly pushed himself into her in one swift movement.
Alas, everything has enter as he let out a satisfied groan.
At this moment, Mosha was already unable to make any sound. All she could do was grabbed onto that piece of animal fabric beneath her as she arched her back to make it past this heart wrenching pain. Her crevice was hit by him and his entire"head was already inside. Even though this is was not the first time he entered her, however the pain experienced almost made her past out.

Unwilling to wait for Mosha to get accustomed to his size, QieErXi was itching to get on with it as he started thirsting inside her. Every thrust ruthlessly penetrated her innermost core. Mosha's knuckles were twisted white as she tilted her head upwards, and curved her lower back while constantly being thrusted. The strength he used was so large that she was being pushed upwards with every thrust, only to be pulled back down again. This motion was repeated with increasing force, causing her to tremble as he charged around violently inside of her. At times, he would pierce right into the most unbearable spot in her body, causing her to shiver uncontrollably.

It has been a month since Mosha first came to this world filled with beastmen.
Ever since she was thrown to QieMoXi to be his mate, she was most afraid of the arrival of nighttime.

In the day, QiMoXi would at least be considerate of her, giving her whatever she wanted. However, once they were in bed during the night, he would transform into a totally different person. Repeatedly tormenting her ferociously, without a care for her feelings and resistance.

Mosha was an orphan, she grew up in the orphanage without her parents, thus she craved having a family of her own. Witnessing her fiance and best friend cheating in her house, on her bed made her world collapse.

Mosha ran out of her house after witnessing that scene, not knowing how long she had ran, she found herself at the edge of a cliff. Wanting to end her life, she jumped down the cliff. However, for some reason, she did not die. When she awoken, she realised that she was in a different world.

Using a week's time, she figured out that she was in another world. It was a world where beastmen roam free. There were no men or women here. As long as one was able to transform into a beast, he would be male. Those not able to transform were female. On a side note, the 'females here possessed male genitals. It could be said that this was an entirely different world and she was the only oddity.

The person who saved her was a beastmen from the lion tribe. The elders from the tribe took out several animal skins, saying she looked similar to the images of the female on it. The female depicted on the animal skin possess the strongest ability to propagate. Hence they insisted that she be the mate of the leader of the tribe. The leader was QieErXi, the strongest and most valiant white lion in the tribe. Together, they shall breed the strongest offspring.

Initially, QieErXi had already chosen his mate all that was left is the ceremony. However, for the future of the tribe, breeding the strongest offspring was a must. Thus he could only give up on his original choice and instead choose Mosha as his mate. Mosha on the other hand, was in no position to reject this offer. For the sake of her survival, she could only accept it.

Their relationship was neither that of resentment or love.

One could say that even though QiErXi treated her well, he did not love her. The only bane was how rough he was. Mosha had no idea if he had always been that way or that he was treating her as such due to his dissatisfaction.